Well, this is difficult. For nearly six years, Videogum has been the best blog on the Internet. (Oh no, here we go.) A friend introduced me to Videogum about five years ago after I mentioned to him, without overstating anything, that I could not find one blog on the entire Internet that wasn’t a stupid garbage pile that I hated. “I think you’ll like this one,” he said. That friend of mine was so right! It has always been a wonderful, thoughtful, and hilarious place with a wonderful, thoughtful, and hilarious community. I’m still sort of amazed that I had the good fortune of being a part of it at all, let alone for 100 years. (Rounding up.) Which brings me to what we need to talk to you about. Friday will be my last day here. As for what will happen after Friday, I don’t know, and I don’t care. JK! JK JK JK. Scott Lapatine (you remember him, right? from Stereogum and also from giving life to everything we’ve ever done here?) is assessing options for keeping Videogum online in some form. We’ll see. But for now, all we can do is try to keep our chins up, be grateful for the many, many blogging years we’ve been given here, and enjoy our last week together. Over the next few days I’m going to republish a bunch of my favorite Videogum pieces from the past few years, and would love if you would share with me what pieces you might like to see again. There are literally years of great ones, so getting a few more brains in on it would be very helpful. You can either email me or just leave it here. Okay? We’ll be good. The world keeps on spinning. Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future. Big hug. LOL (Lots Of Love).

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  1. I am very sad to hear this.

  2. I fucking hate this news. I hate it so much.

  3. But what am I supposed to do during the day now? My job? :(

  4. Oh my goodness, this is just very sad.

  5. There is not a sad face emoji sad face enough.

  6. But, but, but…but…

  7. I have spent probably far too many hours reading and posting on here. Or trying to come up with a comment witty enough to get upvotes. I did get in the Monster’s ball once, and was entirely too proud of that accomplishment.

    I really hope there is a way to keep this site up and running. Kelly, you have done a great job.

    If Videogum cannot continue, can a bunch of monsters start a makeshift blog so we can still make fun of things like a family???

    • Check out mobfd.com

    • > If Videogum cannot continue, can a bunch of monsters start a makeshift blog so we can still make fun of things like a family???

      I’m looking into options. Assuming that this site can’t employ anyone full-time at the moment, what do you monsters wanna see happen to it? Some sort of submissions-only blog (vetted by me for now, I guess), a chat room, redirect to Birdie’s Instagram?

      • Google alerts for trampoline accidents.

      • You can DEFINITELY employ full time. Just go to any college with a liberal arts program and put up a “Snarky Blogger Wanted” sign. You’ll be drowning in applications.

        But barring that…maybe something run by the community? I mean, let’s be honest, Gabe and Kelly were a vital part of this place, but they have always been the Splinters to the community of fearsome fightin’ teens we’ve got here. Get some of the regular commenters to write here? You could probably pay them peanuts, since it would be the exact same thing they’ve been doing for years anyway, just ABOVE all the other comments.

        • I would read the shit out of an officially-sanctioned Monster-written Videogum. I would even contribute.

        • Seconded. I think a submissions based thing would probably be for the best? If you can’t hire someone full time, maybe you can pay for each submission like at The Toast? Like FT said, it wouldn’t have to be much. Or honestly, anything! I’m pretty sure most of the Monsters here would be glad to contribute pro bono. (I’m speaking for you Monsters, so shut up.)

          • Even if it IS paid, paying by the post would be an easy way to go. Get a few people on full-time, send e-mails out with tips and have whoever’s available write it up. The beautiful thing about paying per post is that costs are fixed, regardless of how many writers you have on the staff.

          • And the more I think about it, it really SHOULD be paid. SOME amount. Because honestly, how many of us have abandoned blogs out there? I have like a billion of them. We all do. There would be significantly fewer abandoned blogs if they had dollar signs attached, you dig?

