“Hello. We’ve gathered you all here today because you are some of the most intelligent minds in your respective fields. We have scientists from all of the major disciplines: space and chemistry and physics and nuclear and brain. All of the best science. The reason we’ve gathered you here today is because a new straight-to-DVD horror movie called Birdemic–please, hold your applause until after the introductions are finished–is in need of a movie trailer, and we were hoping that you, scientists, can create it.

What we want from you is simple. Please work together as a group to harness all of your brain power and all of your incredible knowledge on the singular task of combining long, dull, panning shots of a boring landscape, with hissy ambient audio directly from a camcorder’s built in microphone, and MS Paint caliber graphics of what could only be described as a BIRDEMIC, to blow all of the minds (including, especially, Communist minds). Take about three minutes to edit it together, and let’s see what you come up with.”

Hahaha! Literally incredible. You nailed it, scientists.

Bartender, a round of Nobel Prizes for my friends. (Via FilmDrunk.)

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  1. Gabe, not that your ego needs a brojob after yet another topless photo recollection this morning, but between “Oh look, it’s Metaphor University, asking me to be the DEAN,” and “Bartender, a round of Nobel Prizes for my friends,” you’re really on fire today.

  2. It’s the flying toaster screensaver of movies.

  3. Lyle  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 +3

    I can’t watch the trailer because I’m an adult and am at work, but I hope Swinedemic is to follow.

  4. 1) When the movie title was getting shot at the end of this “trailer”, I thought it was the beginning of keyboard cat.

    2) Why super fast smoke bombs going off?

    3) (c) 2005-2007. Two years?

    4) Where can I see this?

  5. bob loblaw  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 +5


  6. Wow, I literally could have made that.

  7. What are the birds eating that they explode upon impact with the ground? PURE HORROR?!?!

  8. I want these flying explosive birds as my screen saver (and the sound, i’m gonna need the sound as well).

  9. Say what you will, but my communist mind completely blown!

  10. Can’t wait for the Tim Burton remake.

  11. Evan  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 +5

    I didn’t know a large group of birds could sound like the constant scraping of forks on a chalkboard.

  12. I had the sound all the way up! I had the sound all the fucking way up! I just pissed myself!

    • boo  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 +6

      Yeah, I know how that feels. I skipped ahead to see if anything was actually going to happen and then my eardrums exploded.

  13. IMDB synopsis of this Romance / Thriller: “A platoon of eagle & vultures attack the residence of a small town. Many people died. It’s not known what caused the flying menace to attack. Two people managed to fight back, but will they survive Birdemic?”

    (Emphasis mine)

  14. noahpoah  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 +1

    Dive-bombing exploding hover birds are scary, sure, but shouldn’t they have been hoverdivebombexploding over more than one town in order to be epid-, pand-, or some other, less well known, -emic?

  15. Lucky  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 +6

    At least they didn’t mention that Drew Barrymore directed it.

  16. “Brought to you by the Greater Watsonville, California Board of Tourism and Game Fowl”

  17. boo  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 +39

    Alfred Hitchcock is gonna be so mad he didn’t think of this first.

  18. Well, Hitchcock had a good run, but it’s clearly time for him to step aside and let someone else into the profile.

  19. On the topic of straight-to-dvds, just watched Visioneers with Zach Galifianakis and i recommend it to all, great film.

  20. This is the worst video to watch when you have had less than two hours of sleep. I am going to be having waking nightmares of birds up above divebombing me and exploding, for the rest of the day. Perfect.

  21. so theyre finally making a hamsterdance movie?

  22. I never would have expected something like this from Moviehead Productions.

  23. I didn’t know birds were made out of match heads.

  24. ProYoko  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 +4

    By “straight to DVD” you mean the director burned a bunch of copies from his laptop. They’re five dollars or whatever you can afford. RIght?

  25. Apparently a sequel is already in “production.”


  26. Since when do birds fly in place?

  27. Mark  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 +1

    Love that the quote on the circa 1996 Angelfire page for Birdemic is taken way out of context. Here’s the full review. I need this movie.


  28. Holy shit that acid’s starting to kick in.

  29. Dan  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 +2

    That honestly looked like a Windows 95 screensaver

  30. OH, GREAT. NOW what am i gonna call my andrew bird road doc?


  31. I think I like the synopsis for the in-production sequel even more:

    A platoon of eagles and vultures attack Hollywood, California.
    Why did the eagles and vultures attack?

  32. mahotoe  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 +5

    Shock and Terror – more like Shock and Caw!

  33. were those last two shots just looped blingees???

  34. Clearly the guys who made this were on whatever the After Last Season people were.

  35. Gursky  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 -3

    Holy god he’s right. This guy deserves all the Nobels we have, plus maybe a second run of ‘em if we can make that happen.
    So there’s this amazing Birds homage (this movie also deserves all the French we can muster) But not only that, Tippi Hedren’s actually in the other one. This is exactly what schizophrenia feels like isn’t it? It all begins to fall into place, but the shape it makes still has no meaning. Where’s bizarro Leonard Nimoy when you need him?

  36. five inches but its thick  |   Posted on Jul 24th, 2009 +1

    yikes. i dont even want to see the trailer after watching the trailer

  37. five inches but its thick  |   Posted on Jul 24th, 2009 0

    yikes. i dont even want to see the trailer after that trailer

  38. That just made my dog lose his mind. I watched this five minutes ago and he’s still staring out the window growling.

  39. I’d like to know why this “birdemic” causes these birds to shit missiles. sign me up!

  40. This movie is my boyfriend and we are so in love.

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