Jennifer Aniston is an American actress. You may know her from her portrayal of a woman on the hit television series, Friends. She has also appeared in cinema, such as and also in addition to Leprechaun, and Marley & Me. But her successful actress career has been overshadowed by her highly publicized personal life. She was married to an American actor named Brad Pitt (The Mexican, Troy) from 2000-2005, and their subsequent divorce has sent shivers throughout the marriage world. Since then she has been linked to many men, but she remains a symbol of a woman who is alone. Her character’s name was Rachel.

Here is some relationship advice for her from a professional counselor.

Fred and Sharon are BACK. And how! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Mescaline is bad kids.

  2. So these guys are the new older Canadian couple version of Tim and Eric? I’m up for that. The gif on their homepage is way rockin’, anyway.

  3. Passerby  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2009 -35

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    • PLEASE go AWAY.

      • Come now, Patriot. She managed an entire post without directly insulting any of us. Just one oblique reference to our potentially making fun of a Hollywood couple, and, while that isn’t really our m.o., at least she is trying. I seem to remember people asking you to leave when you first arrived.

        Clearly, I’ve been a vocal critic of Passerby, but everyone deserves a chance at redemption – even trolls who get excited about celebrity relationships.

        • Passerby  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2009 -12

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      • If you gaze long into a troll, the troll gazes into you.
        If a troll makes an incoherent rant in the forest, and there’s no one to hit the reply button, does it stick around?

    • Guy who doesn't get it.  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2009 +15

      I’m a guy who doesn’t get it. Why don’t you go to some other website that likes things like Family Guy and Jennifer Aniston and then party hard with your other pals there? Why put so much effort into being controversial on a site that doesn’t even interest you, when no one here really cares in the first place?

    • I’ve had my suspicions for a while now but I’m ready to put forth my theory: I think that Passerby is actually just Lindsay fucking with us. The improper grammar, misspelling, and slight but not too slight knowledge of Videogum insiderism is a little too calculated. And phrases like, “as seen in movies such as The Ugly Truth and others and so on,” and ” Fingers all crisscrossed over here where I am,” have Lindsay-trying-to-sound-like-a-troll written all over them. Well played, Lindsay!

      • I’m with you. I’ve been leery of this “passerby” for some time as well. Not the kind of commenter who just shows up when their “Vampire” or “Glen Beck” Google alerts point them our way.

        • Passerby  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2009 -5

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    • and such as….

  4. i love that an older couple from kelowna, british columbia, canada makes some of the best internet videos.
    also, canada has some awesome vehicles.

  5. Who Needs a Relationship Advice?

  6. Did she get up to fart?

  7. There’s something wrong with Esther.

  8. It’s complicated

  9. She just dropped some truth on your ass.

  10. This is actually what all TV is like in Canada. You Yankees may have gone straight for Digital and HD, but we took a left turn somewhere between GIFs and MSPaint. You may laugh, but that was the only way for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to save the money they needed to buy us all tanks.

  11. Why the fuck did I to high school? … Shit.

  12. Indeed, that DID hit the target.

  13. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  14. only in Canada.

  15. “Take Jennifer to the beach, drink some wine and laugh a lot”

    Oh no guys! All of our trade secrets are being revealed!

  16. Cut 2: Director’s Cut?
    this is my new favorite Internet. Sorry videogum, you have just been replaced by Fred and Sharon.

  17. this is too incredible to exist

    especially her manic laughter

  18. Is this real life? either this is the saddest thing i have ever seen (until I watch all the rest of their videos), or they are truly metageniuses.

  19. Man, the things you can do with special effects these days.

  20. Why hasn’t anyone thought to take Jenford to the beach before now? That’s all she needs to be happy. Thanks Relationship Expert Lady! Direct hit! Nothing but net!

  21. Does this remind anyone of After Last Season?

  22. Leslie Hall? Is that you?

  23. Your ideas intrigue me. I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  24. There’s no way that just happened. I work with people with mental illness and I’ve never seen behavior as bizarre as this. It just destroys the “this is reality” part of my brain, like the part in Magnolia when it rained frogs.

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