            But even if that’s not feasible right away, I’m sure we’d all be willing to contribute towards getting that ball rolling. Hell, I don’t even have time to do any writing, but I’d be more than happy to help out with things on the business side (simce I wouldn’t trust any of these other namby-pamby liberal Wall Street Occupiers around here to know a thing or two about capitalism).

        • TBH I was already planning on blogging about the new season of Drag Race when it starts so if we’ve got a blog going I’d write ‘em for free.

          • I’m in. (For reading your RPDR recaps.) Just tell me where.

            And as for you, Kelly – It’s beyond impressive how much slack you had to reel in after Gabe left. In fact, you made some fine-looking drapes with all that slack! I don’t even know what I’m saying, except that you were appreciated, even if I never said anything till now.


          Anyone who works in online knows that it is very difficult to “port” a community to a new destination when a site folds. Questions I have are: 1. How much does it cost to host Videogum? B. Would the new owners be willing to turn the URL over? And: 3. It seems like there might be enough interest for the time being to use volunteer bloggers from the community until it is clear whether or not Videogum can continue under new management.

          That last one was not a question. Anyway. I am going to bed. With three pillows. Because the first two will no doubt be soaked through. With my tears.

      • I would definitely write an article or two a week, if people didn’t mind articles about ghosts and Kate Middleton’s hair.

      • Tea Time with Tumnus!

      • Scott! Hello. I’d just like to note w/r/t “if videogum cannot continue” — there darn well better be no intention of ever taking it down. Even if never updated and no longer accepting posts, there is so much comedy and brilliance here that it should remain up and visitable for years to come as a sort of museum. I would definitely skate in and read old posts and threads from time to time, and if I ever have kids, why, when they are old enough I would tell them “Let me show you what your dad did when he was your age (58).”

        I genuinely believe this site is unique. It should be preserved, even if not active. Thanks.

    • Please someone do this. I need and want you guys in my life!

    • I just made a Livejournal community as a last-resort option. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but if it does we’ll have a place to go to cry and pretend it’s 2002.

    • I”m up for it.

  8. My favorite Videogum post was the one where Kelly posted that Videogum was going away and then the very next post was Kelly posting a big April Fool’s with some copy about how the best April Fool’s jokes happen on any day but April 1 and we all had a good laugh. Right, Kelly? Right? RIGHT?? RIGHT?!?


  10. that seems just a tad extreme

  11. The pieces I would like to see republished are all the pieces over and over again forever, so we can have nice things forever.

  12. So I accidentally clicked on my Videogum bookmark when I meant to click on my saved recipes. I will now go into the kitchen to make a sad sofrito. =(

  13. I thought you guys didn’t like practical jokes.

  14. Who can I retweet or what can I hashtag to keep this from happening?

  15. NEW GAME TO NUMB THE PAIN: How did you find out about Videogum?

    I remember it very clearly, actually. I was at Disney World, miserable on the heels of a bad breakup, and one of those Hunt for the Worst Movie of All Time banner ads grabbed my attention. There was a little bit a learning curve but, once I figured it out, this place was an Internet oasis, up to and including my guest blog day.

    I’ve met so many cool people who have enriched my online experience through this site, and I learned how to write for the Internet, which is how I got the job I have today, so I guess Videogum got me my current job? I think that’s fair to say.

    How about you guys?

    • Someone sent me a Lost recap way back during season 4 (I think), and I was hooked.

    • Vanity-Googling a game that I had inspired led me to an article with Gabe making fun of it. R.I.P. Gabe, you’re playing Dress Up Morgan Freeman with the angels now.

    • My sister told me about the WMOAT because she said it reminded her of my blog where I recap movies and it was really slow at my job at the time because it was the middle of summer and I read all of them and then started looking at the other posts occasionally and then set up an account so I could upvote and then fell down the beautiful slippery slope of commenting.

    • Mine was definitely a Worst Movie of All Time. I think it might have been Desperately Seeking Susan. I remember the description of current Madonna (Madonna in 2009 looks like a leather sack stretched tightly over a homemade sculpture of a Velociraptor made out of broken sticks, chicken bones, and Terminator parts) and I laughed so hard it brought me physical pain.

