Here is the poster for Martin Scorsese’s Gatsby Shutter Island starring Vincent Chase Leonardo DiCaprio. Based on the trailer it appears to be one of those classic thrillers in which someone enters an insane asylum (or island run by pagan women) under the auspices of tracking down a missing person, only to find themselves terrifyingly trapped, and subject to the same horrors that the missing person (who may or may not have ever existed, usually not) suffered. Classic.

But as you can see from the poster, there is an important plot element that makes this pretty different from your daddy’s classic-thriller-in-which-someone-enters-an-insane-asylum-to-find-a-missing-person-and-then-themselves-goes-missing. How about a SPOILER ALERT, Shutter Island poster.

SPOILER ALERT: Leonardo DiCaprio smoking on a crack pipe! He probably doesn’t even go to Shutter Island looking for a missing person. He just heard that they had those WMD’s. “I’m here to investigate two vials of Global Warming.”

Where’s DiCaprio, String? Huh? What happened to DiCaprio, String?

(Click through to enlarge.)

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  1. SPOILER ALERT: Gatsby dies and we all go back in time.

  2. Shutter down. (We all get it, sorry, BANG.)

  3. He’s clearly using the crackpipe to light a joint. Like lighting a cigar with a 20 dollar bill. Actors.

    • Selena  |   Posted on Jul 22nd, 2009 +2

      I don’t know. I mean, I’m no Scientist, but wouldn’t smoking pot defeat the purpose of being a crackhead?

  4. buenosueno  |   Posted on Jul 22nd, 2009 -11

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  5. I think the picture is photoshopped.

  6. What is this post, a supposed magic eye poster? I’ve crossed my eyes and stared at the middle, but nada.

    I see no crack pipe, and no humor. I guess today you peaked with the Juggalo infomercial.

  7. “Someone is missing?” Way to be specific, Shitter Island.

    “There’s something wrong with Leo?”

    “The future is in the hands of an escaped mental patient who has none?”

  8. Spooky island mental asylum shaped crack pipes are going to be all the rage this fall.

    Hey, does anyone ever actually say “all the rage” anymore?

  9. I don’t get it. It doesn’t look like a crack pipe – although once I helped a girl detox and she turned her asthma inhaler into a crackpipe using tinfoil once in a fit of desperation and it kind of looks like that.

    To me it looks like Leo is looking for someone and he doesn’t have a flashlight so he lights a match and is all “What the hell? A tiny island below my chin?”

  10. has anyone heard of “raging bull”?

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