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  1. “This thread is so old that when it was posted the Dead Sea was only sick.” – George Burns

  2. I’m just going to start posting my favorite gifs living in my tinypic account:

    I”m sure there was context for this at some point.

  3. “That thread is so good I’d publicly profess my love to it” -Kelly

  4. All week I am going to picture Kelly re-reading hundreds of old posts, quietly sobbing into her banana sweater.

  5. AH, this is so good! You people are all geniuses!

  6. That thread makes me miss all the people that used to comment on here.

    Come back, people who probably have real jobs and are adults!

  7. It’s been years and I know that I have been commenting for a really long time and am not particularly unfunny, but god damn that thread still intimidates me so much.

  8. When I die, I’ll whisper “Long Cat Thread” and hope that a reporter takes an exhaustive look at my life to determine what that means.

  9. ‘MEEEEMMMORRRRYYYYY” – the musical Cats

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