    • I came because of a funny cat video Lindsey posted. I stayed because of WMOAT and Gabe and you guys.

    • I think I found out about because I was already reading Stereogum

    • I read Stereogum. One day I looked at the orange button on the left and thought “I wonder what happens when I click on it…”

    • When “The Unethicist” stopped on Gawker I thought to google the author. One Gabe DeLahaye. I’m pretty sure I found Videogum literally 3 months after it launched (No braggo I’m just saying its weird!). BTW Spend the rest of your day reading The Unethicist because it is gold and also Gabe and also cry a lot with me?

    • I saw the launch posted on Stereogum and I never looked back. Forever linking my friends and family. One time I was recognized from the comment section and it made me the happiest. Haven’t commented as much lately but I’ve never stop lurking. I know this is silly but I love this place. I love all you guys. This is my 285 Kent.

    • I went to an advance screening of the movie I Love You, Man and Jason Segel and Paul Rudd were there and they did a live version of Dracula’s Lament from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I recorded it and put it on YouTube and it got a ridiculous number of views overnight and I looked at the video’s stats to see where it had been posted and that led me here.

    • One of my dear friends was always talking about Videogum, and I remember him pulling up a Lady Gaga VG post once to show me? And then years later, I was working a boring office job and I remember seeing Kelly’s post linked from somewhere (Buzzfeed?) about who would play Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and I laughed really hard and started coming back more and more frequently until I was basically full time lurking at my terrible office job and FINALLY May 2012, I broke out of lurkerdom and here I am now, crying.

    • The Videogum Movie Club: Inception had me at “My friend Rich FourFour, for example, hated it.”

      See for reference: http://www.videogum.com/202902/the-videogum-movie-club-inception/franchises/the-videogum-movie-club/

    • Got sick -> hid in house all the time -> watched a ton of vampire movies and tv shows -> needed to read mockery of said vampire movies and tv shows -> found one of Gabe’s True Blood recaps -> The End.

    • Like many others here today, I discovered Videogum via a WMOAT post. I cannot remember which one it was specifically, but I have narrowed it down to four: Dreamcatcher (perhaps my favorite worst movie ever and totally watchable), Ultraviolet (saw that one in the theater; still recovering), Lady In The Water (second only to Dreamcatcher for pure terrible), and Blindness (so bad that I actually thought the filmmakers were trying to pull a fast one). I thought, “These people are like me.”

      Then there were the Walking Dead recaps, which were words spun into gold.

      I was intimidated by the VG comments at first and didn’t start posting anything until maybe 2 years ago. I’m not super prolific but I do think I have laserbeam-like accuracy.

      Videogum is an oasis in the Internet desert. This shit is fucked.

    • I was working at a music venue back in 2009 so I would check in on Stereogum occasionally. One fateful day I saw a banner for WMOAT. I read all of the posts and then discovered Lost recaps. I started reading daily mostly due to the very entertaining commentors. It took me a few months to start commenting, but eventually I did and it became a part of my daily routine (until I decided to go back to school–school and new jobs take up so much commenting time, you guys). I am very grateful that I did because I have met so many cool people both online and IRL many of whom I think will be lifelong friends. This may be a tiny blog in the corner of the interwebs, but it has been a big part of my life.

    • I was never much into social networks. I only had email and used the Internet for work but somehow I came across this here post:


      I based all my knowledge of Internet culture on Law & Order episodes about 4chan but VG thought me better.

    • I’m pretty sure my first exposure to video gum was a link from stereo gum where Gabe was making fun of the Lil Wayne Mrs. Officer video for how secretly gay lil wayne was, and thinking it was the funniest/ most self aware/subversive I’d ever seen on the internet. I sadly only check video gum a couple times a year for the last year or two sadly, but then totally randomly stop by and this is what I see and now I’m devastated…..

    • I think a Stereogum ad but for the life of me I cannot be certain!

