Gosh, who would have ever thought Jay Leno would spend the last half hour of his final episode of The Tonight Show lying on his desk in the dark? And requesting for Kevin Eubanks to come hold his hand, only to find out that Kevin Eubanks was actually on tour in France? EEEEEK! Very awkward! JK, of course I did not actually watch the series finale of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. I tuned in to see a series of political JibJab videos and decided that that was truly enough for me. (I also watched his teary goodbye this morning. It is very sad! Seeing most people cry and talk about death is sad, in fact!) Ahead of last night, a bunch of people (people = blogs, obviously) were talking about how Conan and Jimmy Kimmel had STACKED shows to take viewers away from Leno’s finale (Conan had the cast of the Walking Dead and Kimmel had Matt Damon and George Clooney, which, to me, sort of seem like normal episodes of late night television? And, like, now that the Walking Dead is coming back and Monuments Men is coming out, the episodes of late night television that EVERYONE is having?), but it is strange to me how no one pointed out that Nick at Night aired a straight up MARATHON of Friends episodes! And on Time Warner Cable in NYC, that channel is, like, two channels away from NBC. Very big oversight, blogs. Nick at Night doesn’t do that every night. (I think they only do it three or four nights out of the week?) Anyway. DID YOU WATCH? Did you love Garth? Were you psyched to see Kim Kardashian finally make her first appearance on late night television? Hmm?

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  1. I watched a little of the Tonight Show when I was in undergrad, because I was a dork and like the Monday night headlines and jaywalking segments. I don’t really miss it, but I’m sad that all 160+ people working on the show now have no jobs.

    On the flip side, Videogum leaving is an American tragedy.

    Thanks, Kelly. Thanks, fellow monsters (and uncreepy lurkers).

  2. I watched the crappy olympics coverage and then the first 45 minutes of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and then I fell asleep not even realizing it was Leno’s last night. Today, however, I will be crying all day because of Videogum and the resulting hole it is going to rip out of my very being.

  3. Apparently Jay Leno is leaving Late Night to become a member of The Weepies.

  4. The only articles I’ve seen lamenting Leno’s passing have all basically been “We’re going to miss having him to make fun of,” which, uh, is certainly a legacy to have, I guess.

  5. I love that Kelly added an extra “e” at the end of Kim’s “Bye.” Totes appropos.

    I don’t know where else to put this so I’ll just leave it here: thank you, Kelly, thank you, Gabe, and thank you, Videogum, Monsters, and Lurkers. I haven’t commented a lot since I had my baby 14 months ago, but, I still read faithfully and I appreciate the wit, intelligence, and camaraderie here. It really has remained a little piece of humanity in the vat of filth that is the internet. So thank you again. Blessings to all!

  6. Also, you guys seen this? Pretty provocative and great, as usual. http://gabedelahaye.tumblr.com/post/75811078572/r-i-p-everyone

    • Soo Soo Good

    • Someone I knew in college that I am facebook friends with posted that yesterday like “This guy is a good writer, I just found his tumblr and he seems pretty cool” and I wanted to be like DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT THAT 132 YEAR OLD MAN IS A GODDAMN GENIUS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BEST WEBSITE THE INTERNET HAS SEEN???!?!!?!!??!

      But I didn’t, because I was glad more people were finding out about Gabe and didn’t want to frighten them with my enthusiasm that could easily be misconstrued as “rage” or “a cocaine habit”

  7. Oprah looks great in that picture. I don’t now how anyone stays up past 10! My eyes were drooping at 8:45! I did drink two coctail in a can drinks though, because they were 98 cents. They were pretty good for cocktails in a can, would consume again. I hope this is the last we hear of Jay Leno, i’ve been sick of him for 40 years and im not even that old.

  8. And now to retire to a life of formal events in Canada.

  9. I had a dream last night that my apartment was infested with cockroaches and then I woke up to the nightmare of a world without Jay Leno on TV.

    • I had a dream I encountered a hugebat next to my jeans on the living room sofa, and that it bit me on the hand. Maybe Jay Leno has vampiric powers.

  10. Somehow (“Somehow”) Kim Kardashian managed to get herself front and center in someone else’s goodbye photograph.

  11. Wait, guys, what is Kevin Eubanks going to do now?? At whom will he chuckle unconvincingly, but fondly?

    • I thought Kevin Eubanks jumped ship loooonng ago. Like not long after the last “goodbye.”

      • According to Wikipedia, which I probably should have checked first, indeed, he left in 2010! Haha, oops. The fact that I’m not up-to-date on the Tonight Show is something I should probably be proud of, though.

    • what do you think his family life is like

    • Kevin Eubanks is actually in an absolutely smoking jazz quartet called Prism (ugh) with bass legend Dave Holland and two other guys you’ve never heard of. If you like very not smooth jazz check them out .

      Of all the stupid things for me to be serious about today…

  12. I was thinking about Leno’s last show this morning and he really did squander any reeling of nostalgia by pulling the same swan song act in 2009. Like even Billy Crystal showed up on that show because he made a promise to Jay that he’d be the guest on his first show and then the guest on his last show(s). (Guys, that last sentence was really hard to write because I was making the jerkoff motion the whole time.)

