In your face, Transmorphers. Up in them gutz, The Day The Earth Stopped. Finally, an insane, hilarious knock-off that the whole family can enjoy. Ladies, I offer you: The Prodigy (or as it should be called, Karate Panda). Oh man, this thing is the best. Here is the synopsis (via CartoonBrew):

KG – the ‘Kung Fu Girl’ with a big heart – is an underdog. When the odds are against her, she discovers that there is no limit to what she can accomplish when she believes in herself. With the help of her brave yet zany Master Panda, KG sets off on a journey to restore justice to her beautiful kingdom and rescue her beloved prince. “A hilarious side-splitting animated feature, THE PRODIGY delivers Non-Stop Kung Fu Fun!”

Whatever. That doesn’t even begin to do this MASTERPIECE justice. Trailer after the jump. Are your eyes sitting down?

Hahaha. YESSSSS! I’m pretty sure I recorded the sound effects for this movie. On a Walkman. That I dropped in the toilet.

Wait, but also, this is from the press release (because this movie has press releases? Smart):

Some top CG Animators, Production Designers, and Artists from DreamWorks, Sony, and Disney studios all contributed. An integral part of the team is David Colman of Disney Feature Animation; he’s an Emmy Award winning artist who generated character designs for The Prodigy. David Lowery (Head of story on Shrek) was producer and supervisor of the story department, and Craig Elliott (Shark Tale, Bee Movie) was the inventive production designer. Steve Gordon (Shrek II, Anastasia, Over The Hedge) created essential story boards to flesh out the meaningful romantic storyline.

What? How is that even possible? I would have assumed that this movie was just made in Korea or something, but this is basically just a shameless list of everyone that has to go to jail now, right? They just hand the press release to the Warden, and he’s like, “I’ll take care of it.”

It’s so weird that the people who made this movie did something that seems foolish and unwise. (Thanks for the tip, Tim.)

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  1. So a bunch of people got together and edited video game cut scenes from 1997 into a movie?

  2. alex  |   Posted on Jul 24th, 2009 +1


  3. The Princess saves the Prince? Feminism! These ‘top CG animators’ missed out, they totes could’ve gotten Heigl for voice work.

    • but if they signed Heigl, they might not have had enough cash to pay “stroke victim narrator,” and he kinda brings this whole thing together.

  4. Ah yes, Prevalent Entertainment. They’re a wholly owned subsidiary of Commonplace Films, the lynchpin of the Nothing Out of the Ordinary Entertainment Group, Inc. Or whatever.

  5. Mom: “Glad to see that DeVry education paying off!”

  6. “Merry Christmas, Grandson! I got you that Kung Fu Panda movie you like!”

    “Wow, Grandma…”

    [looks at gift]

    “Uh, yeah.. it’s, um… yeah. Thanks, I guess.”

    [Throws in trash two hours later]

    Thus concludes another episode of Holiday Disappointment Theatre.

  7. Oh that’s nothing in comparison to The Little Panda Fighter (Ursinho da Pesada) from Brazilian masters of animation Video Brinquedo – The people who brought you The Little Cars, Ratatoing, Gladiformers, Tiny Robots and their latest masterpiece What’s Up: Balloon to the Rescue! Actually you have to search for The Little Cars on YouTube (here’s one). I’ve not seen it myself but apparently there is more than one moment in the film where the male cars spend time talking about the pink (and therefore obviously the female) car’s headlights. So not only to the rip off Cars with shitty animation but they mix in an unhealthy dose of misogyny just to put you off a little more.

  8. I’ll wait for The Sims 2 version of this movie.

  9. I remember when Madagascar came out, and then Disney came out with The Wild. Pretty much the EXACT same movies, yet I never heard anyone mention that. I guess if you did compare it Walt Disney’s head would reanimate and haunt you when you sleep.
    I’m sleeping with one eye open.

  10. I always appreciate a random Man Bites Dog reference.

  11. Do you guys remember the flying “diamond of death” that the Kung Fu Panda used to destroy the semi-hovering ghost men in the Dreamworks version of this film? I know I do.

  12. Do you guys remember the “flying diamond of death” that the Kung Fu Panda used to destroy the semi-hovering ghost men in the Dreamworks version of this film? I know I do.

  13. And I thought I had all of the cheat codes to Wolfenstein 3-D…

  14. Well shit. Downvote away.

  15. The description of what the people involved actually did smells like padded resume to me. Like, someone with too much money and bad advisors called all these people, outlined his ideas, and they decided to cash his checks. Jail might be too strong. Maybe shameless parole? They probably all paid way too much for their Brentwood mansions and they would sell if they could just get the mortgage down to something less than what the place is worth now. Hell, the script supervisor probably enjoyed sending his unvarnished thoughts out without regard for politics.

  16. That was the scariest voiceover I have ever heard for an animated movie.

  17. At 41 seconds, what happens to her? Magical sparkles shine and she gets about 4 inches taller? What? Was she leveling up? Was it like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, where he could switch between 10 and 17 for plot reasons? Except she was switching between like 18 and 19? I don’t even–

  18. Also, there’s Titanic: the Animated Musical. The rapping dog here.

    What? Yes, a rapping dog, in an animated musical about the fucking Titanic sinking.

  19. I think “creator” information is a lie. It has to be…. My guess is this was done in China – I mean did you see how small the splash was when they were cliff diving? Clue #4

  20. Since Jack Black was in Kung Fu Panda…and the “prodigy” in this one is named KG…does this mean the next Tenacious D album/movie will be about pandas? One can dream…

  21. No, I don’t think you guys get it. The panda almost fell off the barrel!!!!! THAT’S HILARIOUS!

  22. I think the part at the end where they say, “Remember: Do not try this at home… Unless you are a trained professional” reveals that they are actually releasing this as a warning to the public not to try to make your own animated feature films on your Macbook.

  23. I see they’re releasing whole movies made using Sims 2. The future certainly is a weird, killer robot infested, hoverboardy place.

  24. Well with that title they’ve already got the “confused dance music fan” market cornered.

  25. That panda ate the fuck out of that watermelon!

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