    • I’m not sure how I stumbled in here. I did know about stereogum and was conscious that it was part of the GUM empire. But I was initially under the impression that this was, like, a super serious movie-and-tv-review site, then gradually realized my mistake. But I kept reading anyway, because the community is so genuinely funny.

      Internet media is such a strange business, we latch on to things that aren’t really sustainable and then poof, they are gone, or they just suddenly start sucking. Best of luck to Kelly who is awesome and a new media pro now.

    • Huffington Post sent me here, when I wanted to learn more about a sport’s reporter saying “cocksucker” on air. The video was unavailable, but I found so much more to enjoy.

    • somehow i ended up following lindsays blog and she would always crosspromote vgum posts so i would read them sometimes but it wasn’t until she reposted this picture

      and i read thru the whole comiccon series that i decided to keep reading and make a login

    • I was discussing with a coworker what is the worst movie of all time, and I proposed Bicentennial Man. Then I googled it to see what professional reviewers had said, and in the results I saw: THE HUNT FOR THE WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME: BICENTENNIAL MAN. So I fell in love.

      It took a couple days to realize how much the commenters were a part of the show, and then a couple weeks to get up the fluoride to join in, because everyone was so clever. I still remember the exact commenter move that made me go, “Oh, the people here are very different” — someone posted a harmless typo and then replied to themselves to correct it. In the dim wilderness of 2008, or whatever it was, this was unheard of. It was like the opposite of 4Chan. -4Chan? And it is still fairly unique. This place is a dang oasis of smart and hilarious.

    • I was started Stereogum around 2008 when some bands I used to play with were mentioned on it. I moved to NM and had a terrible, terrible sales job at first, where I really needed internet distraction. I went from Stereo to Video, lurked for a while, and then started commenting, and have continued to do so for at least 3 years now (maybe 4? maybe 5?). It’s been something of a constant for me during my time here in NM.

      I just found out over the weekend that I’ve been accepted to a PhD program and will need to move in a few months. Videogum ending right after I found that out feels spooky but also feels like this:

    • My boyfriend introduced me to Videogum’s Walking Dead recap (RIP). I was a longtime lurker after that.

    • I started reading the LOST recaps and started posting when I got a day job outside of media. It was a safe place to talk about my love of television and pop culture stuff with very smart and funny people. Just before I read this post, I got a call for an interview for a very fancy gig that would probably mean that I wouldn’t get to post much anymore as I doubt I would get to work from home and call my own hours. So what I’m saying is that this is probably my fault and I’m really really sorry.

    • Scott made a post on Stereogum about this new website he was starting that was part of the ‘Gum family. I clicked through and that was that. I was tainted from then on.

    • I’ve said it before here and I’ll say it again one last time apparently. Gabe’s Pick Up Artist recaps. Read ‘em while you still can.

    • I knew Lindsay from Lindsayism and Gabe from The Unethicist and liked them both but for some reason when the site started I didn’t get what it was about for a long time (what I mean is, I thought the videos were the point; my dad used to record America’s Funniest Home Videos and pause the tape whenever Bob Saget came on, so maybe it’s how I was raised). For a long time I pretty much only read the Friday Fights (which were like the Friendly Chats only at the end people would say, “Gabe won.”); I don’t remember when it clicked with me, but I know it was in the comments, and I realized that there was a smart/funny people party going on and I wanted to be at it.

    • Long-time lurker, occasional commenter here.

      I think the thing I saw first on Videogum was a Mad Men recap…? Back when those were still happening, ya know? 100 years ago. I remember at one point I became really obsessed with that show and I was already reading Best Week Ever (RIP) and AV Club, TWOP, etc. Somehow, a random clicked link brought me here. I’m having a hard time remembering the specifics, which can only mean one thing: it was magic/destiny that brought me on board and possibly magic/destiny that created this blog in the first place. I am generally a cynical, emotional black hole of a person who hates everything and everyone (not really), and I can say without hesitation that this site is special.

