Our own Ladyrainicorn (human name: Theresa) has set up a blog for those of you looking for a clean corner of this garbage-filled Internet to continue to hang out and write with your Videogum family. It seems like it will be a wonderful place.

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  1. GASP! My name, on Videogum. Crap, I’m crying at work now. THANKS, KELLY. (Thank you so much, Kelly.)

  2. Don’t forget about MOBFD.com Right now it’s dormant but we’ll keep you updated on monster stuff once my dog learns how to do my work for me.

    • Are you sure you haven’t imagined that dog like you imagined the monkey-thing?

      • More important than Flanny’s question, do you think, once you have your dog trained, he could train others? To maybe read through dry art history articles?

      • I’m 100% sure I had that thing. Well, maybe 99%. It was like an Eye eye/opossum hybrid deal that would hang from its tail on the handle of a bucket I kept it in. If I never had a monkey eye-eye opposum, then why did I have the bucket?

        • Those facts check out.

        • Maybe you had the bucket to draw attention to its lack of eye-eye opossums, as a sort of artistic statement, and the absence of eye-eye opossums from late twentieth century Capitalistic so-called civilization in general? You were a very precocious child, after all.

    • If I may second that, it’s updated in fits and starts, but the MOBFD site has a lot of still-worth-reading Monster content including Bookgum, recaps and reviews, and the tantalizing “Uncategorized” category.

      • Will you guys accept submissions for mobfd too? (not necessarily offering but I do feel the need to talk about The Goldfinch fairly soon)

        • If you are a monster and you register I can make you an author and you can post whenever you want. Just let me know so I can add author rights.

          • Cool! I would for sure be happy to write about books, although it would not be regular given I have a stupidly demanding job.

        • Ooh, can we start up a new round of bookgum soon? I’m mostly just a lurker but I read all the bookgum books and coverage and I credit the videogum community with greatly expanding my literary knowledge. I recently joined a book club in the real world which is ok for drinking wine and reading books about Nazis and cancer….but they’re not going to be tackling Blood Meridian anytime soon. It’s cold, wet and gloomy over here and I’ve got some free time on my hands so I could help out with the organizing and whatnot if needed. I can even write up something if you don’t mind reading run-on sentences and excessive use of ellipses.

      • I once wrote a really great post about fucked up looking pigeons and a bunch of hateration on the little girl from Jurassic Park, so you know … it’s a font of really great content.

        • Once when we were sitting in a Au Bon Pain in Downtown Crossing, my friend and I saw a one-legged pigeon. Sll the other pigeons were scared of it and it kept hopping closer to us and lookin’ at us, so we quickly ate our croissants and left.

    • I’ll link over there next time I post on HM!

  3. Kelly, please come too! It will be ever so lovely!

  4. I can’t sign up for wordpress with my current username. Who should I be post-Videogum???!?

  5. Hello you beautiful monsters,

    I have been lurking for about three years, and finally feel brave enough to comment. I know! I think about things A LOT before I make a decision. (I came really close a few times, especially to tell whoever it was that mentioned Bloodsport that I will watch Bloodsport anytime, anywhere, just for JCVD’s straddle splits. Kumate! Kumate!)

    I cannot tell you guys how many times reading this site, especially the comments, have cheered me up and helped boost my faith in humanity. Seriously! There is an unusual amount of kindness and empathy that prevails here. Friends are made, people express their difficulties and are consoled, people come out or have babies or announce birthdays and everybody celebrates! That is a reflection of an authentic community.

    I also want to tell the several people here who are from Boston that I also live in Boston! Boston is the best. Except I’m in Florida right now because sunshine.

    I will definitely be a part of the WordPress site or wherever everyone ends up because, dammit, it’s time to step up to the plate to make sure there is a detailed, daily accounting of trampoline accidents, children doing funny (or gross) things, celebrities doing stupid (or gross) things, and the calling out of bigots and people who pee (or poop) their pants.

    Here’s a picture of my dog, because I know that’s important here:

    And my kitty:

    So thanks Kelly (you rock), Gabe (RIP, most crotchety guy in heaven), and everybody who made this site worth visiting.

    tl;dr I have a dog and a cat and Kelly rocks.

  6. We’re saved! Sort of. Maybe we can work to make it as awesome as Vgum as been, little by little?

  7. I don’t know if you guys remember that the thedailywh.at used to be a pretty great and videogum-similar site. Then cheezburger bought it and the main blogger left for gawker and it turned total crap. Well, someone from the community there went on to start a new blog, dailyoftheday.com, and it’s not that bad and I think actually a lot of the active people in the community moved there. The commenting has gone down remarkably the last couple of months though. Well, this was an uplifting post… Sorry.

  8. Bless.

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