The Petting Zoo began, two years ago or however long it’s been, because Gabe told me I was posting too many animal videos and that I was to be further limited to one animal video post per week. Hahaha. That old dead grump, I miss him and his fair and pretty much correct assessments of how many animal videos one blog needs! So then I thought, “How can I fit the number of animal videos I actually want to post per week into the one post to which I am limited?” And then I thought, “Oh, a list.” It’s fascinating how minds work. And, hey, it’s almost kind of lucky for you that this is Videogum’s last week, because otherwise you would have never gotten to know that exciting little piece of blog history! There is always a silver lining(s cosplaybook), you just have to find it. Anyway, lots of animals met snow for the first time recently, INCLUDING A POLAR BEAR CUB, so let’s go watch them do that! And also other things! Come on! COME ON, WE NEED IT AND DESERVE IT!

10. Yes? Okay

9. Molly Moo’s Snow Day

8. Dog Is Amped On Tennis

7. Playing With Baby Wombats

6. Beagle Would Really Like That Water Bottle

5. Shocked, Clean Hamster

4. Zoo Employees Chill With Tiger Cub


2. Two Sweet Friends

1. Polar Bear Cub Introduced To Snow For The First Time

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  1. happy smile.
    sad. frown.
    what. call?
    frown happy?
    smile sad?
    koko scared.

  2. “There is always a silver lining(s cosplaybook), you just have to find it.”

    Well played, Ms. Conaboy.

  3. I have loved the Petting Zoo so much. I used to refrain from watching the videos during the day so that I could watch them at home with my wife. Thank you Kelly!

  4. I would like to now present my updated list of Top Ten Chris Trash Animal Interactions of All Time.

    10. I bought a dog from a Videogum commenter. His name is Atole. He likes cats. That commenter is DS3M who is the only person, that I know, who has a VG Tattoo. I lost Atole to my mom, who after she dogsat for one weekend called me and told me “thanks for giving this dog, I love him soooooo much.” #dogjacked I now have 2 poms and one cat.
    9. As a teen, I had a cat named booger. She was an outdoor cat who would come and hang out with me. When she was older she came to give birth in our garage and we made a little place for her and her kittens. The garage burned a few days later and momma booger came by.. but the kittens were gone. She paced back and forth all day around the remains. :( :( :(
    8. I once kissed a monkey when her handler wasn’t looking. I miss you, Animal Kingdom on Milwaukee Ave.
    7. My dream is to have Rideable dogs.
    6. I have this weird thing where I never cried as a kid. In fact i did’t cry when i accidentally slashed my leg with a broken bottle but I did cry when my pet hamster, Rosie died. I cried for days
    5. I once found a little tiny monkey like thing that I kept in a bucket. I’m not sure what it was really, at this point I think I might have imagined it.
    4. When I was young my dad had an eagle and a falcon. We feed them chicken heads. We used to have all types of animals. When I was a kid my dad would tell me he got the birds of prey by the legs while my mom put them in a bag. It wasn’t until I was much older where I realized he bought them from a dealer.
    3. on a trip to La Huasteca I befriended a feral dog. This is of note because The area was declared a disaster zone due to flooding at the time but my cousins and I went anyway. If only Siri had been there to tell us it was raining.
    2. My cat once weighed 20 pounds. He passed away a few months ago at the age of 12. He used to slap my mom’s Chow in the butt and once killed a skrl and brought me its tail. #missyoubuddy
    1. When I was 7 I traded my dog, Wilberto, for some Rambo stickers.

    • #5 is my favorite.

    • So many puzzle pieces falling into place with this comment.

    • Bonus facts:
      I sometimes sing “I’m up all night to pet puppy”
      One time my dad took me fishing but all we did was drink some type of Zima knock off and buy fishing equipment and live fish that we kept in the freezer and never ate. The picture of us holding our fish still hangs in my parents’ house.
      Crickets taste better than alligator. Alligator tastes better than rabbit.
      I like pets.