    I guess my point is when Carson signed off, he had the good grace to stay signed off, but if you don’t think he won’t show up again on ABC or CNN or HGTV or Nick Jr in a year because he desperately needs to make fun of the president while simultaneously high-fiving a rabid crowd of sheeple, stuffing their adulation in his fat cheeks like a squirrel before the frost sets in, then you’re fucking kidding yourself.

    • I think Letterman made a joke about how every four years, NBC rolls out their winter olympic coverage and makes Jay Leno retire. There’s a small chance that the way he told that joke was funnier than what I just typed. Just a small chance.

    • I give it til May. In May he and the guy who plays Newman from Seinfeld will star in a buddy comedy on TV Land.

    • I remember Carson’s last show. I was 12 or 13, I think, and a big dork, and also the world’s youngest Bette Midler fan. When she sang “One More For the Road” and Johnny was tearing up, MAN….great great moment.. Then he gave like the best and most heartfelt sign-off ever. Class act.

      • I remember that show too! Wasn’t a huge Carson fan, but that last show was awesome. Bette Midler was perfect. I agree–class act.

    • I love how Carson was secretly writing jokes for Letterman until he died just because he thought Jay Leno was that much of a douchebag. After he died, Letterman gave him credit for a bunch of jokes and they were just scathing.

  13. Nothing personal against Leno, other than he is glaringly unfunny (that does sound personal though), but I just don’t give a crap about his show and its existence/non-existence status.

    But–I once went to a taping of the Carson show on a Monday (hello fellow old people) when Leno would guest-host. He told a joke that actually made me laugh. The Ayatolla Khomeini had just died.

    “So did you hear that they’re going to bury the Ayatolla face down? That’s so he’ll be able to see where he’s going.”

    I don’t know why I laughed so hard at that. Wow, that joke is a lot more dated than I thought.

      • That Simpsons shirt always made me laugh (even when I wasn’t really sure who the Ayatollah was…I guess I just liked rhyming profanity). Then, years later in college I was browsing in a bourgie vintage clothing store I couldn’t afford to buy anything at and there was like a WHOLE RACK of anti-Ayatollah shirts with the Ayatolla in toilets and unfunny phrases like “Shit on the Ayatollah” written on them, but NO “Ayatollah Assahola.” That’s maybe when I realized those old Simpsons writers were really actual geniuses.

  14. I don’t know how he’ll fare, but I think Jimmy Fallon has a good chance of being successful on the Tonight Show. His humor is more relatable to the general public than Conan’s (no offense I <3 him), but he's also built up a solid reputation among younger viewers with all of his music guests and tech-related comedy bits. I don't always enjoy his shows, but he has improved a lot over the past 5 years and do wish him luck with this next step.

    Also who's the guy on the right?

    • I definitely think Jimmy has a way better shot than Conan ever did. I feel like NBC is behind him exponentially more than they were ever behind Conan. I mean he’s a Lorne Michaels’ product/protege. Plus, what you said about being relatable, younger demo, plus the virality of so much of his stuff, the Roots, etc. etc. etc.

      • They’re SO behind Jimmy Fallon that theyre moving the show back to NYC. Something that Conan either didn’t have the power for or didn’t ask for. He moved his whole crew out to LA and NBC just abandoned him!
        I’m still not over it

      • Fallon surprised me by being better than expected. I credit a lot of that to his writers, and also much of it is that Fallon does have that lowest common denominator appeal. He isn’t threatening, he doesn’t take attention away from the guests, he’s basically a non-obnoxious Jay Leno, which is obviously what NBC prefers since it’s allergic to taking chances.

  15. If anyone needs me today, I’ll be under my desk with a bottle of wine while “I Will Remember You” plays softly on repeat.

  16. Oh, no! Last day. I’ll miss you, Kelly.

    • SENTIMENTGUM: so, I never comment here because I’m on a different timezone/continent to most of you guys. But Videogum has been my homepage since early 2011 and it’s been a genuine delight to start my day each morning with all of you, bloggers and commenters both. I adore all of you so much. This is the best community online, or, at least, the only one I feel genuine affinity with.
      I’ve cried twice this week over the Videogum death spiral and I expect to cry at least once more.

      So… Best to Kelly, I hope you enjoy your time at cerealprize.com. Best to Gabe (R.I.P.) and best to all the people who made this site great and who made me so much happier

  17. Uggh. I’ve been reading this site since 2008, occasionally commenting. I’m so bummed. I…. don’t feel like four days has been enough time to process this news. I don’t know what to say except I’ll miss it so much and good luck Kelly in whatever you do next. I don’t have any sad gifs, but I do have some angry gifs directed at the powers that be.

  18. The passing of this hallowed realm shall be mourned forever.

  19. Wait, Jay Leno is going away too? ARE ALL THE HEROES DEAD?

  20. if jay leno is the third part in the tragedy trifecta this would be such a disappointment/relief

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