There’s a part in Twister when Bill Paxton is talking about a tornado to Helen Hunt and she says “I don’t see it,” and really dramatically he goes, “you will.” This is kind of like that but with lightning. And Jeff Foxworthy.

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  1. I suppose I’m glad Cletus can afford a video camera.

  2. that lightning done did cooked up all my meth.

  3. I know whenever I’m nearly obliterated by a murderous force of God, my only concern is if it showed up on video. It’s like in bad slasher movies when the dumb blonde is so curious about the terrifying noises coming from the evil forest that she must investigate.

    • You’re attempting sarcasm, but you would have been super psyched about getting that on video. It would have taken less time for your life to flash before your eyes than for you to make solid plans to upload that clip to youtube and send it in to Videogum.

  4. “Lightning strike to the head”
    “52 cows are killed after lightning strike”

    No, I don’t think I’d like those related posts, guy.

  5. Awesome video. Reminded me of the old guy from Benjamin Button…

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  6. BlueHornet  |   Posted on Jul 30th, 2009 0

    This look interesting,so far.
    If it’s not just all bots here, let me know. I’m looking to network
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


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