      Gabe and Kelly (and others) are brilliant, yes, and they did an outstanding job here every day, but what really makes this place great is the community of intelligent, kind, open-minded folks that visit and comment here every day. I mean, how is it possible that not one youtube-caliber asshole has sneaked past and made us all reconsider our choice to keep coming back? I really can’t explain that. It’s a miracle. Videogum IS a miracle, and I will forever be ruined for other similarly themed blogs.

    • My brother, who has very good taste, recommended the WMOAT posts while I had a terribly boring summer job. I would read articles all afternoon while archiving boxes of legal documents in an empty warehouse. I’ve been here almost every day since.

    • I found the WMOAT entry for Greenberg because I had just seen it and thought it was the Worst Movie of All Time. I thought the entry was so funny that I kept coming back to the site, hoping for more WMOAT and then I fell in love with everything else.

    • Gwyneth’s Advice to Working Moms. Still the funniest thing I’ve ever read on the internet. My now late brother sent me the link, and told me how this hilarious guy named Gabe was making a living writing the funniest shit ever. I’m just so sad. :( ((((((((((((((

  16. Well, fuck.

  17. This is the only blog on the entire internet (I’ve checked all of them) with a comment section worth reading and I’ll be really sad if it goes away. More than anything, though, I hope Kelly finds a great job great right away because she’s super talented. Kelly, you can quote me on your resume if you want: “Kelly’s writing is all A++++, two thumbs up, very much enjoyed, would read again.”

  18. let’s

    let’s start a mailing list?

  19. I have no words

  20. This is the worst. Just the worst. This is a great community. And I can’t even…

    • So, I tried to post, but I didn’t go through…ugh. Kelly, you are a delight and I wish nothing but the best for you. Yet still…

  21. Poop.

  22. I am so bummed out right now.

  23. But…. this is my home.

  24. First PSH and now this?!? I can’t take all this sadness at once! It’s too much! Too much!!!!

  25. Kelly’s post makes it definitely seem like some fucking asshole media corporation blindly made this decision and I have to wonder why. And how we can stop it.

    • We need our own version of Anonymous to fight this.

    • I mean, it makes sense on the surface, if the site isn’t making money. Businesses exist to turn profits, and if this isn’t profitable, then you gotta do something about that.

      But here’s the thing. You ALREADY have a sizable following. Look at the response we’ve got already to this news. If you can’t find a way to turn that into a profit, then you’re doing a shitty job of running a company.

  26. I’m scared, you guys.

  27. I don’t really know what to do with this information. Someone tell me what to do. NOT HAPPY.


    My favorite Videogum features were the Walking Dead recaps, movie title puns, and anything related to Brokencyde.*

    *Reminder: Get Brokencyde to play @ K’s going away party

  29. My friends! My old friends…. I don’t remember how to post a gif, even! :’( :’(

  30. AH, oh no! I really hope we can keep it going here. I love you guys.

  31. What can you say about a six-year-old blog who died? That it was beautiful and brilliant? That it loved trampoline accidents and public wedding proposals, Topher Grace, and me?

  32. Wait…… was that crying kid video earlier supposed to be prophetic?

  33. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  34. can we start a kickstarter to buy the site? CAN THAT PLEASE HAPPEN.

  35. I am feeling very very emotional about this. More than I think might be appropriate.

    I don’t want to go to the avclub, guys. It’s a scary place.


    • I abandoned the av club to come here! I can’t go back!

      • I taught a class on the Simpsons at a fairly nerdy college and that place overwhelms me with its “I know more about useless crap about pop culture” pissing contests.

    • Every time I try to read av club comments, I feel like I’m at the wrong party, and I feel like that party is Super Hans’ from the New Year’s episode of Peep Show, which he refers to as “the heart of darkness”

    • I am convinced that after they were routed, the remnants of the White Witch’s army went into hiding at the A.V. Club. I’d very much like to know how they found their way there from Narnia, but I have been too timid to ask.

