Are you ready for some Super Bowl / on Sunday night / or afternoon / depending on your location! Ah, the classic song for the classic game! Whom are you rooting for today? The Seattle Seahawks because of Nirvana, or the Denver Broncos because of John Denver? I guess it kind of depends on your musical preference. Do you prefer music that sounds like it’s from the city that invented Starbucks, or music that sounds like it’s from the city that invented I don’t know what? Hmmm. Could be a tough call! It’s up to you, and that’s part of what makes the big day so much fun. That + all of the eating and all of the hanging out you get to do. (What doesn’t make the big day so much fun, though, is Bruno Mars and most of the actual game portion.) (Luckily the other half outweighs that half.) But no matter which team wins and no matter how much or little dip you eat, we’ll all be here together, watching and commenting on all of the moves our big boys make. Goooo boys! Goooooo commenting!

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  1. The REAL question is who would win in a fight, a seahawk or a bronco? I tend to think the seahawk would win, as long as he caught the bronco off-guard. Thoughts?

  2. The biggest question in this game is, does anyone like Joe Buck?

  3. I was really hoping that they’d be playing in a couple inches of snow, at LEAST.

  4. Perfect gentleman Eli Manning doesn’t mess that up.

  5. You guys! The Hackathon (ha) I went to this weekend had lots of leftover food, so I’m accidentally eating potato chips at the same time as the superbowl! I’m like a Real Person!

  6. “Buy a Chevy; have sex with a cow”

    • I know I’m from the country because my main thought was “Please, they don’t even do that anymore! They just ship the bull’s frozen semen!”

  7. Doritos Time Machine commercial has the early lead so far.

  8. I am currently watching the Super Bowl but earlier I watched the Puppy Bowl and I just want to say that Mandy the dachshund was not a disappointment. Within the first 10 minutes she had snarled and barked at another dog to steal the toy and then she made a touchdown. Classic dachshund. They are bitches.

    So, what’s everyone eating? I tried a chorizo queso recipe which turned out pretty well and we’re having slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches. Oh, and brownies.

  9. Bud Light is the front runner for most overhyped commercial. They pull the upset, as Ford looked like a runaway winner.

  10. Oh NO! The FOX NFL robot has gone rogue! …oh wait, that’s transformers.

  11. Well, this is game is very boring.

  12. David Beckham bringing back parkour!

  13. Just ordered sushi. The only indication I’ll have about how the game is going will be my obnoxious neighbors being loud and stompy above me.

  14. Are they just churning out a new Spider-Man movie every six months now?

  15. Seattle is pretty much dead today (save for bars, etc, duh), so my girlfriend and I went to the zoo! It was great. The animals were super active, and we got to watch them feed one of the elephants. Happy Super Bowl, everyone.

  16. I hope the Broncos have Will Forte and the Tijuana Brass waiting for them in their locker room for a halftime turn around.

  17. Howie Long has accomplished a ton in his life considering he’s a life-size Lego figurine.

  18. This game is making me sad so I decided to check in on you guys. Everyone alright?

  19. If your name is Kevin and you are a big Bruno Mars fan, a good screen name would be LockedOutOfKevin.

  20. I’m watching this new show Veronica Mars. I think some of you might like it…

  21. I’m sorry but every time someone mentions the song title Just The Way You Are I will always think Billy Joel

  22. Bruno Mars was pretty good! The Chili Peppers were…also there.

  23. Deploying the Washington Generals’ defensive strategy is not working out well for the Broncos.

  24. It’s going to be funny when Peyton Manning shows up on the MTV Awards and says “Heard any good jokes lately?”

  25. Yikes, this game. Well, at least I know someone who’s happy.

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