A tipster named Matt sent in this video from the Las Vegas Sun. It’s a behind the scenes interview with Carrot Top, who currently has a standing show at the Luxor hotel. Matt suggested that we all make fun of Carrot Top because of what a good time that is, but I am not so sure. Is it a good time? Carrot Top is a tragic figure. Think about it. He has achieved incredible success in his field, and even the weight-lifting thing, which is a source of ridicule for many (most) people, is just him working incredibly hard (some might say too hard) to achieve his goals. Yes, to some people’s eyes, that body is a taut dose of nightmare fuel, and it’s easy to derisively snort at the fact that he’s doing “Octomom bra” prop jokes for a drunk gaggle of tourists who decided to wander off the main strip for something “different.”

But not one of us can determine where life will take us, all we can do is strive forward and make the best of what we have. Carrot Top reminds us of that.

The part where the funky roadhouse music drops out and the sweet strains of wistful guitar start playing seriously breaks my heart, you guys. Sometimes everything has to be props, props, props, but here at the Luxor, here at home, Carrot Top can mellow out a little bit, talk, do some props.

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  1. I had that perm in 4th grade. I got it at Fantastic Sams.

  2. orange is the color of my sympathy

  3. K  |   Posted on Aug 6th, 2009 +12

    I am 100% certain that there are some serious Carrot Top Moms out there who love his bod.

  4. But doesn’t the blame for Carrot Top’s tragedy really fall to us, his adoring fans? We are the ones standing outside his room at the Luxor in hordes, anxiously demanding “props, props, more props!!” We are the ones repeatedly calling his cell phone, and when that gets shut off due to overdue bills, his room at the Luxor, rabidly insisting that he SHOW US THE PROPS!!! Our hunger for Carrot Top’s irreplicable prop comedy has driven him to a lonely, lonely life locked in a tiny and inexplicably orange room. Shame on all of us.

  5. how do you get past those eyebrows?

  6. He’s no Blueberry Head.

  7. Noticed: In a small mercy, the camera operator tries to frame things just right so the dainty white bow up in Carrot’s hair never becomes fully visible.

  8. Funny People should have been a doc about Carrot Top’s life. He actually seems human in that interview.

  9. After Norm McDonald mercilessly demolished him on Conan way back when (, I just can’t look at him the same way. If the media ever wants to discredit someone, they should just hire Norm McDonald to do a public service announcement.

  10. He keeps it topical, you guys. Fresh and new. I sure do hope he’s the first guest on Jay Leno’s new show. All that freshness and newness will surely make it a number one hit. Am I right guys???

  11. I’m only vaguely aware of Carrot Top but the knowledge that “prop humor” is an actual subgenre of comedy that exists somehow saddles me with an overwhelming sadness. I’m not sure why.

  12. Am I really gonna be the first person to mention his mangina?

    Usually I’d try to come up with something more clever, but Gabe’s intro has me sitting here, pondering my mortality and writing a letter to my Grandma, apologizing for not visiting more.

  13. Alas poor Carrot Top! I knew him, Horatio.

  14. I think Bradley Cooper put it best when he said:

    “Is fucking Carrot Top behind me?”

  15. “Didn’t think I’d be doing this as long as I have?” What else could you do? … I was on a Southwest flight from LA to Vegas once, and Carrot Top was two rows behind me. Have no sympathy for the man, for he was decked head to toe in – you guessed it – ED HARDY. Just dripping from him. He changed his shirt on camera for crying out loud!

    • He could be doing commentaries to movies he was never in ala the rules of attraction. his commentary is the only reason to rent the dvd.

  16. bless his heart, he tries his best.

  17. Do you think Carrot Top requires 1 shirtless scene for every press video he does? The Las Vegas Sun can’t actually think we want to see that.

  18. I was half expecting a Lamb Chop cameo.

  19. This post reminds me of how persuaded I am by Gabe. Like, I read the paragraph, watch the video and LOLz or non-LOLz/cry depending on his opinion. But, if you showed me the video without the snarky and/or sentimental paragraph, I’d probably be making fun of Carrot Top, like Matt did. I need to go out to the real world and figure this out.

    Oh, also, I completely agree with Gabe about Carrot Top … damn it.

  20. Sarah Stiletto  |   Posted on Aug 6th, 2009 +2

    I hate to get all professor Vegas on you or take you to Vegas School, but the Luxor is right on the main strip.

  21. I’m wondering why he thought that was an awesome time to change his shirt.

  22. The screen cap at the beginning of this post is actually pretty heartbreaking, and I tried, I really tried to watch this with an open mind. Instead, I just took a taut dose of nightmare fuel for no reason. Even my mom hates Carrot Top. I think it’s okay to derisively snort at all things Carrot Top.

  23. *insert stoic native american with single tear rolling down cheek*

  24. Carrot Top wants to rap with you about sex. Props will be used. Please get your parents’ consent forms signed.

  25. Why do you think he’s so tragic? He’s more successful and more wealthy than you.

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