Do you want to talk about the commercials from the Super Bowl last night? I don’t. They were boring! Stephen Colbert is a pistachio, a dog and a horse are friends, and a dot talked. Bruce Willis and Fred Armisen were in an ad for something about hugs. What else? No longer an Oxfam ambassador, Scarlett Johansson got to promote her soda stream, thank god. One complaint I’ve been seeing some people have about the Super Bowl commercials this year that I completely disagree with is that they had already seen “all of the good ones on the Internet.” Uh. Maybe if you didn’t willingly watch Super Bowl commercials on the Internet for no reason, not even because you were waiting for other content to load, just because you wanted to watch the thing a company spent so much money to make in an attempt to get you to spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need, you wouldn’t have the problem of having SEEN ALL OF THE SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS ALREADY ON THE INTERNET! Come on. Quit it. Or, hold on a sec, quit it right after you watch this lawyer’s commercial that ran during the Super Bowl in Georgia. This one and then we are all FINISHED!

Yes. This was a very good Super Bowl ad. Congratulations on your new goal, Mr.! Good luck! (Thanks for the tip, Scott!)

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  1. “After my brother was murdered, it was time for a change. Instead of wasting my life protecting the accused from government overreach, I now fight the good fight on behalf of those who may have slipped on a grape at the supermarket or suffered whiplash at the hands of a city bus driver.”

  2. on the topic of super bowl commercials, the only one i remembered that i hadnt seen before (schwarzenegger ping pong, puppy and horse) was optimus prime riding a robot dragon…i think what im trying to say was that the commercials were garbage for the most part

  3. Ok. I’m… marginally sympathetic. With higher quality visual production being democratized more and more with technology, it’s allowing for people who no creative background or training or fully-formed frame of reference to afford having some kind of presentation that has technical chops (because that wasn’t exactly kid’s play video production) but doesn’t really have the… well. you know what I mean.

    I just end up feeling bad for people like this because they get really convinced that this kind of thing is a good idea, and it’s cool, and yeah, maybe they should be able to tell the difference, but they don’t…

    • Quality of the commercial aside…I’ve seen 4 or 5 websites (just of the ones I frequent) post about this commercial in addition to people I know sharing it on facebook & twitter. So whatever this cost him, it was money well spent as far as reach goes.

      • Yeah and maybe no publicity is bad publicity but still… My guess is he thought it was a really moving and personal message about his existential response to his dead brother (don’t use your murdered brother in a commercial) and if the internet loves ANYTHING it loves to laugh at misappropriated sincerity. Or, then again, he could be a total sociopath who saw his brother’s murder as a good business opportunity.

  4. I love his mid-Atlantic accent.

  5. Motas Kah  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2014 +7

    weird. This would have been a high production value music video 15 years ago. I mean it’s pretty much on par with Guns N roses “november Rain” which was one of the most expensive music videos ever. Now, it’s better than a youtube video. but not by much

  6. Anyone else think he should play Nic Cage in a biopic? OR… that Nic Cage should play Jamie Casino in the Jamie Casino biopic??

  7. I want to be an Adultery Scandal Chief! I wouldn’t resign, either. I’d ride that pony all the way home.

  8. wait was that an ad for a lawyer, or a trailer for some kind of boondock saints 3?

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