AHHHH! Stop doing that! I hate it! Your face is ugly when you do that to it! If you have to do that with your face, do it on your farm. (Via EverythingIsTerrible.)

UPDATE: EverythingIsTerrible’s YouTube account has been suspended. Yikes! Boo!

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  1. woozefa  |   Posted on Aug 5th, 2009 +7

    at your age, gabe, you should be able to do this just fine.

  2. kellsbells  |   Posted on Aug 5th, 2009 +7

    Oh no! Now some poor kid is going to accidentally confuse this with the Malcolm Jamal Warner video! Hopefully when they get to the party and start doing this with their faces-all the kids will just start doing it too!

  3. If I wanted to have nightmares, I would have done something morally corrupt and subsequently tortured by Jigsaw. Can we avoid posts like this from now on??

    • If I wanted to have nightmares, I’d rewatch Major Lazer’s Pon de Floor. Now I’m going to have a really screwed up ultra nightmare that combines both of these videos. Yes, I only dream about videogum videos.

  4. Great – the phone is already ringing. Now I’m going to die in seven days.

  5. Ew! What did I just watch? We need a cute animal video stat!

  6. Was that last guy’s eye sliding off his face?!

  7. Why are roosters always anthropomorphized as black people?

    • Was Foghorn Leghorn supposed to be black?

      • Crows. Not roosters. Hence racist sayings like, “That dumb crow, Malcolm Jamal-Warner, made my quarter disappear!”

        Heckle and Jeckle are a good example. (Geez I hope that “crow” isn’t really a racist term cos I am NOT a racist. … I got the heebies just typing that stuff! Help I’m white!)

  8. Don’t Shroom and Internet.

  9. Messing with the faces of catatonic people is wrong and i’m against it no matter how much fun it may look.

  10. If they’re not careful it’s gonna get stuck like that

  11. I started to follow along, y’know, for laughs? For magic laughs? … And then I noticed that that one woman wore rubber cleaning gloves to go inside her mouth! GAHHHH! Gross!

    Wrinkle Face > All The Things I’ve Touched Today Go Inside My Mouth

  12. raspberries  |   Posted on Aug 5th, 2009 0

    i could tell this was going to be unpleasant right off the bat. that first lady’s teeth & eyes seemed somehow wrong. did anyone else get a incredibly strange feeling from her?

  13. I just realized that 35% of my nightmares are Videogum-related. This is definitely going to up the percentage.

    Thanks, Nightmaregum!

  14. this is terrible, but feel free to use as your pic if you want.

  15. I feel that this video represents a typical Sunday afternoon spent at the Sedaris compound.

  16. It’s peopleputtingtheirfingersintheirmouthsgum today. (check out the screenshot for each of the last three posts). T-Mobile blew your streak, Gabe. T-mobile really is for assholes.

  17. No video. In fact, I think all of EiT’s videos just got pulled. :( This has happened before, I think.

  18. Suspended!? Now none of my vague associates on Facebook will be able to watch that scarf video I embedded!

  19. Suspended!? Now none of my vague associates on Facebook will be able to watch that scarf video I embedded!

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