How was your day today? Are you still reeling from when Barack Obama said Mad Men during the State of the Union last night? That guy should have just gone up there and said the names of a few television shows, then said a few first names (“Kelly [pause] Brian [pause] Jessica [pause] Jordan [pause]“), and gotten off the stage! Could you imagine if he said your favorite television show and THEN said your name? What a hit that speech would’ve been! Anyway, how else are you? Sleepy? Happy? Bad? Good? Looking forward to another episode of Broad City on Comedy Central tonight? Looking forward to starting True Detective, which for whatever reason you haven’t yet started watching? Whatever you’re feeling, you are in no way feeling anywhere near as alive as Happiness Master Leonardo DiCaprio felt on the red carpet at the Tokyo premiere of Wolf Of Wall Street. “CHEEEEEESE!” Hahah. I know nobody has their mouth open in the picture, but I do think that that is what Leonardo DiCaprio was thinking. “CHEEEEESE!” Enough about him, though. What are you thinking? HOW WAS YOUR DAY? (Image via BuzzFeed.)

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    I found something worse to bring than store-brand diet soda. Feast your eyes on the pinnacle of modern society: the whole, fully-cooked, bone-in chicken in a can!

  2. I am having a really good day! It’s so weird! This never happens!

  3. Been kind of a rough week… I got sick and have had to come to work anyway. Yesterday I got my first official rejection from a school for a doctorate program. Then in a study group, a fellow student casually mentioned he had a book coming out next week, and was kind of withholding of info so that the rest of us would ask him and be all impressed. Having just received said rejection, it did make me feel pretty lousy and unaccomplished, until I got home and googled his book and found out it was very new age and semi-about ancient aliens!

    Today’s been spent reading his book online and trying not to laugh from my desk.

    • Ugh, that guy.

    • I’m sorry if that sounds mean. Maybe he’s right, and maybe the sources he is using are real and not made up! Who knows, right?

      • We can’t prove he isn’t right. Did ancient travelers from another world visit him while he was writing and provide him with tips? Or did he write about nonsense while high on H2 (the network, not helium) and beer? You literally have no way to find out!!

      • He was just lucky that the topic is kind of trendy right now. I’m sure it’ll sell terribly.

    • Never fear! I’m sure you’ll get into a program. Then we can talk about how much we hate being in our programs!

    • I really wish they would just coordinate and send all the admissions responses on the same day. This thing where I just have to hang around pretending to pay attention for the next couple of months while my life is decided elsewhere and everyone’s super casual about when they expect to respond to my applications? This is not a good thing.
      Which is to say: empathy + good luck, this is awful, probably everything will turn out fine in the end.

  4. You guys! I am so, so pumped for the season finale of American Horror Story tonight! I don’t care who is the next supreme*, I just want to bask in the glorious wonder of what has been the most batshit insane season of television EVER.

    *Haha, just kidding, of COURSE I’m Team Misty

  5. My day was good! Nothing really happened. Work was busy for everyone else, which meant it was very quiet for me and pretty bad for the general populace of my county (I have a desk job in the emergency services industry). We’ve had a lot of psych runs lately. Take care of yourselves, everyone!

    Anyone who hasn’t started watching True Detective needs to start so I can talk to you about it, by the way.

  6. This is the day that doesn’t end. It just goes on and on, my friend.

  7. Worrrrrkk. :-|

  8. my allergies are annoying and i’m just trying not to fall asleep at my desk

  9. Georgia can NOT handle snow, you guys.

    • I was reading about how people in Atlanta slept in grocery stores because of 3 inches of snow. Can you please explain this to me? I am trying not to be an asshole, but I am flabbergasted right now.

      • Everything is covered in ice and they didn’t have salt or sand or other means to make the roads safe. Plus many people don’t know how to drive in those conditions as it wasn’t part of the driving lessons so that makes it all the worse.

        I’m fantastic at bad winter driving (childhood in Wisconsin, yo) and I won’t use my car in Portland when we get 2-3 inches for the same reasons. And also because I could just walk.

        • yeah, I can understand. My brain is just so hardwired to think that 3 inches is perfectly fine. But the first time driving in it is always the scariest.

        • wisconsin kids represeeennnt

          Also, I have a family story that is tangentially related– My grandmother and her sisters had borrowed their parents’ car to go out for a night of drinking, as they often did. A snow storm kicked up while they were out, and on their way home, the car got stuck in a thick patch of snow that had collected on the road. The girls were able to get the car most of the way unstuck, but not QUITE clear. Searching for something to give the car enough traction, they used the only thing they could find: the ashes of their recently deceased uncle, which were still in an urn in the car’s trunk.

          and that’s how i was taught to carry a bag of kitty litter in the trunk during the winter!

      • yeah, badideajeans pretty much covered it, but add to that Atlanta’s already bad traffic problems and everyone fleeing to get home at the same time. I think people mostly slept in grocery stores because they couldn’t get anywhere else — the roads were more gridlocked than they were dangerous. Some people just stuck it out and stayed in traffic for 12 hours or more.

      • Plus, no one in the South walks anywhere. It’s all highways and miles of road and no sidewalks.

