from: Verne Troyer
to: gabe@videogum.com

date: Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 6:46 AM

subject: You are unbeleivable

You are probably one of the cruelest people that have ever been allowed to write. The reason you write things on this page is because no one else would hire you except for this trash of a site. It’s unbelievable that people read this garbage.
You have no soul. If it would happen that you get hit by a bus and die, no one would care except the people that enjoy this garbage. Which your mother probably loves that her baby boy got such a great job writing on this F*%ked up site. I guess thats what we get from an irresponsible mother like yours. (I’m sure this probably didn’t offend you, being the type of person you are. But if it so happened that it did offend you, now you know how it feels.

Those were the days, back when our eight-month-old blog landed on Verne Troyer’s radar. It was the first and last piece of hate mail we ever got, though. By and large, Videogum has been well-regarded by the cast of The Love Guru.

Our mission was to cover movies, television, and webjunk in a smart way. We insisted that posts be funny and thoughtful and that they didn’t pick on anyone who didn’t deserve it. Often Videogum covered serious topics, it but never took itself too seriously. Those seriousgum posts were some of the site’s best! Mostly, Videogum was a blog about trampoline accidents.

Thanks to everyone who read and commented over the past six years and to those who said nice things about Videogum on Twitter this week. Starting tomorrow, our parent company will no longer employ anyone to write the site. What happens after that, I’m not sure. It’s not going offline, not immediately at least. I know some of you Monsters want to keep the community alive. I think the Internet has enough pop culture blogs, but I can’t think of another community quite like this one, and I’ll do whatever I can to keep it going if you’re serious about that. Do you want to contribute to the next chapter of Videogum? Email me. Email me. We’ll try to get something going.

No matter what happens, this is the end of an era. Kelly Conaboy, like Gabe Delahaye and Lindsay Robertson before her, did extraordinary work here. You’re reading this right now because she kept the site awesome. Kelly is one of the funniest writers on the Web and I trust someone will pay a lot of money for her Aaron Paul fanfic soon enough.

If you wanna be updated on what’s happening with this website, follow Videogum on Twitter or Facebook. Eventually there will be some news and I’ll share it there.

But first, I have a message from one of our biggest fans.


Comments (145)
  1. Thank you Videogum. This has all been very fun. I will miss you.

  2. Life is a highway, RIP Videogum and RIP Rocket Dog

  3. It’s over. But it’s still Friday. And that still means something in this country, god damn it. It means we’ll dance like we’ve never danced before, and like may never dance again.

  4. BTW, stay tuned for Kelly’s goodbye post. We’re not over quite yet!

  5. So other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the rest of the play?

  6. Thank you Videogum.

  7. I love you guys!!!

  8. Videogum is dead! Long live Videogum!

  9. This place feels like home, and now we’re all moving away. Keep in touch internet family!

  10. Sorry, KCC. Still not sure if you’re real or not. I mean, obviously you exist, but…you know.

  11. Thanks, guys. It will be weird to absent-mindedly click my Videogum button over the next few days and remember that it’s no more. But I’m glad I’m here with you all now, at the end of all things.

  12. It’s been about a year since I commented on this site, but I could not let this day go by without coming back and saying goodbye. Videogum has honestly meant a great deal to both my wife (Baby Friday) and I, more than we would probably be willing to admit. We met some awesome people because of this site and made some actual real life friends as a result of it. I know that may sound weird considering this is just another website that makes shit of pop culture, but, least be honest, Videogum made better shit than most — maybe the best shit. Big time shoutouts to both Gabes, Kelly, and Scott. Thanks for the memories!

  13. I haven’t commented here in forever, but I just wanted to say that this is the only comment section I have ever come across on the entire Internet that has ever been worth reading.

    You are all the best.

  14. Guys, I made so many photoshopped things for this site.

  15. I’m just upvoting everything while I can still show my appreciation.

  16. When I became a monster I was working in an office where I often found myself fake coughing to cover any laughter that I could not contain. It felt really nice to be able to cackle at that video from the comfort of my home office. Growing up, what what.
    Videogum and all you lovely commenting scamps deposited so much into my LOLk.

  17. Thank you so much! I only wish that I’d found this place sooner. You guys probably don’t, though, because I used to be a real jerk.

  18. Just a little something for the road: http://bit.ly/1ba59P1

  19. Thank you Scott and thank you Videogum. I will always look back to my time on this site as something special, and will greatly miss posting on here and laughing a lot. I hope the community stays together somehow, but this is truly the end of an era. I will miss you Videogum, RIP.

  20. High five, you guys. Good game.

  21. This feels like the right post to reminisce about how I stumbled across Katherine Chloe Calhoun video lo these many years ago and immediately emailed it in to “tips” @ Videogum, but when the first of many articles about this glorious woman surfaced a week later, someone else was thanked instead of me.

