Motherhood trailer, you guys:

Oof. Look, I am completely respectful of the fact that there are people out there with different interests than me. Billions of them! That is what makes the world such a wonderful (read: horrible) place. Variety! Difference! And I’m also respectful of the fact that as people grow older, their priorities change and they begin to see the world differently and things that did not use to appeal to them suddenly do, and things that they used to find dull or simple or “old” begin to seem relevant and relatable and true. Fair. The world could probably use an inoffensive light-hearted comedy for middle-aged women about the struggles and unexpected joys of motherhood and womandom. And it certainly isn’t like this movie is taking the place of some other movie that I would like more. There’s room enough for all kinds of movies, and if someone derives some pleasure from this, who am I, some dumb jerk, to say anything about it.

But that joke about shoving a carbon footprint up someone’s SCREECHING BUS BRAKES alone makes me wish that Children of Men was a documentary.

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  1. When does Shirley MacClaine show up in this movie?

  2. What about the Klansmen joke? Woof.

  3. does the target audience even have time to GO to this movie? they look awfully busy, what with the kids and all.

  4. i like uma better when she’s on a mission to kill. i saw samantha bee at the end which is making me wanna see this more than the rest of the trailer.

  5. spoiler alert: Goose dies in this movie too.

  6. Y’know I don’t have kids, but I do consider myself pretty brave for being able to live with stairs, a dog, AND a car.

  7. Ugh, when the video player asked me if I wanted to “Play Again?”, I actually said “no” out loud…

  8. Ugh. Lifetime much?

  9. I always forget that Motherhood = zero help from Fatherhood.

  10. I’m glad to see they’ve gone out on a limb and included the white-woman-letting-go-freak-out-dancing-scene.

  11. Actually what bugs me more than all the “BUSY MOM” tripe are the “obnoxious liberal” jokes, like the aforementioned carbon footrpint joke, the UV protection, and glandular obesity. Granted, I am not a mom (not yet, but my clock’s ticking!) but it feels like a grassroots perception of motherhood IN THE BIG CITY.

  12. I thought this was going to be a remake of Patrick Swayze’s classic, “Father Hood”.

  13. Oh, c’mon, you guys…She has a passion and she’s following it. It’s not just another “write a column, sell it as a semi-autobiographical book which gets turned into a semi-autobiographical movie” feature. We all know that this is what Gabe is aspiring to. AnAmPat is helping with the book part, which of course will be the world’s first video book (so people can see that Juggalos really do exist!), and that will become a movie. It’s the only reason we’re all here. To say we were a part of this thing from the start. Just dream bigger. You’ll go farther in life!

  14. I know nobody likes it when this place turns into, but I absolutely hate that Hollywood peddles the belief that women can’t be totally fulfilled by just being mothers, while simultaneously pushing the idea that we need to settle down and start families in order to be happy. Hollywood is your Pusherman.

    • the choices they made in her hair and costume were such lame, hollywood stereotypes, too.

      they basically dressed her as the mousy alter-ego of her super hero identity in that other dumb movie she was in – drab hair, shapeless clothes, earthy shoes, glasses.

      like moms can’t look hot and still be overwhelmed by the responsibilities of their lives? we can’t manage to raise kids AND buy clothing in bright colors?

  15. i had a college professor who once wrote in the margins of one of my term papers, “don’t let cynicism get in the way of learning.” i’ve always loved that phrase and i’ve spent most of my life ignoring it.

  16. NYC is a tough place. Kidz make it too hard to be fashionable. People can make money by writing things. Enough with the facade, let’s rename it Sex in the Motherhood 2: Cradle2Ugh and be done with it.

    • stick them in a tiny bag! baby gucci’s a real thing! Right?

      Actually, I’m like, mostly percent positive it is. ::sigh::

  17. Was that Samantha Bee near the end? Get out of this movie!

  18. I think we can all agree that the swear-word-cut-off trope is The Worst?.
    But more importantly, is this movie a re-imagining of Batman and Robin, if Pamela Isley hadn’t become Poison Ivy, had met a guy, fallen in love, quit her botanist job, and settled down?

  19. OH NO! she got caught with her nightgown on in daylight! oh, moms- u so crazy busy

  20. justthecrust  |   Posted on Aug 12th, 2009 +10

    What the fuck is a “lesbian librarian” name? Is that a thing? I also like how her making a statement about not caring about a carbon footprint was followed by balloons being released into the air. (a thing that is not good for the environment, animals choke on those yo!)

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  22. I’m playing devil’s advocate here: movies about men are universal – are funny. I’ve never been on a bender in Vegas, I’ve never shot a war movie in the tropic, I’ve never had to run from killer pot dealers, HELL – I’ve never even smoked pot! But I can laugh at and accept these movies, with almost solely male casts.
    But whenever a movie for and about women comes out, it’s immediately OTHER. Unrelated and irrelevant to male interests.
    That said, this PARTICULAR movie doesn’t seem funny at all. Maybe there should be some funny WIMMINS movies (that don’t involve Tina Fey).
    Now to play the waiting game.

    • unfortunately, audience’s who accept those comedies as universal skew young, and young women will never be hollywood’s bread and butter. But until we decide we’re actually fed up with it and stop showing up to those movies to prove what a demographic we honestly are, ‘older’ women and mothers become the only sought after female demographic. And ::obviously::, older women are unrelated and irrelvent to male interests, except in the fertile market of cougars. (shoots self in head.)

    • I think the problem with these movies, to me at least, is that they tend to be about moralizing in an over-cliche way. I mean, I can sit through a funny, but a bit cliche comedy that might have a little moralizing at the end way before I can sit through a movie that sets out to do that from the beginning. It’s just a little grating. They can both exist though; I just choose not to see a particular one.

    • Speaking of Tina Fey, it seems Uma has that whole Liz Lemon I’m-wearing-glasses-so-obviously-no-one-can-see-how-smoking-hot-I-am going on here.

    • Becca, you rule for bringing this up. I actually have stopped watching the “slacker man-child eventually embraces maturity and/or women which are both about as fun as having his genitals mutilated by Lars von Trier” dude-bro comedies precisely because they are so goddamn alienating.

  23. I thought Goose died? AND Dr Green?

  24. So it’s Baby Boom in reverse. Thank you, Hollywood.

  25. So remember how at the end of Kill Bill Vol. 2, Uma rescues her (SPOILER) daughter, and then she’s crying on the bathroom floor because she’s so happy that she can finally watch Looney Tunes with her (SPOILER) daughter. Well, this movie is Kill Bill Vol. 3.

  26. Dano  |   Posted on Aug 12th, 2009 -2

    Uh, why does Uma look like Sarah Palin in this trailer? Can anyone explain that?

  27. Kiril  |   Posted on Aug 12th, 2009 +1

    Thank God that someone in Hollywood has the guts to stand up for motherhood. We should use this energy to get parents a tax break of some sort. And we should help pay for children’s health care. And education. If only those damn liberals would respect mothers! I’m so very angry that liberals hate mothers! AAAAARGH!

  28. Tubona  |   Posted on Aug 12th, 2009 -1

    this makes me want to get my tubes tied.

  29. The adorableness of her daughter had me not hating this as much.

    Also I learned that motherhood is not funny the other day when I was smirking at these kids running amok in my store and their mother saying to me “Laugh now this is going to be you some day.” Then again this might be her favorite movie.

  30. “Women Be Stress’n: Teh Movie”

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