This is a very touching, personal remembrance of John Hughes. R.I.P.

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  1. Not cool, Gabe. I am at work! I am trying to get paid!!!! There’s no crying in trying to get paid!!

    To have come of age at a time when he was showing America what coming of age means… It pains me/warms my heart to remember 15year old me watching 16 Candles for the first time. Thank you John Hughes for Molly Ringwald, Watts, Kevin McAllister, and Ferris Bueller. Seriously, his death has got me all fucked up today.

  2. This also stirs up memories of Beverly Cleary’s book Dear Mr. Henshaw for me.

  3. heartbreaking

  4. Life moves pretty fast.

  5. Don’t be shy
    Just let you feelings roll on by
    and don’t wear fear
    or nobody will know you’re here
    Just lift your head
    and let your feelings out instead
    So don’t be shy, just let you feelings roll on by

  6. :::Choking back tears:::
    That was terribly sweet.
    Now I’m off to The Gathering Of The Juggalos, my ninjas.
    Two fingaz!

  7. Gabe, you really should have posted this BEFORE the WTWTA post. That trailer would have been a nice :( cleanser.

  8. I’m not crying. It’s just been raining…. on my face.

    • I’ve just been cutting onions
      I’m making a lasagna
      For one . . .

      Seriously John . . . “You’re going the wrong way!”

  9. Gabe decided it was “Make Everyone Ponder the Loss of their Childhood and Fragility of Life Day 2009″ Not cool Gabe.

  10. Between this and the JK wedding entrance video I think the internet might almost grow a soul. ALMOST.

  11. I can only speak for myself here, but man, this sucks major balls. Not to be cliche, but he defined an era. I remember seeing “The Breakfast Club” at the theater (shutup), and going back several times. Not to mention, the man wrote some of the best scripts ever. RIP, Mr. Hughes. We won’t…forgetaboutyou.

  12. You know you’ve struck a nerve when da cake eatur sheds a tear X 1000

  13. Its so odd to see such a touching piece of humanity shine through the dark and disgusting series of tubes that is the internets. For a moment, I almost feel like human emotions might not be rendered obsolete by the impending Skynet takeover. Almost.

  14. I still haven’t allowed myself to process this one. I keep suppressing the emotions. Tonight in Atlanta, I am attending a special screening of Uncle Buck in remembrance of John Hughes. Most likely, I will connect with the loss at the screening and start crying like a baby.

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