I Can Do Bad All By Myself trailer, you guys:


I am glad to see that Tyler Perry did not waste any money on the budget for this film (or whatever this is). He needs that money for his private island. “And over here I’m going to build a temperature-controlled room for my fat suits.” I am also glad to see Adam Rodriguez finally getting to do some real acting. “There is gun powder residue on your heart.” Or, “the micro-fibers of your soul match micro-fibers found at the scene of MY LOVE FOR YOU.” Get it? You get it. Tyler Perry’s Cliche Scene Investigation. Seriously, I didn’t know that you could write a whole screenplay just by copying and pasting a fistful of greeting cards interspersed with “jokes” about hating the police. High to high millions.

In other news: Tyler Perry can do good all by himself.

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  1. Gabe, you clean up nice.

  2. But will she find love one day?

  3. I can play MASH all by MYSELF.

  4. adam rodriguez and brian white are pretty easy on the eyes but i still wont watch this

  5. “Tyler Perry is paying for 65 children from a Philadelphia day camp to go to Walt Disney World after reading about allegations that a suburban swim club had shunned them because of racism.”

    Granted, he’s paying for their vacation with blood money (I call it that because of all the good things he continuously kills with these Medea movies, like humor for instance), but it makes me not hate him for a second. Then I remember how he ruined Star Trek.

  6. Ah, we have a comedian. What did Tyler Perry have, CLOWN for breakfast this morning?

  7. I love (hate) the Scooby-Doo-esque noise that came out of Madea when that girl asked her to teach her how to pray.

  8. I thought I was America’s favorite pistol-packing man dressed as a grandma!

    I mean, I certainly seemed popular enough when that large crowd gathered around me at the mall. Can’t a man dress up as a grandma and take his guns shopping in peace?

  9. My real issue with the man’s oeuvre is that he could be making today’s Blacula, but no. Tyler Perry will continue making these gospel-tinged schlockfests. While we’re at it, Mary J. could be making today’s Blacula.

    Gabe, you love Mary J. Blige!

  10. HA! The url is icandobadmovie.com. Nice.

  11. Flip Wilson looks great in this!

  12. Adam Rodriguez in homeless-drag is reminiscent of that Arrested Development character, the method actor practicing being homeless. Scruffy, dirty, yet attractive…shave, aaaand hot with good skin. Except not a joke in this movie.

  13. i’m not saying i would actively try to see this movie, but i am saying that when tyler perry buys the hallmark movie channel and turns it into tyler perry’s the hallmark movie channel, i will watch this movie on a sunday afternoon while ironing.

  14. What I don’t get, is how Tyler Perry figures that touchy-feely stuff (tragic singer, alcoholic, orphan kids) goes great with fatsuits.

  15. Pitch meeting: “It’s Big Momma’s House meets Raising Helen!”

  16. Paddle boats: the official transportation of Learning to Love.

  17. goddamn.  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2009 -2

    i like how the website for the film is http://www.icandobadmovie.com
    yes, you can, tyler perry. don’t let nobody step on your dreams. yo.

  18. I would clean up nice too if my beard were superglued to my face.

  19. Ahmadinejad can also do bad all by himself, and Abraham Lincoln calls him out on it.


  20. Carrot Top laughs at Tyler Perry.

  21. chestybongos  |   Posted on Jul 22nd, 2009 +1

    Mary J. Blige took time out from searching for the Loch Ness Monster for this?

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