      • I sing that song too Chris Trash. I also sing a lot of Flight of the Concords songs to my boy. Or the theme to Mr. Plow. Anything catchy, really, that works well with subbing in puppy, fur, kissyface or general dog-based words.

    • 5 is the best. 9 makes me want to lie down, or save the world, or lie down. 9 wrecks me.

    • My brain assembled all of these stories into a Terrence Malick-esque stream-of-consciousness film. It was beautiful.

  5. The tiny kitten jumping all over that dog! Ahh! I’m so sad that when I get my cat this website won’t exist anymore. I was going to cat-photo-spam the shit out of the How Was Your Day Today posts :(

  6. Petting Zoo, I’ll miss you most of all.

  7. Oh, Kelly. Please don’t go.

  8. I’m guessing that tiger cub is in it’s “whiny teenager” phase.

  9. Maybe Kelly will open a real Petting Zoo now and we can all go visit and hang out with cute animals and each other.

  10. I love this feature so much and I will be incredibly sad to not get new videos on Wednesday, when I usually need them the most.

    I don’t even know where I’m going to go to decompress from my work at short moments at a time. I keep looking at other blogs and sites with seething contempt (except Cute Overload but they barely write in English and Daily Puppy and they tend to push pure bred dogs more than I would care to see).

    The content and original writing on Videogum has always been superb and the people are all so lovely. I don’t want to be more active on Facebook as that gets data mined to hell. Same with any normal social network. Hell even Google Chat will make targeted ads based on conversations I have with friends. And most blogs involve a Facebook plug-in now, plus the comments make me very annoyed. Even other pop culture and comedy blogs tend to read like they were just reposting press releases.

    I will miss the goofy supernatural stuff and Kelly’s lists of all the things to pack when we need to get ready for big news. I’ll even miss Kelly’s infatuation with spiders. Kelly, please promise us that you will put a post on all kinds of social media so that we can follow you and your wit to other sites. Whenever you write for McSweeney’s, I get emails from friends and coworkers asking if your fantastic pieces are done by the girl who runs the blog that I’m always linking to and passing to friends.

    I just really really really enjoy my cyberfamily that I have made here — some of which I know and love in real life. There were so many things I was looking forward to discussing in the upcoming months – Veronica Mars, X-Men 70s, assorted art heist movies, Game of Thrones, puppies, ghosts, wine, Kate Middleton’s hair and future dresses of longer skirt length, sandwiches, moon gin — and I hope we find a place to see each other.

    This being said, maybe I will get a polar bear cub to keep me busy when I’m taking a small break from work. Or continue to hide things just out of reach from my beagle lab mix so I get the same reaction as this little dude in the video.

  11. I feel like “Beagle Really Wants The Water Bottle” is begging for a sequel.

  12. I’ll put this here because normally animals are not on my mind but this has been, all week:

  13. thank you thank you for the petting zoo. with 2 nephews i’m trying to win favorite aunty and these posts have been a life saver.

  14. My 7 year old son really loves the Petting Zoo. During the summer, he watched it every Wednesday but when he started going to school I watched it during the day and then didn’t show it to him. After a few weeks he asked if they were still posting “those animal videos on that blog you love.” So, I’m pretty sure the news that this is the last Petting Zoo will ruin his life. :( X 1,000.

    I am glad a dachshund made it into the last petting zoo. They’re just so darn cute!

  15. Holy cow, the dreamboats in 3 and 4. Marry me, all of you. Let me hang out with your animals.

  16. I am pretty disappointed that my new puppy doesn’t give a shit about snow. He’s just like “OK, it’s white and cold and fluffy, I get it.” Gratuitous photo with no snow:

  17. I saw a video (may here?) of a cat seeing snow for the first time, so I decided today that I would bring my cats outside to see if they would love it as much as the cat in the video.

    Spoiler – they did not.

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