This video (after the jump) is from June, but it started circulating this weekend when Waxy linked to it. Now, to a normal human being, this video seems fairly straight-forward. An aging hip hop artist who has traded in his street credibility and his convincingly “gangster” image for a comfortable recurring role on a mainstream police procedural (AS THE POLICE!), and who struggles, one imagines, with a life of constant compromise between the hard-fought persona of his youth that got him to where he is today, and the inevitable comfort and warm fat of moneyed celebrity, destroys a laptop with a hammer. Pretty tough! You can picture him in the breakfast nook with his porn star wife, pushing the food that their personal chef prepared for them around on the plate (“I didn’t like cantaloupe until I was in my 40s!” — Ice T) and wondering what to do with this old laptop, and Ice T decides to get his video camera because for the narcissist there is no moment not worth capturing, and so there you go.

But people besides normal human beings also watched this. So, for example, the YouTube comments are filled with long-winded angry threads between Apple and PC fans, debating the individual merits of the computers, as if this has anything to even do with that, and also it is 2009 and we can probably move on, no? But sure, right, to be expected. And then there are the racists.

Hahaha. WHAT? Racism is so weird. Whether or not Ice T is smart is certainly a topic up for debate, but shoe-horning in a comment about a black person being an ape because he smashed a $3,000 computer is some pretty dedicated racism. I mean, half of the videos on YouTube are people destroying stuff. When it comes to demolishing junk on tape, we get real United Colors of Benetton. And obviously, my favorite part is when he returns to the thread to BACK UP HIS RACISM with some information about COMPUTER REPAIR.

This is also a classic.

Ha! Right!

To be fair to the honorable YouTube commenters community, there are more than 500 comments on the video, and although people call him gay and retarded, not one person refers to Ice T as a “gay retard.” Baby YouTube is all grown up*!


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  1. I bet if a black man was elected president, there’d be all sorts of idiots running around saying he was a Muslim terrorist, or wasn’t actually born in America, or other crazy shit, regardless of what he was actually doing.

    Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

  2. I thought one of the advantages of being rich is that you can destroy a laptop every day and not think twice about it.

    • Michael  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 0

      Note that he kept the battery. Sounds like he’s remaining “a Mac.”

      Oh and LOL “the screen broke itself.”

      Oh and the lesson learned here is that YouTube commenters are (or are like) 16-year-old high school dropouts.

  3. Youtube IS FUCKIN like /b/ with SCREEN NAMES so THAT SHIT has to be toned DOWN (A little). READING THE comments on that crap is LIKE watching A SLOW MOVING trainwreck, but BEING UNABLE TO look away or do anything. SERIOUSLY, does ANYONE else scroll through and read SOME OF THAT shit with their MOUTHS open, not knowing WHAT TO even think?

    Ugh, WHAT A fuckin mess us HUMANS ARE.

    • Wow! Did you and AmPat switch accounts for the day? Or are you just trying out the EMPHASIS?

      • I am so bored that I actually thought “what if I type like An American Patriot? Will people think he fucked up and switched accounts or something?” and then tried it. But, after hitting submit, I realized how fucking stupid it is, and I am sorry Patriot for messing with you! I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!

        Also, typing like that is a chore. I don’t know how you MANAGE TO randomly HIT CAPS all the time. It’d drive me crazy.

    • WOW more people SHOULD TALK like THIS! C’mon Y’ALL!

  4. a-n-o-m  |   Posted on Aug 10th, 2009 -29

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  5. If you ever catch yourself thinking “God, I am so sick of having this stupid soul. How do I get rid of it?”, then reading YouTube comments for more than 5 minutes is the answer for you! (Barring the actual invention of this painless soul extraction process, of course)

    • no, no, no. long ago i discovered the worst place on the internet: it’s the rants and raves section of new orleans’ craigslist. seriously. that is where i go when i am feeling way too happy and positive about the world i live in. it has, by far, the craziest and most racist statements in all the interwebs. i’d link, but i’m already sad enough about the world today to even risk opening it- merely entering it is sort of like when they open the arc of the covenant in indiana jones.

      • Yes! Reading that forum (why do I read that forum??) sends me into a spiral of despair. I kind of thought maybe that was how all rants and raves forums are for other cities…no? Is it just us? Well shit.

