Listen, I hate to interrupt the funeral, but how about let’s open a few windows in here and let some of this death stink out. (Good tip: people LOVE when you say this at actual funerals.) (I would hate to leave you without imparting all of the knowledge that I can, so, that is tip one. Tip two is don’t do the trick where you hit the avocado seed with a knife to remove it. It’s not worth it!) There was a bit of murmuring yesterday about wanting to discuss Sherlock (very rude, SHOW SOME RESPECT), so, want to do that? Unfortunately, I have nothing to say about it because I haven’t watched the last two episodes and I already said what I wanted to say about the first one. Hahah. WANT 2 TALK ABOUT A THING I DON’T KNOW ABOUT? It’s weird to me that they release those episodes as if it is just some crumbum normal show and not the three best movies you’re going to see all year. How about spread those things out? (“How about spread those things out?” is also something that people love when you say to them IRL.) If I were in charge, I would put one episode of Sherlock on TV every three weeks and it would be on Sunday morning at 10:30 AM. Then you could plan to have that morning free, wake up at 9, get some fresh air, take a shower, make breakfast, and then watch Sherlock while eating chocolate chip pancakes or whatever. UH DOY. It’s insane that I have not already been hired to make the scheduling decisions at PBS. But anyway. Sherlock season three? Love it? Hate it? Two thumbs way down? Will never look at Benedict Cumberbatch the same way again? Wish you knew him so you could straight up barf on him? Hmmm?

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  1. Talking of pancakes, what’s the butter stuff you guys put on them? Whipped, is it? That’s great. We don’t have that. We do have the Cumby, but not the whipped butter.

    • Something something “whip his Cumberbutter” something something

    • Whipped butter is pretty damn delicious. Like, to the point that when I took my parents out to dinner for their anniversary this weekend, I seriously considered opening one of the little packets of whipped butter that the waitress brought and just eating it. Just scooping that butter right out. I should have done it; the restaurant wasn’t busy and my parents already know I have no shame.

      • There’s a restaurant in Chicago that has the most delicious butter in the world. It’s gingerbread flavored or something but when we go there, someone always ends up eating it straight with their fork. There is no shame in this.

    • I put crunchy peanut butter and fresh berries and then the maple syrup. Butter on pancakes is for people who lack imagination!

  2. This season made me realize I only watch the show for the characters. It’s not much of a mystery to me as it is “What are these two very charming characters going to do and say?”

  3. I haven’t watched the last episode, so I guess I can’t participate!

    I need to go back to being a hermit, my social life is killing my media consumption.

  4. This was a weird season overall! Not necessarily in a bad way, but during the second episode I definitely said the words “What the fuck is this episode” out loud more than once. But then, that episode was my favorite! I don’t even know.

    The third one I had some problems with mainly because I didn’t really understand why John would forgive Mary and not care how many people she murdalized in her other life? I don’t know, it seemed dumb and also they never really showed us enough of their relationship to believe that they have the strongest love of all and we were just supposed to accept it (which I always kind of felt with Amy and Rory on Doctor Who too so maybe it’s a Moffat thing). And I really don’t want Moriarty to come back because (I swear I don’t have a problem with Moffat on the whole but really there’s no other way to explain this) something Moffat can’t seem to understand is that if you keep bringing back the same villain, it gets less scary and impressive every time! Like I roll my eyes when the Weeping Angels come on Doctor Who and they used to be so scary!

    • I’m still mad about the Weeping Angels. They were so cool and scary! Now they make absolutely no sense on top of being boring.

      • Ugh, yes. I wish Flesh and Stone had never happened. You can close your eyes and just PRETEND to look at them and they’ll be fooled? They can jump into your eyeballs? WTF? WFT FOR REALZ?

        • SERIOUSLY. They established very clearly in Blink that the angels aren’t just standing still when you look at them–they literally turn to stone! So there’s no way they wouldn’t realize that Amy was just faking. because they would, you know, NOT BE STONE. And don’t even get me started on the later episodes with the Statue of Liberty and everything (I stopped watching by then anyway, but I was still mad when I heard about it.)

          Moffat and Co. definitely do have a tendency to take a good thing and run it into the ground.

          • I am just watching the recent run of Doctor Who, and those sorts of things bother me somewhat too in Angels Take Manhattan. How can the baby blow without moving! I said to my Hulu last night (in a huff).

    • I said this same thing when Moriarty showed up at the end of the last episode. Had it with him! But my husband, who is a “read the books” kind of Sherlock fan, corrected me and said that character is Sherlock’s nemesis and never goes away.

      • That’s actually not true! I’ve read all the original books and stories and Moriarty only actually appears in The Final Problem, where he dies. I think he’s mentioned in passing one or two others but much like Irene Adler he’s become iconic just for being in one story.

    • I really love this iteration of Moriarty and am excited that he’s coming back again. I mean, Sherlock’s big death turned out to be fake, why can’t Moriarty’s? Of course, he probably is really dead/this is all just stuff he planned before he died, but I’m going to keep hoping. A thing I really like about this show is how sensible it is about the burden of certain kinds of intelligence on a weird, dorky kid as that weird, dorky kid tries to act like a functional adult in the world.

      Overall, I thought the season was weak. I don’t like Sherlock becoming more human. I seriously thought the show was ruined before it was explained that he didn’t actually have sex with that nice lady. The third episode bought me back on board, though the plot holes were like plot canyons (ha).

