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  1. That’s comical.

  2. This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.

    So Lex is going to be whiny?

  3. But Jeremy Irons as Alfred is AMAZING. Not Michael Caine amazing, but pretty damn close.

  4. …Is he going to become a villain because Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill wouldn’t extend his curfew?

    (Jesse Eisenberg is actually the same age as me, so I have no business making that joke, but I have a hard time thinking of him as an adult.)

    • And also, this is mean and unfair, because it’s not something he can control, but I can’t STAND the sound of his voice. I love Zombieland, but I seriously cringe when he speaks every time I watch it (so, lots of cringing). It’s so grating.

  5. I heard he’s been studying to take the real estate license exam…

  6. I assume they’re going for the Alexander Luthor Jr look?

  7. I don’t care about any casting news until there is Robin casting news. I love that kid.

  8. This is the same movie they’ve been making since my childhood (I remember the original one in the last 70s) so at this point I can’t deal with another one. Is this going to keep happening for the rest of my life? It feels like Groundhog decade.

  9. I don’t think an emoji exists for the face I’m making.

  10. You don’t get 500 million dollars without casting a few enemies.

  11. Okay, they really are making a parody movie, right?

  12. So I have to fight a roided-up criminal mastermind with a nuclear bomba and Superman gets to fight Jesse Eisenberg?

  13. I know someone mentioned it as a joke on Videogum a while ago, but I still favor Billy Zane as Luthor. He looks good bald, and he’s believable as a rich asshole.

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