  36. Oh, goddamnit. No.

  37. now no one will know whats up with topher grace. :(

  38. Please tell me my editor’s choice wins will be redeemed for bitcoins.

  39. i would love to see a round-up of some of the dare posts from a while ago (today show, steve wilko show, hollywood tour, etc)

  40. Is this my fault? Are you going away because I stopped commenting? I’ll start commenting more! Look! I’m already doing it!

  41. I’ve been reading Videogum for three years now – I think, maybe four – marveling at the generosity and wit of its mediators and commenters. In all that time I never once had the courage to sign up and become a monster, simply because I didn’t think I could keep up with everyone else (I was also too young and too far away from NY to go to any of the pizza parties, which is a shame because those were my golden years in terms of pizza-themed parties).

    I thought the internet was forever, but apparently it is not. If this is truly the end, I simply wish to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and more sand.

  42. I don’t want to overreact but…

    But seriously, I’m actually pretty brokenhearted about this and don’t really know what to say?

    • The site is already breaking. Vgum posted someone else’s gif instead of my own… but duplicate pain is still pain. This has been a terrible couple of days.

  43. I don’t know how to react to this! :-(

  44. First I was like:

    Now I’m all:


  45. koko don’t not understand. cry sad. frown. what meaning life?

  46. at least I still have da cake eatur on Facebook…

  47. I stopped posting a while back, because of time, but I never stopped reading and laughing at the comments. I somehow found this site reading recaps of True Blood, which were hysterical, and kept reading. I’m an old, and this site has given me faith that despite the fact that much of internet culture is horrible (i.e., trolling, public wedding proposals), there is a subculture (you all) of informed, cynical but not too cynical, thoughtful and funny people. Thanks.

  48. I’ve been absent a bit recently, due mostly to work but also to shiny objects, but dudes, I have to say that I love this place, and I love all of you guys and Kelly and this news sucks.

  49. She was too good for this world, my little angel.

  50. Oh man, wow. Wowowowowowow. This is a sad day.

    I remember my friends in college showing me the youtube video thats all Nic Cage freaking out in The Wicker Man, and that led me to discovering the WMOAT entry on The Wicker Man and laughing endlessly as I read through the rest of the entries one night when I should have been studying/doing homework. I began following the site more and more throughout college, and it was a staple during internships and then when I entered the actual working world.

    I haven’t commented in a while and admit that I kinda fell off keeping up with the site as much recently, but Videogum really has been a special place on the internet for me these past 6 years. Many times it has caused me to have to close out of the internet at work due to laughing too much and probably looking like I don’t do anything all day. I have made friends and always loved that I had this to turn to when Dark Times happened. I loved this site, and even though I may have lost interest a bit recently, it will always be remembered fondly.

  51. Is it because I stopped commenting? I was still reading! I even clicked on ads for things I had no intention of buying!

  52. RIP VG. What a bummer. Thanks for all of the laughs and excellent writing over the years. And the rad friendships with Monsters. ~ a lurker

  53. Kelly, you are my favorite writer.

  54. The story of this news is that it can go fuck itself.

  55. I just realized that I will never get my EGOT now! All I had left was that elusive motherfucker Editor’s Choice.

  56. Statement. So. This. Is. What. Sadness. Feels. Like. End. Statement.


  58. I just listened to the Andy Samberg episode of the WTF/Marc Maron podcast and Andy said he agreed with Videogum (and Splitsider) the most, when it comes to SNL reviews and I was all, “Yay!” and now I’m all “Awww.”

  59. Sometimes someting sucks so much that you can’t really do anything except acknowledge that it sucks. Like, you can’t even determine the degree to which it sucks because there’s not really a degree that could convey the suckitude. This is one such something. :(

  60. Been cracking up to this site since day 1. And as weird as it may sound, I find it disheartening and daunting to think that soon I’ll be back living in a world without it. Thanks so much for the love, laffs & memories.