    I’ve held onto my anger about that non-incident for far too long, but I now I can finally let it go. Thank you Gabe, Lindsay and Kelly. You’ve made me do this way too many times at my computer:

  22. This is so weird… I love you guys! This was the funnest fun ever and I’m sad the era has come to a close. See you on the tweets!

  23. That one time Mad Men had a website where you could make your own Mad Men character:

  24. Kelly, you have been amazing. A super genius. This site was fantastic under your leadership and with your writing.

    Katherine Chloe Cahoon, I have come to love you, and I thank you for this good-bye.

    Scott, I appreciate this goodbye from you, and am very glad to know you’ll be looking for ways to help us out.

    Monsters, you have made this place a home. An unforgettable home. All of you. Almost all.

    And now it is time to put this home on a boat and set that boat on fire, I guess.

    (And also archive the hell out of it and go hang out in a different home with all the same people.)

  25. I feel like I’m on the last few pages of “There’s A Monster at the End of this Book.”

  26. Miles, still at the Orchid, wonders where Videogum’s contributors have gone:

  27. Kelly, you’re my hero! I started reading this site right around the time you began writing and it’s been a blast. I think most of all I’ve enjoyed keeping up with the latest robotics news and I’m not sure how I’m going to prepare myself for the inevitable robocalypse now. Maybe this is it. Maybe you’ve taught us everything we need to know. We’re ready!

    As to all you monsters: Judging from the Kathrine Chloe Cahoon video, we’re all getting laid! European guys for everyone!

  28. I am about to head home and jump in tinychat. I am assuming everyone is already there, right? Anyway I was wondering if anyone has or can locate the photoshop of Monster avatars in the Lost church from the finale?Next week we will be all…

    …when all along we were together, you guys.


  30. This is very upsetting

  31. This is a sad hour. But I have to give props to Katherine Chloe Cahoon. That was a cool move. Now we just need Topher Grace to show his respects.

  32. I’ll miss you guys. Thanks for the memories.

    Also, that’s pretty cool that KCC would do a video especially for us. Good on you, KCC. I’m particularly thrilled that she referred to all of us as “Videogum Writers” when all this time I had only thought of myself as a mere occasional commenter.

  33. I haven’t been commenting much in the past few years but early on I was a part of this community. I am sad that this is ending. This blog had a voice that I didn’t see elsewhere. LOL (Lots Of Love) to everyone

  34. so much love.

  35. Rest in peace, website.

  36. Thank you KCC. Thank you KC. Thank you Scott. I’m actually writing this from a train heading back to work after grabbing a quick lunch beer with 5 fellow monsters, so I can’t say much but I think that says a lot.

  37. All these flashbacks to past episodes, all these old faces making cameos: it’s just the kind of clichéd series finale we would have come to Videogum to see Gabe/Kelly rip apart on a Monday morning.

  38. There will never be enough sand now. Farewell sweet Videogum. Thanks for all the fish.

  39. No I’m not ready. I’ve been a lurker for five years. This place changed my life. I love you, internet strangers.
    If I could post pictures I’d post the Tenth Doctor saying “I don’t want to go” but I STILL HAVEN’T LEARNED HOW AND NOW I NEVER WILL. The saddest words truly are what might have been.
    See you in the AOL news articles comments section! *dies*

  40. I should not be sitting here in a room that…seems pretty dusty for some reason… getting emotional about a website on which I made the occasional comment.

    Wait, yes I should, because this was a totally unique collection of brain-having hilarious weirdos that can’t be replicated (unless we all ride off into the sunset together.).

    Goddammit all.

  41. Goodbye and thanks, Videogum.

  42. Seems like a good time for the Angry Dance

  43. Thank you, Scott. I hope you know there are Monsters all over meeting in secret and trying to think of ways to help out any “keep Videogum alive-esque somehow” efforts as soon as we see the bat signal! This place is (was :( ) the bomb and I’m grateful that we had it for as long as we did.

  44. I just got back from grabbing a beer with lovely Monsters. It felt a lot like a wake. Now I am stuck at work to wallow alone.

    I am glad we still have Kelly’s post, because I need to find the perfect gif, stat.

  45. Love is forever fan love you.

  46. From now until I die, when I say the same thing at the same time as someone else, instead of “Jinx!” I will say “Donna Darko” and pray. Pray that I have found one of you…

  47. I’m probably one of the few people who can say they’ve been coming to Videogum since 2008. I was here for The Hunt and “what’s up with Topher Grace?” and all the summer jams. I never posted much but I feel like I should say something today.

    I’m really sad that Videogum is ending. It’s easy when you work in comedy to feel like your contribution to society is trivial. I can say for a fact that Videogum’s effect on my day-to-day life was not trivial at all. Sure, most of Videogum is about funny videos but a lot of it is genuinely well-written takedowns of pop culture/fame worship/modern society. Takedowns and critiques that validate my disapproval of Courtney Stodden or Gwenyth Paltrow and gives me a sort of asylum from the mainstream culture. They gave words to my feelings of disillusionment. Videogum was always a place I could come to feel normal again. I will truly miss it.

