Haha. Blade is always photobombing people.

Whatever little champion made this already wins the Videogum Keys to the Internet. But surely we can make this even better (worse):

There we go.

Sad news, guys. Today is my last day at Videogum. I just got hired by Photoshop as the Regional Vice President of Being the Best at Photoshop in the Department of Ruining Perfectly Good Jokes with Stupid Ones. I WILL MISS YOU. (Image via Brad O’Farrell)

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  1. dictums  |   Posted on Jul 22nd, 2009 +419

  2. “Today is my last day at Videogum.” Not funny anymore. Or, well, at least less funny now.

  3. I’m LOLing and I can’t stop LOLing.

  4. My heart just stopped. “Today is my last day at Videogum.” They would have found me, on Sunday, an old woman, alone, half eaten by her cats, with this open on my computer screen and they would arrest you for killing me.
    You can’t play shock games with old people, Gabe. As a man with two hip replacements and a whole head of gray hairs, you should know this.

    • yomomma  |   Posted on Jul 22nd, 2009 +3

      Do you also like to lip-sync Pretty Woman on YouTube?

      ‘Cause I’m kind of getting a vibe from you.

  5. If you do ever leave Gabe, please announce it in a post like this one. Might as well go out in a blaze of glory.

  6. I’m already prepping myself for Gabe’s departure; at 52, he’s rapidly nearing retirement age.

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  8. I’m no good at Photoshop. So someone just, please do one with the Smoke Monster, and maybe put Alex’s face in there too, for kicks?

  9. why would you ruin this twist for all of us?

  10. Who saw this coming? I mean, after all was said and done, maybe she was just too much fuss.

    Happily Ever After

  11. Has anyone ever received a higher score than Dictums? FTW. Lizzing.

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