A neat thing, once you go back and look at it again, is figuring out that the selfie was always used to show the characters’ reality and duality. (Image via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. He’s just practicing his new look…

  2. Speaking of selfies…

    So the other day I saw part of a new show called the Rich Kids* of Beverly Hills. It was a terrible nightmare but also hilarious.

    One of the girls is looking to move out of her parents house, and when shown a 3 million dollar condo, has to test the lighting in the room to make sure she can get a good selfie. The 5 million dollar house was nice, but, “Who would clean the pool? Who would schedule someone to come clean the pool?” These are literally the things she was worrying about when purchasing real estate.

    *They are not kids because they are all in their 20s.

    • When you have that kind of money, you’re allowed to worry about those things. Frankly, I’m more annoyed by the people who make these shows than those who star in them. Why do shows like that exist? Or anything with a fucking Kardashian in it, for that matter? Are these shows being made because people want to watch them, or do people want to watch them because that’s what is being made?

  3. Is this what 50 Cent and Meryl Streep were laughing at?

  4. Weird. I’d have gone landscape.

  5. this is my selfie. there are many others like it, but this one is mine

  6. My mom calls selfies “self-shots” and gets confused when people refer to the more widely-used term.

    • When I was in the Navy, many people used these things called “shirt stays,” which are basically reverse suspenders, because they hold your shirt down instead of holding your pants up? Anyway, I could never get the name right, and when talking about them, I would invariably accidentally call them “strap ons” instead. Every single goddamn time.

  7. You make me want to be a better ‘gram.

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