    Thanks to Kelly who did such a great job filling the un-fillable shoes of the amazing Gabe Delahaye, one of the greatest pop-culture critics to ever grace the interwebs. It seems insane to me that any company could let two such amazing talents slip through their fingers.

    It was a hell of a run. I hope the community stays together and I will be watching Gabe and Kelly’s careers with interest. Good luck to everyone at Videogum, thank you again.

  48. Cheers from one of the 90%, aka Lurkers who never really posted. A hearty to thanks to the community, all of the witty banter in the comments section was one of the main reasons that I came to the site.

  49. Thank you, Videogum. I’m happy to say I was a part of this community. You will live on in all of us.

  50. This is too sad.

    This was the best site in the world and also the only one that I have ever created a username for (OkCupid, Match, ChristianMingle, JDate, BlackPlanet & Hipster Shaadi not included, obviously…). Though I don’t often comment, you all have consistently been the most entertaining and welcoming group of people on the internet and I’m glad to have been a small part of it. Keep on keepin’ on.

    Goodnight Sweet Prince.

  51. i’ve had this in heavy rotation all week, and now it’s finally here:

    i don’t know what i can say that hasn’t already been said more eloquently and poignantly a million time over, so i’ll try and be brief. i’ve been here on and off more or less since the beginning, but only started commenting in the last couple of years, and even then not all that regularly; partly because i’m in a different time zone/a sleep til noon garbage vampire, but mostly because i never really feel like i’m funny or clever enough to keep up with all of you baby geniuses. you are all—staff and commenters alike—some of the most brilliant, hilarious, and caring people i’ve ever had the iPrivilege to eKnow, and i am incredibly thankful for the time we’ve shared together. you have all well and truly made the internet a better place, which may not sound like much, because NO DUH, the internet is a nightmare, but we’re like four years out from blade runner at this point, the internet is BASICALLY all we have.

    i love all of you like a tiny baby loves sand.

    h.a.g.s. k.i.t.

  52. Love you guyyyyyyyys

  53. Easily the best comment section ever. I only posted a few times, but it was always a great read. All you Ponyboys need to stay gold.

  54. I can’t believe this is it.

  55. I don’t have much to add. Love you all.

  56. These are probably the most complicated emotions I’ve felt?

  57. Goonies never say die!! Thank you, Scott and Kelly and Gabe and everyone! Thanks, Monsters! And TGIF, Corporate Motherfuckerrrrrrrs!!!!!!!!

  58. Thank you for everything, Videogum! Thank you monsters! I will miss you all! In closing, let me echo the words of the immotal Da Cake Eatur, who so famously dared to ask “Is you relly a sqwerl?”

  59. Heaven just got a little more Videogum!
    LOL (Lots of Love) to everyone – to Kelly, Gabe, Lindsay, interns, others, guest bloggers, monsters.

    Right now, I am just a little girl, and Videogum is more sand.

  60. When I first found Videogum I felt like I had a home on the internet. Even though I rarely commented (I just checked my profile and my last one was in 2011, but I swear I had another account that existed before that!) I LOVED reading them. The first article I remember reading on the site was The Wicker Man entry for The Hunt and the second I finished I scrolled to the top of the page and read the whole thing again and laughed just as much the second time. That turned out to be a pretty normal occurrence. Videogum introduced me to some of the funniest clips, trailers, and articles I’ve ever seen (I’m looking at you Bike King and The Ten Commandments). A few years ago when I was poor college student and couldn’t afford internet service at my apartment and was fixing for some Videogum I’d make a point to go the library or SU and load literally every article I’d missed onto my browser so I could read them that night.

    I really can’t imagine the last 5-6 years without having had Videogum in them, that’s a pretty silly thing to say about a blog but it’s true. So, thank you so much to Kelly, Lindsay, Scott, everyone else behind the scenes, Monsters, and in particular Gabe for making this place so great.

    I look forward to reading some of the post-Gum blogs from you talented Monsters. Best to everyone!

    You’re the best Videogum, don’t ever change!
    P.S. Call me this Summer!

  61. I am bummed that’s all I’m going to say.
    Thanks for everything, y’all.

  62. work just got a little bit more me. long time listener, first time caller. this is procrastination gets ya….

  63. Wait. You are fucking with me, right? Fucking bawlfest gonna happen now. Just kidding. Drinkfest. I’m seriously sad to see you go. Your page was a staple, your writers filled with what I needed. Not that I am making this all about me. But what about me? What about my needs???

  64. I feel sad after knowing it.

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    Thanks for everything, y’all.

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