By now you have probably seen the videos (after the jump) of a young Japanese girl who won a contest to interview Harry Potter going basically INSANE when Daniel Radcliffe surprises her on set. And again when Rupert Grint surprises her on set. Of course, we can make fun of superfans all we want, and we usually do, because superfans are hilarious. And the Venn diagram of superfans and nerds would be an unbroken circle, which means that when you are making fun of superfans you are also making fun of nerds, and that makes sense, because nerds are great targets. But let us get something straight about this girl: she wins. Big time. Not just the ‘meet Harry Potter contest,’ which she literally won, duh, but she wins at everything.

Some people want to find true love, or to be legends of success. Some people believe that whoever dies with the most toys/private islands wins, dollar dollar bill, y’all. But none of these things interest me anymore, because I have seen the goal now. All I want in life is to find one thing that could possibly make me even close to as out of my mind with delight as this girl is in these videos.

The sadness, of course, is that at the weathered age of 53 years old, I’m not really open to experiences like this anymore (if I ever was open to experiences like this. I feel like I’ve been 53 years old for a very long time). It’s all, my penny loafers hurt this, and, my oatmeal is cold that. Perhaps I will have to wait until the angel of death sneaks up behind me, Grint-style, to find my euphoria. The subtitles will read, “You look so coo–” and then, heaven (fingers crozzed).

Well, that took kind of a weird turn.

Congratulations, though, Japanese girl. You did it! (Via everywhere.)

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  1. freddy  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 +87

    i bet if she drank gasoline she’d turn into harry potter.

  2. these videos make my ennui hurt.

  3. Daniel looks a little too good at sneaking around and then up on women… that face at :18 will forever haunt my dreams.

    • RoxanneLT  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 +7

      Eh, I wouldn’t worry about that. He’s probably just practicing for the serial killer role he’ll inevitably take in about 3 years to try to break away from being Harry Potter. Again. (He will never break away from being Harry Potter. He might as well legally change his name at this point.)

  4. My favorite part of the Daniel Radcliffe portion of the interview is his peaking out from behind a column as if to say “What do you think studio audience? Dare I blow this young girls mind?”

  5. D-Rad doing the thumbs up and peace sign is so full of win.

  6. You know, I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what Ron’s eyelashes smell like myself. Probably not corned beef because Ron hates corned beef.

  7. Don’t lie to her, Daniel. I think anyone can tell she belongs in Hufflepuff.

  8. this girl is definitely the cutest, and also makes me feel better about my dorkyfandom harry potter obsessions. like, no matter how much i feel like a supernerd over harry potter, as long as people like her exist, i look positively rational. even though i am reading that malfoy fanfic at work right now. dont nobody tell my boss, guys.

    • I’m amazed that you’re really going to read it! I think that legitimizes me as a carrier of the super nerd disease or something.

      • yeah, in like 5 years when i’m planning my harry potter themed wedding and getting the finishing touches on my draco malfoy backpiece i am going to look back at this day and wonder how i might’ve turned out if not for the dreaded nerd plauge i contracted via the interwebs.

        • I hate you guys. I swore off HP fanfics in like ninth grade, but you guys are making me so curious.

          • bow down to the peer pressure and come over to the dork side.

            also, at least you can say things like “i swore off harry potter fanfic in 9th grade.” i didn’t even start reading harry potter until i was maybe 21 or 22, right before half blood prince came out. and look at me now. i am a broken woman. at least you can hide behind your youthful infatuation. me? no excuses for this behavior. no excuses.

          • I’m 21 now, so restarting fanfic reading might make me hate myself. But I think I’m going to have a peek at it. For old times sake…

    • You haven’t read Harry Potter fan fic until you’ve read Harry Potter slash fic.

      Snape can apparently take all of Hagrid.

  9. I propose a need for the opposite of a Unicorn Chaser, meaning that sometimes you see something so joyous and heartwarming on the Internet that you need a Shot of Bile to bring you back down to Earth and properly steel you against whatever fresh hell awaits around the corner.

