Remember when we all gathered together here and watched the Super Bowl like the family we are? I thought that was last year, but I did a Google™ search on it, and, would you believe it, that was TWO YEARS AGO. As they say, “Time flies so fast that you think you must be making a math mistake or there has been some sort of weird computer error.” Let’s revive that grubby old corpse of an idea and do it again this year! Cool. Sounds good. I’ll see you back here on Sunday to hang out and chat about #dudes. (#FootBallDudes.) And if you need a cool Seattle grunge look for your Super Bowl parties, head’s up, there are a lot of them to choose from. Okay, I’ll see you then! Love you, bye!

(PS: No editor’s choice today because you’re all wonderful and I love all of you equally. [More or less.] You all win.)

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#5 catweazle | Jan 28th Score:19
“You’re mine from here on out” is also a key line in my George Clooney/Brad Pitt slash fiction.
Posted in: George Clooney On The Best Prank He’s Ever Been Pranked
#4 ladyrainicorn | Jan 30th Score:20
The Puppy Bowl:

1 yay

3 shakes of awwww

Two puddles of pee

Posted in: Checking In On Sports Parties: Super Bowl Cocktail Recipes!
#3 Kate | Jan 28th Score:21
Not this one. Kelly got me spotify. :D
Posted in: You Know Vin Diesel Loves Music…
#2 flanny | Jan 30th Score:21

If this is fake, please do not tell me. I don’t want to live in a world where it’s not true.

Posted in: It’s All Right, What We Thought Was An Abandoned Baby Is Just A Bag Of Snakes
#1 R2D2, Esq. | Jan 28th Score:25
If I had a tail I could flip up when I farted…let’s just say I’d fart a lot, ok?
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[Ed. Note: Have a great weekend, guys. You're all sincerely the best.]

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

Del Preston | Jan 28th Score:11
It was a gift from Asgard’s Bronie Clan.
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[Ed. Note: Congratulations, Del Preston! You earned it.]

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  1. Oh goodness! That police blotter pic is from the local Palo Alto weekly newspaper. My guy and I read it almost every week over bagels for breakfast, because the blotter entries are often very funny. Atherton (if Palo Alto is for rich tech people, Atherton is for richer tech people who think Palo Alto is too grungy) always has great ones, like “Woman sees attempted robbery, but it was just a teen entering his parent’s home”, or “Caller reports suspicious activity, turns out it was just a predominantly Latino yard maintenance crew”, or “Atherton resident reports pile of rubies left exposed on rotunda stolen”.

  2. I realize this may be a controversial opinion, but I am very glad it’s Friday. Have a good one, guys!

  3. This Friday was made for walkin’

  4. I wish my Gotham Knights were playing but it should be a good game. See you Domingo.

  5. I am going on 2 dates this weekend! TWO. That is a frightening number, but I’m sure this will be me after them:


  6. Well, that was certainly a dignified comment that I made it into the Ball with this week. I’m glad you guys appreciate classy humor.

  7. Guys, the last half of my week was kinda sucky and I have a shit ton of work to do this weekend, PLUS have a Super Bowl party. Never have I ever been so happy to see 5:00 roll around on a Friday. Happy weekend dancing, everyone!!

  8. Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I’m going to go home, think about going to the gym, put on my PJs instead and watch Netflix in bed until I have to do things.

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