“Champion of My Heart” by Richie Cunning:

I was at a barbecue last weekend (your jealousy is palpable) and my friend Jane had one of those mini-boomboxes that you can plug your mp3 player into (whatever that is, I still use a rotary phone when I’m not in the hospital for age-related illnesses) and we probably listened to this song 100 times. It’s so good. Legend has it that it was recorded by a San Francisco based MC named Richie Cunning (legit: here he is opening for Method Man and Red Man) one night when he was just fucking around in the studio. He sent it to all of his friends, and everyone who has ever heard it recognizes that it is the greatest song ever recorded, and, as seen here, there is even a fan made music video for it that you wish you had made because of how much the best it is, but no official release. Whoops!

You can listen to this song, which is now the Official Videogum Theme Song, in its powerful, majestic glory, without having to watch children play 1980s make believe here.

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  1. ModernMANdroid  |   Posted on Jul 28th, 2009 +5

    Sounds like a helluva BBQ

  2. “and you think you’ve lost it because the other guy knows karate?”

    Yup, that’s about right.

  3. If this guy was born two decades earlier he could’ve overtaken Huey Lewis as songsmith extraordinaire in the 80′s. …maybe.

  4. The chorus is great but, man, that pre-chorus is UNSTOPPABLE.

  5. Something about it definitely captures that 80′s feeling…it reminded me of the Kenny Loggins song from the Footloose soundtrack “I’m Free (Heaven Help the Man)”. Look it up, it rules.

  6. omg 5 mins, this is ridiculous… “when the moonlight falls upon your face, i want you to remember that your the champion of my heart”… unbelieveable

  7. EagleHat  |   Posted on Jul 28th, 2009 0

    Not Kraut Rock…Prog rock and I like it.

  8. The fun part about this tune is that when you’re singing along with it you can change the lyrics to Champion Of My Fart.

  9. That egg looked delicious!

  10. Champion of My Heart is a dog blog by professional freelance writer Roxanne Hawn about her fearful border collie, Lilly. Topics include dog training, clicker training, canine agility, behavior modification, and more.

  11. I’m sorry, but nothing will replace “The Final Countdown” as my theme song to everything. NOTHING, I tell you!

    • Top #3 in no particular order.

      - Champion of my Heart
      - Final Countdown
      - Now You’re a Man

    • I would just like to point out that, because I am a nerd, I occasionally check Patriot’s blog thing. And I thought you’d like to know, that it now has both the Official Videogum song and the Official Kiss the Pan song. Somebody out there must like you. Or, someone on the internet, or. uh.. i dunno. Thought I’d let ya know.

      • HA! Thanks for the update! For a second I thought you meant he composed and recorded songs actually named after Videogum and my username (which of course would be insane. I’m not saying American Patriot is John J. Normalguy, but he’s not tonetta777-type crazy, or even Crispin Glover-type, for that matter.) I guess my comment just reminded AnAmPat of how great and inspiring that all-purpose song is. Which means he must still be checking up on us — COME BACK, AmPat, you CRAZY GOON!

    • Seconded, except I alternate it with Haddaway’s “What Is Love?”.

  12. Look out “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell,” a new best song of 2009 contender has entered the ring.

  13. “So you call upon the Gods / And the deity appears before your eyes / And he passes you the scepter / scepter! scepter!!! scepter!!!!!”

    Stop the vote tabulations, Richie Cunning just won all the Grammies.

  14. I prefer curling up in the corner, weeping, while listening to, and miming, I Want To Know What Love Is

    I want you to show me

    • The last time I heard that song I cried in public. I was in a retail store, and had to do a price check on a jock strap and then I just lost it. Anyways, just thought I had to share that…

  15. Sometimes it’s nice when Gabe posts nice things and we can all just laugh and smile and stop being such mean-spirited no-goodnicks. Let’s not make a habit of it, but still.

  16. Eargasm! My cochleae are Cunning!

  17. Move over, You’re The Best Around, I’ve got a new theme song.

  18. That is some serious Gerald Cooperberg in training shit.

  19. this song now rivals the darkness’ i believe in a thing called love as the melodic champion of MY heart.

  20. I like how after the kid swallows the egg, (circa 3:40) the other guy does a lil ditty like he’s running up some stairs and jumps, a la Rocky Balboa. THEN, naturally, they cut back to homey eating some more eggs. That’s how you train to not fight someone, you guys.

    ?Septor, septor, SEPTOR!!?

  21. I clicked “Play” before I fully read the description, so I spent the whole video waiting for Richie Cunningham to show up.

  22. I’m pretty sure that Marty kid played this at last year’s prom when when he had to fill in for Marvin Berry (I think he sliced his hand or something).

  23. I need a full print-out of the lyrics. And I need to begin using the word “sceptre” more often.

  24. i just saw scepter spelled three different ways on one page. way to go you guys! VARIETY!

  25. jp ftw  |   Posted on Jul 28th, 2009 0

    This like “I Need A Hero” 2.0… but with animal metaphors.

  26. Yeah, this is good, but the best? Maybe if Richie Cunning’s name was “A-Ha,” and the song was called “Take On Me,” it would be. Right now? He wishes.

  27. My personal theme song is still “Trust Yourself”:


  28. I’ve never heard anyone sing so passionately about hummingbirds before.

  29. VH1 just blew up out of sheer awesomticity of this, the new summer anthem!

  30. Little Richie Cunningham finally proves he’s as cool as “The Fonz.”

    Go, Little Richie Cunningham, GO!

  31. Um, am I the only one bored by this? It’s not particularly funny, seeing as how Richie Cunning’s obviously in on the joke. Chris Dane Owens and Michael J. Lewis (and Europe) seemed to be serious, and that’s what made their stuff good/bad. This is just another smarmy kid being ironic. That said, he does nail the style.

  32. Is that Dirk Diggler? Boogie Nights references are cool, right? What year is it again?

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