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  1. mindfuck…spacejam.

  2. If this turns out to be the next “Shoes,” I’m just gonna walk into oncoming traffic.

  3. Alright internet, you win: I’ll stop clicking on links.

  4. MY mind just got BLASTFUCKED. I don’t know WHAT I JUST saw! Also, that WHOLE SONG IS MADE from Apple Loops in GARAGEBAND. C’MON MAN, expand YOUR SONIC palette.

    • I wanted to let you know, I just read the first chapter and it’s great. Keep up the good work!

      • HEY THANKS! I appreciate IT. Glad YOU LIKED it and hope YOU KEEP reading.

        • Do you have any idea how difficult it is to coherently explain to people that you are using my profile as the main character in an online novella about an alternate reality Revolutionary War?

          Good work, by the way.

          • I understand it’s LIKELY DIFFICULT FOR you to do. I hope IT’S OKAY THOUGH. Invite your FRIENDS TO read though! The more CRITICISMS on it I CAN GET, the better! (NOT TO MENTION THE more readers the better!)

            Glad you LIKE IT Constantinople. Sometimes I WORRY YOU don’t like ME, but THEN I remember WE’RE ALL ONE big MONSTER family!

          • Nah, we’re cool. Your particular brand of America-scented enthusiasm has grown on me considerably since that bizarre Istanbul episode.

          • Haha. I just read it myself. Good stuff, though the random CAPS-ing still terrorizes my retinas.

        • The second best part of using your book cover(?) as my desktop background is answering my friends’ questions and introducing them to the concept of a blog mythology. (The best part is obviously self-explanatory. Keep writing!)

  5. Okay, now THIS actually could become the New Face of Terror.

  6. Sure, nowadays everyone thinks they’re Tim and Eric, so I guess it was only a matter of time until over-the-hill transsexuals threw their candy hats into the ring. (Anyone else spot the pacemaker scar? Lay off the candy bras!)

  7. Is that the Interweb, man?
    Yeah, man.
    Well turn it up man!

    The Interweb is like my sex life now, I don’t know when the pain stops and the pleasure begins.

  8. What What (In the Butt)

  9. I don’t see what the big deal is, it’s just a frickin’ candy bra.

  10. Keyboard Cat’s owner is a creep.

    • Keyboard Cat should have paused to think whether that “Playing Love Off of Love” show was a really good idea before accepting.

  11. Monsters DO exist.

  12. If you’ve got no teeth, I guess you should just go ahead and wear the candy bra.

  13. If that bra were made of human teeth, I don’t suspect my reaction would be much different.

  14. The real scary thing is that this guy drives, votes, probably has children, and is an active member in his community. THE END IS NEAR.

  15. Oh my God, GET IT OUT OF MY EYEZ!

  16. I’m surprised that he got his wife and grandson to participate in this.

  17. I heard a rumor that that’s Werner Herzog.

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