Despite my own website’s best efforts, I haven’t really been sold on Paper Heart, but this promo clip with Charlene Yi and Rob Huebel is so funny and charming that I am changing Paper Heart from a Sell to a Don’t Buy!

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  1. They threatened to pull the advertising, huh?

  2. MAD money is THE BEST, GABE. I appreciate YOU PLUGGING such a wonderful PROGRAM. Gotta EDUCATE those LITTLE MONSTERS out there. Maybe PAPER Heart will REACH SITWELL levels. Produces ARE PROBABLY hoping so.

  3. I’ve seen a couple of these promos, and they’re pretty funny! And, honestly, corny as it is, I think the concept is pretty okay. But I’m not quite sold on the movie yet. And I feel awful for saying it (because she seems so nice!), but I think it’s because I’m kind of (really) annoyed by Charlyne Yi.

    • Yeah, I almost feel guilty for being annoyed by Yi. But I can’t help it. This is what she sounds like in my head: “meow, meow, peep, peep, DUDE how do you like my hoodie and faded converse, meow, cheep, cheep.”

  4. Charlene was quite funny on Conan last night.

  5. I look very forward to Paper Heart. It looks like a touching tale as to how you can discover love when you’re not really looking for it, and the childlike wonder that accompanies it.

    See, Overture Films? I’m excited! Give me money, please!

  6. ashley  |   Posted on Aug 4th, 2009 +2

    one more reason to be deflated about paper heart: Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi broke up in real life. if a mockumentary doesn’t keep you together, i guess nothing can!

  7. I’m conflicted. It’s just like (500) Days of Summer, which everyone made fun of, but then Roger Ebert gave it 4 stars. That made me almost go see it. Almost. Because he also gave Watchmen 4 stars and I like to learn from my mistakes.

  8. it’s like a double arrested development reference!! michael cera in paper heart…don’t buy!

  9. Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t play in my area, but I still got excited about the movie by watching that thirty second Dove advertisement that played before the clip that never played.

  10. Again, I’ll be the d-bag who points out that if this website ran advertising for things that weren’t being openly mocked on the site itself, there’d have been money to keep Lindsay around. :(

  11. U2 Blackberry commercial came up first. Not. Worth. It.

  12. Chadams  |   Posted on Aug 4th, 2009 +1

    Maybe we were wrong (can’t tell), but we’re NEVER wrong about Rob Huebel.

  13. She was great on Conan last night, so yeah, I am slowly being convinced.

  14. Her wikipedia page says she went to UC Riverside. That means I automatically have to think she’s awesome. Go Highlanders!

  15. Ok, yeah, that was actually pretty funny. I think I will go see this movie. GIVE GABE ALL THE MONEY, ADVERTISERS!

  16. Derjis  |   Posted on Aug 5th, 2009 0

    oh, you Americans just think you’re SO BIG, with your ‘Freedom Fries’ and your colours which apparently don’t run and your ‘Region-Locked Online Videos’

  17. I don’t want to see this movie, because I’m totally Bill Murray as Scrooge.

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