These two are Finalists this season. They beat out thousands of hopefuls. Cream of the crop.

I’m not saying America doesn’t have talent. I’m just saying that a question mark should be added to the end of the show’s name. Like, we’ll see. It might! We’re not sure yet. But maybe! Define “talent.”

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  1. Before I recognize the validity of this contest, I’m gonna need to see the dog’s birth certificate to prove he was born in America. This ain’t “Kenya’s got Talent”, Rex!

  2. But what do they do?

  3. I’ve only become angry about “America’s Got Talent” since seeing the winner of “Ukraine’s Got Talent”:

    I’m sure David Hasselhoff would just wonder out loud why she didn’t build a sweet sand castle.

  4. What concerns me is that America’s Got Talent has two British judges. The show really be called “We Are A Real Country Now, England/Dad! We have Singers, Dogs and Dancers! But It’s Never Good Enough for You, Is It?”

  5. just from that picture I can tell that dog is pretty talented.

  6. The show should be called “America Had Talent At One Time, Now You’ll Settle for This And Like It”

  7. How about “America’s Got Nothing Better To Do This Summer Than Watch This Show, Apparently”?

  8. There’s nothing in the rule books that says a dog can’t win a talent show.

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  11. nice pairing

  12. Seems this misunderstanding in title could be remedied by simply using the appropriate quotation marks. The ACTUAL name of the show is: America’s Got “Talent”.

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