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  1. Wow, good job with the empathy, kid. I’m pretty sure I was a little sociopath from ages 2-10.

  2. Ugh, so I’ve seen this posted on Facebook a few times and finally watched it. Why record this, dad? Why post it? My kid cries (he’s three, EVERYTHING is overwhelming when you’re three). I can’t imagine posting it for strangers to watch.

    Yay me for not doing it, I guess.

    • It will be interesting to see what’s going to happen in a few years when the kids in these kind of videos are teenagers/adults. The videos themselves will probably be forgotten by then, and maybe it’ll have become such a commonplace thing that no one will care, but it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to assume that some of them will be pissed off about it. It’s kind of weird that for all our culture’s hand-wringing about protecting the children!!11! we don’t really respect their privacy.

    • People who want to get internet famous from their kids are gross.

  3. Guys, you shoot down the Red Baron and see how long you can hold back your emotions. War is hell.

  4. The cynical bear in me immediately wonders how long it took dad to coach his kid to pretend to cry for the camera so they could go viral.

    The cuddly bear in me goes “aw, he’s so cute.”

    I’m conflicted.

  5. My brother and i were driving this weekend and this song came on, he turned to me and said “This is a REALLY sad song. Change the channel.” He’s 27. He didn’t cry, but it’s likely this child will grow up to be just like my brother.

  6. Where’s Kelly, you guys? Did she need some alone-time too?

  7. Let the kid emote dad. GEESH.

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