Bobby Bottleservice is like in addition to as well as your boyfriend. He should have his own TV show on MySpace (that is where they put the best TV shows). It would be called Cooking And Also In Addition To Cleaning Pools With Bobby Bottleservice, 4 The Ladies, and I would watch it. (Via Nick Kroll.)

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  1. I couldn’t tell from context, was the dragon or lion on a skateboard?

  2. there are no regular eyes in this video. just dead eyes and botox eyes.

    • oh – and the real nick kroll, when he’s not a caveman or a … whatever this be-sonic-the-hedgehogged thing is he’s doing here… i find incredibly HOT!

  3. It’s fun to pause the video and then to click to random parts and see the weird faces that he made.

  4. I think he watched that Madtv “Can I have yo numbah!?!?” skit for inspiration.

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  6. First heard Bobby Bottleservice on Comedy Death Ray Radio. Love me some Nick Kroll.

  7. Joshua  |   Posted on Aug 3rd, 2009 +1

    Saw him do this live at the UCB here is hollyland a couple of weeks ago. Its awesome when he puts his smooth moves on the ladiez in the crowd.

  8. I mean no disrespect because I respect you?
    Liar. No you don’t.

  9. move over anna deavere smith, THIS GUY.

  10. Having a few Vinnie D’s and Chrissy S’s for friends (who are good people, salt of the earth (okay, orange salt of the polluted earth, FINE)), I can’t help but think there might be the slightest sliver of affection behind this, because Nick Kroll is way too fucking spot on here. This is way too knowing, too accurate for there not to be a kind of fondness behind the parody (Okay, this is just a homesick Jersey girl, enjoying this video unironically).

  11. I went to this party two days ago where this guy kept on talking about the AMAZING DEALS he got on all these Ed Hardy hats he got from ebay. He looked so much like this guy.

  12. Will  |   Posted on Aug 3rd, 2009 +2

    Geez, who gave Gabe a camera.

    Get it?

  13. Is it safe to wear Ed Hardy ironically yet?

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