    Yep, that did it.

  10. This is turning into harrypottergum.com. And I don’t mind that.

    • katie  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 +2

      me neither. i was watching this, literally shaking in excitement as dan crept up on her. when he said “gryffindor?” i squealed and almost toppled out of my seat. then i remembered i wasn’t there. :(

  11. You know, I think an appropriate Unicorn Chaser to this is the thought that Daniel and Rupert (and Emma, too, for that matter) have had to deal with this sort of thing since they were, like, 12. I mean, I’m really glad for that girl and all, but HOLY SHIT. Could you imagine automatically eliciting this reaction from nearly every person you ever meet? For the rest of your life? Holy shit.

  12. How old is this girl? She seems awfully tall for a Harry Potter obsessed Japanese girl.

  13. That girl is a Japanese version of Eunice from She’s The Man. (I’ve already prepared myself for a negative score on this)

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  15. Whoops, sorry for the double post. Firefox crashed while posting the first one (Ultra negative comments)

  16. Gabe, why she be our girlfriend?

  17. Guy P  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 +5

    I wonder if she got swine flu from sniffing Rupert Grint’s eyelashes

  18. “All I want in life is to find one thing that could possibly make me even close to as out of my mind with delight as this girl is in these videos.”

    Two chicks at one time.

    (Office Space 2009 Zing)

    • This has nothing to do with the conversation, but it is totally rare to recognize somebody who isn’t signed in. I read your blog pretty often and I have to say your incorrect running form post was hilarious.

  19. NO FAIR!!!! None of the boys I had everlasting 4ever+infinity crushes on were this kind, or let me babble about how I smell like granny, or gave me piggyback rides. She is so much 7th grader me, it’s scary.

  20. Aw, I’m really happy for her but I’m also really jealous! This makes me feel weird!

  21. This is like looking into the Mirror of Erised, am i right guys?

    UP TOP

    • Selena  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 +8

      I upvoted you- but I really think your comment is deserved of more. It deserves a Jumping Chest Bump :-) So, I guess what I am trying to say is, “Good one Goyle!”

  22. i miss the old days when your remark would elicit, like, 125 “ure rly 53? ure way 2 hawt for 53!” comments.

  23. It’s really nice for the girl and all, and I am not going to rain on her parade, but doesn’t this video also demonstrate how silly and insane it is to obsess over celebrities? Especially for portraying fictional characters? Fictional characters you love? Like really love? Like a lover?
    I mean the way she touches them like they are otherworldly is just completely bizarre.

    • yeah, it actually creeps me out. i couldn’t watch either of the two videos in their entirety because she was so strange. i mean, yeah, it’s great that she’s happy but NO ONE SHOULD BE THIS HAPPY about something like that. i feel like something’s wrong here. medically, i mean. – Professor Medicine

  24. I’m amazed at how un-fucked up the two of them seem.

    • Daniel seems really nice, and Rupert just really uncomfortable with being obsessed over.

      • RoxanneLT  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 +1

        To be fair to Rupert, I’d be really uncomfortable with someone touching my eyelashes too….
        Wait, now that I think about it, that’s happened to me before; I had managed to repress that I guess. So I can guarantee that it’s uncomfortable. I’ll send you the therapy bills.

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  26. I like how Daniel’s video says “Daniel” but Rupert’s says “Ron.”

  27. neen  |   Posted on Jul 23rd, 2009 0

    eheheheh Grint-style. My new favourite expression.

  28. Oh MAN. I just finally had the chance to watch this last night and OMFG. For reals on “find[ing] one thing that could possibly make me even close to as out of my mind with delight.” She’s so far into being completely uncool and not giving a fuck, asking to touch his eyelashes (!) (“his eyelashes are silver!”) and then smelling her finger (!!!) that she comes back full circle to being Cool As Fuck, because she just doesn’t even care if they think she’s a Fanatic, because she IS! These videos are pure happiness.

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