        • much like other horrible and dark thing that set new orleans apart from the rest of the developed world (our crime rate, our high school graduation rate, our infants being bitten to death by rats rate), i think our rants and raves section is unique. i feel like most of the other ones i’ve been on are mostly porny and pervvy.

      • i shouldn't know this  |   Posted on Aug 10th, 2009 0

        nope. it is not even /b/

        it is “rule 34″ that is a website and it is exactly what you think.

        • I’m not unfamiliar with /b/ and I know what rule 34 is (sorry!) Other than that, I’m not sure what you are talking about. Maybe it’s the lack of punctuation? What southernbitch is tryin’ to say- and we are agreeing with- is that the NOLA sites have a unique racist rant that can only come from generations of anger, hatred and ignorance. This racism is a genuine, thought out philosophy. Rather than the simple, mean, shocking racism of the regular internet. It’s far more complex.

          • using “philosophy” to describe what one finds on nola.com or the rants and raves section is over-stretching it. it’s more like calcification of hate. there’s nothing off-hand or glib or well-thought out about the dreck you can find on there, and it definitely is the type of racism that is way past casual- it is deliberate and it swings towards inciting violence. and it probably does have something to do with the amount of constant conversation we have in n.o. about race and racism. but it goes to another level on craigslist than even nola.com. at least on nola.com i think they sometimes delete the worst of the worst. not so much on the rants and raves. and the fact that there are enough people who regularly post there that there are actual conversations that link from post to post is just plain disturbing.

  6. eric  |   Posted on Aug 10th, 2009 +8

    I’m looking forward to the day that a Mac takes apart Ice-T.

  7. a-n-o-m  |   Posted on Aug 10th, 2009 -9

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  8. Rory  |   Posted on Aug 10th, 2009 +3

    *Office Space reference*

  9. Ice T going to the mac store with that busted computer reminds me so much of that thing your boyfriend did with the pennies when his car was impounded.

  10. A racist comment on an Ice-T YouTube video is far too meta to take seriously. Also, at this point, I think it would me more noteworthy if you could find a YouTube video without a comment consisting of nothing but the word “faggot” in all caps.

  11. Ice-T = King Kong
    Mac = Ann Darrow
    youtube = progress?

  12. Ice T once came to my university, because, you know, education.
    Anyway, he gave us a lengthy prepared speech, most of which was far less interesting than I’d hoped. But it did have one memorable highlight: “You know, I know a lot about freedom of speech and human rights. Like, you have a right to say, ‘Ice T, you a dumb n*gga.’ That’s cool. But I, as that dumb n*gga, have a right to jack you in the face for saying that.”
    I believe he collected his Nobel Prize later that evening.

  13. You should have seen when he used to do this to his Texas Instruments TI-99.

  14. Well, ‘to shoe-horn’ is now my new favorite verb. What a nice image and properly used!

  15. yooooooooooooooo  |   Posted on Aug 10th, 2009 +4

    wait, so do they capture the rapist in this episode?

  16. Right, well glad he smashed racism to bits. Can he go talk to NAS and Nick Cannon now? (I’d link the video but I’m at work…but feel free to look up ‘Eat Dat Watermelon”).

  17. FrostBiteBoy  |   Posted on Aug 10th, 2009 -10

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  18. FrostBiteBoy  |   Posted on Aug 10th, 2009 -8

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  19. mike  |   Posted on Aug 10th, 2009 +2

    I’m with the fags on this one!

  20. I’ve got to post my laptop’s reaction video to this… NOT PRETTY.

  21. oh-SHIT! KEWL-ing prooongs.

  22. I don’t know, I don’t think this “World’s Greatest Freakout” contest entry is very good. (Is Gabe still doing that?)

  23. Woohoo! Let’s paint, exercise, and smash in appliances!

  24. a-n-o-m  |   Posted on Aug 10th, 2009 -6

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  25. Don  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 0

    Since when is Coco a porn star?

  26. Doctor  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 0

    You guys are a bunch of gay retardz

  27. San  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 0

    Gjive the man a thumbs up! There is no telling what was on that laptop. He’s smart to destroy it rather than it get into the wrong hands.

  28. chris  |   Posted on Aug 12th, 2009 0

    Motherfuckers, dispose of your e-waste properly.


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