  61. ugh, this is the worst

  62. I hope this doesn’t sound melodramatic when I say that Videogum has helped me to survive. Thank you, Kelly, and best of luck on your next awesome chapter.

  63. Aw crap. That’s really too bad Kelly!

    Just a whole load of stink crap.

  64. This is terrible news!

  65. So I guess if this is goodbye * this is you last chance to enter the secret monster facebook page. But you have to friend me and like pictures of my dogs** https://www.facebook.com/chris.trash

    ALso, if you want to leave your twitter leave it here. MIne is https://twitter.com/Chris_Trash

    *hopefully not and Scott can keep it going.
    ** not actually required

  66. I’ll miss my smart, funny virtual family.

  67. I bet Steve Winwood doesn’t even give a care.

  68. Oh, this makes me so sad. I haven’t posted in forever (thanks work and grad school!), but I have tried keep up with the discussions, and I miss interacting with y’all. Monsters are special people, and I am thankful for all of you!

  69. I only recently started posting and haven’t posted in a while (guess what happens when you have an intern at work: you probably can’t get caught posting things on the internet when they walk in depressed about all the work you just gave them to do. I mean you can, but it doesn’t look good) but this bums me out SO MUCH. My new year’s resolution is to stop reading gawker and even that I haven’t been good at. And now with this gone, I don’t know how much longer I can hold out! DON’T MAKE ME READ GAWKER, GUYS.

  70. I’m not sad to see it end, I’m happy it began.

  71. Uggg, I’ll be gone on Friday, so I won’t be able to comment and weep at my desk, so here is my goodbye, I guess? I read this site for a while, turned onto it by my former roommate Katie. I remember talking with her about it and laughing and such good times. And then she moved away and probably I was lonelier and missed her more than I let myself admit, so I commented for the first time just over a year ago (about who I thought was a cute TV dad, CLASSIC Flanny topic). This last year at my job really sucked and I made up my mind to move and try to leave this city where I had become a real adult and where I had friends. And the thing that made the idea of moving a little less scary was that I knew I would have friends through the magic of the internet! And the thing that taught me that was all the friendships I made through VG, and how close I felt to the editors and commenters even though I didn’t know what their voices sounded like.
    Uggg, I’m very close to getting sappy and telling everyone that I love them. (But I do.)

  72. I need to know the exact words the father figure is telling the stock photo son in the main pic right now AND THEY HAD BETTER BE COMFORTING. I’m thinking something along the lines of “but after things die they, of course, remain popular in syndication”

  73. Me at work right now


  74. NOW I’LL NEVER GET TO RANDOMLY CHAT WITH THE LOVELY BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH POSTER AGAIN! Damn, you guys. I need a hug (Benedict, this would be your cue..)

  75. Oh damn. I’ve never really commented on Videogum (I only made an account a few months ago, Stereogum is my haunt), but I come here every few days to do some reading. This bums me out. The community on this website is so refreshing. I see inside jokes everywhere I look. I love that. I don’t get them all, but hey.

    I’ve often thought that there should be some kind of forum for Stereogum and Videogum commenters. Sometimes I just want to talk about shit with funny people.

  76. Videogum has been one of my favorite places on the internet and I feel lucky to have been made aware of all the hilarity that Gabe, Kelly and all you commenters have supplied over the years. Heck, before VG I didn’t even know one could have a trampoline accident. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for what might come in the future. Love you guys!

  77. Now I know how Atreyu felt.

  78. well.. this is shitty.

  79. I first came here to find out what Topher Grace was up to and have read the site daily since then. Thanks to everyone for providing me with years of entertainment and keeping my spirits up during trying times.

  80. this is worse than finding a bag full of snakes

  81. sometimes the surf’s no longer up and you got to hang up your board

    but that doesn’t mean I have to like it

    I don’t even know what to say, though. I’m really going to miss this.

  82. This is a real bummer. But I suppose it’s motivation to turn my own pop/high culture blog into something other than a reserved domain name.

    What’s going to happen to us Monsters?

  83. I think now is the right time for this:

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