      I am tiring of the defensiveness about whether or not John and Sherlock are gay. They clearly have a homoerotic relationship and it’s honestly looking more and more homophobic the angrier John stays about it. Homoerotic relationships, like gay sexual relationships, are totally fine and okay, even when they’re between straight guys! They love each other, it is not a big deal or even that weird (Mary obviously is cool with it, so why aren’t we supposed to be?) I wish the conversation with Irene Adler (“I’m not gay” “Well, I am”) had been the last we heard for a while.

  5. Y’all! I enjoyed watching the season a great deal! Like I laughed and was so delighted and squealy and handclappy the whole time, but when I really think about it, none of it makes any damn sense. Which, granted, when you think really hard about any of the earlier episodes, they don’t make sense either, but somehow this season it seems more obvious?

    Also, the whole tone of the season felt weird to me? Like I guess it was just that things had changed and it was less, “John and Sherlock have adventures” to “there are a lot of BIG THINGS we have to get through.”

    Something I read in one of the reviews was that everything, EVERYTHING in this show is “About Sherlock.” Which obviously, yes, the show’s called Sherlock, but I agree in that every major emotional moment that John SHOULD have had was really undercut by Sherlock. Like John’s reaction to the Mary reveal! Sherlock would not shut up! Sherlock had to EXPLAIN JOHN TO JOHN.

    This is making it sound like I didn’t like the season, but I really did! I love the Cumberbatch parents as Holmes parents, I love Amanda Abbington as Mary, loved all the faces that John made, loved Sherlock’s eyes/face/everything.

  6. I met Irene Adler once, she was having face make-up put on her hands.

  7. So the Sherlocked Development Tumblr is the best and you should look at it. They got a lot of great material this season.

  8. pet animal zoo. videos. top ten smile. today?

  9. I thought that Sherlock was kind of out of character this season? Like he was too charming and lively and seemed to enjoy being around people too much. Not sociopathic enough for me.

    Also, the Magnussen (?) guy who was this season’s baddie seemed kind of foolish. Being like “All the info is in my head only, nowhere else, no backups, now if you’ll excuse me I’ll just use it to destroy your life” sort of invites someone to kill you, doesn’t it?

    Also part 2, I don’t want Moriarty back. Although if they do it like a fan group who copycats him (because he’s for sure dead), it could maybe work.

    Also part 3, I had thought we’d be seeing The Speckled Band this season, which is my favourite Holmes story, and I was so disappointed and we had better see it next season!

    • My theory is that Moriarty had some kind of failsafe plan in case/when he died that’s now been activated. Sleeper cells or some kind of computer virus. Something. I hope and pray that Moriarty is not “back” back. Or like you said, if it’s some kind of “The Following” Moriarty cult or weirdo fans.

      Also, double yes to The Speckled Band! That was the first Holmes story I ever read!

      • We didn’t have TV as kids, so my brothers and I read books out loud to each other and got audio books from the library to listen to like an olde timey radio program. We went through all of the Holmes books over and over, we probably read Speckled Band a dozen times at least. Holmes was such an important part of my childhood that I put off watching this series for ages, afraid it would just fill me with nerd rage. So far so good, although I thought Moriarty was too campy.

        This Christmas when the family came to visit, after reading And Then There Were None together, we introduced my mom to Sherlock and she not only actually sat through an entire episode, which is pretty uncommon, but suggested we watch another entire 800 hour long episode afterwards!! I’m sure the Sherlock writers and producers experienced a strange tingling sensation that day, they’ll probably never fully understand what it meant…

      • That’s what I told manners after we watched this season. He was upset that John could have been told early on that Sherlock was still alive, and I said that Moriarty had a structure in place to follow through on orders regardless. With Moriarty coming back, that idea of a structure functioning with or without him makes sense.

  10. I like the season as a whole better now that I’ve seen the last episode. But it’s weird that I can’t really enjoy the first episode without knowing what happens in the third. Some unknown person kidnapped Watson and left him to die in a fire, but they don’t bother talking about it anymore until at the very end: oh yeah, it was this bad guy who did it.

    The plots related to mysteries/crime solving were all just glossed over and felt rushed or pointless. The focus on the relationship between John and Sherlock was nice, especially with the pay off of Sherlock willing himself to stay alive when he realized that Watson was in trouble and he had to help him. But so much of the season was so deliberately winking at us that it bordered on obnoxious. It felt as if they were planning out scenes specifically for fans to make them into gifs. Still, great show.

  11. GUYS i have never thought Sherlock was handsome until this episode and only this one? I really like mary!

  12. I take one nap on a snow day and this is what I come back to find!?!? OMG. The feels this season you guys. It was certainly an up and down season. I’m sure my gripes mirror some of your own. What really didn’t sit all that well with me were the little moments of fan service. I felt those little nods (basically the whole Anderson plot line) only served to jerk me out of the story and back into the real world.

    I loved Benedict’s parents portraying Sherlock’s parents, and I love Amanda Abbington as Mary. The new, more confident Molly? Totally on board. There were just a few to many nods to the audience this season that kept me from unabashedly loving this series. I still loved it, and it definitely improved upon a second viewing (which I would highly recommend), but I think there was just a little too much excess this time around. I still loved it though. And I still love Benedict. And he’s still brilliant.

  13. I thought it was funnier than others, so I liked it.

  14. I thought it was pretty cool, I guess.

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