Movies based on toys couldn’t be hotter in Hollywood, with nearly every studio adapting playthings for the bigscreen.

Now count Warner Bros. as one of those studios: WB is toying with plans to develop a movie around Lego and its popular building blocks.

Toys are SO HOT right now. You can just see someone in a sharkskin suit and loafers with no socks saying that into his bluetooth headset while his assistant sits next to the frappucino machine writing Rex Lee slash fiction. Also, I am pretty sure that movies based on toys are not hot right now. Making a billion dollars is what’s hot right now. No one actually cares about this shit. Every single person involved with Transfomers 2 is like “Michael Bay is a genius at putting money in my bank account. He really added a lot of depth and human emotion to the amount of money in my bank account and the way that I feel about my bank account.”

But also, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, A LEGOS MOVIE? Derisive snort! This is low even for you, Hollywood. I do like this part, though:

Directors and producers in town have attempted to make a Lego movie for years, approaching the Danish toymaker with various ideas, but Lego turned down most of them because it’s highly protective of its brand.

Right. The most elusive project. I heard that Terry Gilliam only started trying to make Don Quixote de La Mancha because they were pushing him to do the Lego movie and he didn’t want the headache. If anything, it’s almost TOO GOOD of an idea, you know? You know. This guy knows:

“The Legos movie is my Breaking the Waves.”

Legos movie. HAH!

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  1. It shall be called Lego My Eggo because toy movies and food movies are both so hot right now.

  2. So is don Quixote gonna be done in legos or not?

  3. herrorara  |   Posted on Aug 12th, 2009 +7

    “Lego my ego” – Michael Bay

  4. I can’t say I’m thrilled about the Lego project, but this is going to lay all the necessary groundwork for my K’nex sci-fi thriller.

  5. “if you build it, they will come” definately the pitch/movie poster
    Hollywood, for love of god, go fuck yourself.

  6. I’m toying with the idea of blowing this shit up.

  7. herrorara  |   Posted on Aug 12th, 2009 -2

    Damn lawnmower man, making me look a fool over here. D’oh!

  8. This sounds terrible. On the other hand, I think re-shooting movies in stop-motion lego animation is a great idea. For example, I would fully support a remake of Powder in legos.

  9. Thinking that people liked Transformers because they like toys is like thinking people liked Schindler’s LIst because people like sauerkraut.

  10. Move over, Titanic and Dark Knight!
    No seriously, move over. No joke.
    I think Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe have already illiustrated quite well what the public will gladly pay for.

    LEGOS has a huge built in audience. This film is going to smash the box office and put up one made of LEGOS.

  11. Alright… so if this turns out to be a post-post-modern stop-motion epic with a meaningful narrative, i’ll be pleasantly surprised… Legos are so much fun you guys! Think White Stripes music videos!

    • I thought about that too, but I feel that counting on Michel Gondry to direct a whole film about plastic blocks is asking too much of the world.

  12. The Teddy Ruxpin script was so unrecognizeable by the time it hit theaters that they had to release it under the name “the Hurt Locker”.

  13. Do they realize legos don’t do anything?

  14. Also, I have to say, our commenting has gone bananas. I get distracted for two seconds while typing and there are already 10 new comments!

  15. maybe they can ruin it even more by making it based on the lego video game franchise….like “lego: indiana jones: the movie”….ah-mazing….

  16. I’ve said it before, I’m still waiting for a Lite Brite movie!

  17. Hollywood loves lamp.

  18. This is a perfect vehicle for hjfreaks. Bust out the milk, this going to be a party.

  19. So what’s the point of this? Not from a “this is a shitty idea” standpoint but from a “greedy movie exec merchandising” standpoint. I mean, there are already lego toys, video games, amusement parks…how else can money be squeezed from the rigid lego teat? Legoland II: Blocktastic Boogaloo?

  20. i was a nerd, so i loved legos, but seriously, what a boring toy to make a movie out of. perhaps it will be a drama instead of an action movie (i.e. zzzzzzzzz). maybe it will be like this

  21. Making this movie should be a snap.

  22. What will happen with Michael Mann’s long-nascent Lincoln Logs?

  23. How about an Erector Set movie?

    Erector Set: Fully Erect!

    Maybe not…

  24. Doracle  |   Posted on Aug 12th, 2009 +5

    I wish that Lego had been a bit more “protective of its brand” when they decided to make the elite Spiderman and SpongeBob SquarePants lines.

    There is nothing sad about a single male in his twenties sitting in his underwear and playing with Legos, as long as its involves classic pirate, space, or castle sets.

  25. It’s not really that unusual given that there’s already been Reply

  26. I’m not at all baffled by this. They’ll most likely make another Bionicle movie, give it a theatrical release, and call it a day.

  27. Dashing and daring
    Courageous and caring
    Faithful and friendly
    With stories to share 
    All through lego land 
    They sing out in chorus 
    Marching along 
    As their song fills the air 
    Lego Men 
    Building here and there and everywhere 
    High adventure that?s beyond compare 
    They are the Lego Men 
    Magic and mystery 
    Are part of their history 
    Along with the secret 
    Of legoberry juice (???)
    Their legend is growing 
    They take pride in knowing 
    They?ll fight for what?s right 
    In whatever they do 
    Lego Men
    When a friend?s in danger they?ll be there 
    Lives and legends that we all can share 
    They are the Lego Men
    They are the Lego Men 
    They are the Lego Men!

    note: true fans are not happy about the introduction of this mysterious legoberry juice

  28. Philip Jacobsen  |   Posted on Aug 12th, 2009 +11

    Well I wrote the Lego Movie. It’s a family drama. My tagline was “How can a family tht can be taken apart so easily keep itself together.”

    Basically it’s a shot for shot remake of American Beauty but with Legos.

  29. I’m Legoless.

  30. I’m just curious as to why no one has picked up on the veritable well of marketing possibilities for a Crossfire movie?? Shit basically writes itself:

    Plus, theme song is already taken care of, though I can see Fall Out Boy doing a passable cover.

  31. Forget it Gabe, it’s Legoland.

  32. How many times do we joke about them making a movie out of something totally pointless and then they announce that they’re actually doing it like two weeks later? I’m starting to think these executives actually read these comments and message board threads about this stuff and pull ideas from whatever people say would be a terrible idea for a movie.

  33. Or maybe it’s a Zoolander thing and they just don’t get sarcasm.

    “They said ‘oh yeah, why don’t they make a legos movie now’, they’re practically begging for it guys!”


  34. Ha!

    I went through my old toys and came up with movie ideas too—does that make me a Hollywood producer? This is what I came up with:

  35. I am a HUGE fan of toys but sadly, most movies about toys involve their misuse. Movies like ?MILFs and Their Toys 2? are very misleading for children who may get the wrong impression of how to get the best out of their toys. Another example is ?The Toy? which teaches children that you can buy Richard Pryor if you have enough money. Shameful.

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