      • This article does an excellent job explaining what happened and how citizens actually responded. Fortunately I work at home and wasn’t subjected to the chaos, but I feel bad for my friends who were. Truck, if you’re out there I hope you are safe!

  10. I laugh more during True Detective than I do during Girls. My day is much better now that that’s off my chest.

  11. Tonight will be the 5th out of 6 days that I will be drinking a lot. Not because I am an alcoholic, but because people apparently like hanging out with me. GOOD TIMES.

    Something massive happened about an hour or so ago, causing all of the partners to run into a meeting room. The office is buzzing about it and there’s a good chance there will be layoffs very soon, of people who were only recently hired. It totally sucks. I think a lot of people will be drinking tonight.

  12. sota  |   Posted on Jan 29th +6

    My day was great! I had only good meetings at work today and also an oatmeal chocolate cookie after lunch!

  13. I am way too excited about the trailer of the Nic Cage adaptation of the Left Behind series that was released today. I know I should be all “relax baby, it’s modern times” but no. This is going to be amazing.

    • I didn’t even know that is a thing! It can’t be as good as the upcoming Heaven Is For Real movie, right?

    • I’m more excited about Air Bud version.

      • “there’s nothing in the bible that says a dog can’t be raptured!”

      • You just reminded me of how Butterball got on Santa Paws naughty list for being a hungry, growing puppy and I got all mad at the Santa Buddies movie again. Not A Christmas Puppy level of mad, but putting Butterball on the naughty list is bullshit. Princess and B-Dawg are really selfish, awful Buddies and they could really use a solid holiday-grade reality check.

  14. My day today has been pretty normal. I bought tickets for the Boston Calling festival (Modest Mouse! Finally!) but yesterday was super duper embarrassing/amazing. So, I’m taking this class on the Civil War and Slavery in American art and my professor was lecturing on the art scene in the 1840s and 50s and dropped this bomb on the class: “Oh, Artdork wrote a book about this topic and is pretty much an expert!” Yikes you guys! Expectations! But it was still really cool and I’m (not so) secretly pleased.

    • Does it involve an advanced alien race?

      • Sadly, no. Which is why no one will ever willingly read it. But if you like manifest destiny, then I have the book for you!

        • Did 1840s artists buy canvas and paint, and carry these items laboriously from one location to another — sometimes miles away? Did they spend hours rendering scenes in meticulous detail — the likes of which it would take a modern camera to mimic? Or were aliens involved?

          Find out the answers in my new ebook, Colorwheel From The Stars: Who Really Painted The 1840s Classics, And Their Message Of Healing.

        • I would like to read it. I am and forever will be a giant American Studies nerd. Chair of my department in college, yo. I read stuff like this FOR FUN.

          • I have no idea what the availability is because it was a museum catalog, but the book is called: Perfectly American: The Art-Union and its Artists. I’m pretty proud of it. It was the first exhibition and catalog I was completely in charge of. It’s loaded with lovely pictures!

          • Boom. Wish-listed.

  15. so as i’ve mention before, my friends’ band is currently on tour, and they keep texting me with really last-minute request for design stuff (tweaking their album artwork for a second pressing, designing custom drumheads, and other stuff that they PROBABLY should have figured out BEFORE they left), which i’m more than happy to do, but which are kind of difficult because i still have school and my regular shitty job. BUT! today they are paying me what basically amounts to a week’s pay at my real job to call in sick from tonight so i can finish something that they need by tomorrow morning. it’s kind of great! although i kind of feel bad since i was probably one of only like, three people closing tonight.

  16. flanny  |   Posted on Jan 29th +13

    Oh my gosh, pretty good. Started out with some excellent new 1D gifs, and ended with happy hour with my coworkers. And in the middle I got a phone call about an interview I had on MLK. I did not get that job, but the HR lady was like, “You should apply for this other job we have open.” And I like that other job a lot better, and she thought of me for it, so I’m very excited to spend my Friday night writing a cover letter!!!

  17. Spent most of the day watching season 5 South Park and that’s so great! Had a semi-snowball fight with mr truck and watched our dog seriously love the snow. Had potatchos for dinner and now we’re watching Bloodsport. I’m very lucky to not have weather-related issues and to “work from home” these past two days (which is hilarious cause I sent my boss a bunch of emails and he didn’t respond to a single one. At least I tried!).

    • Is potatchos related to bac ‘n cheese?

      • Potatchos are tator tots covered with cheese and other nacho toppings. Tonight we just had cheese and bacon so it had some stuff in common with bacaroni & cheese. The main relation is that both are delicious and terrible for you so rarely eaten.

        • That sounds fantastic. Somewhat similar to our Italian Nachos, where we smother tortilla chips or french fries in alfredo sauce, tomatoes, garlic, basil, and sometimes pancetta or salami. They are phenomenal.

          P.S. Alexa makes these roasted garlic black pepper tater tots that you should 4 SURE cover in all that delicious stuff you mentioned, because they are perfect.

  18. I was mad bored at work the other day and I asked the monster facebook group for some song suggestions. You can hear them here at this netflix:

    And if you have any suggestions, post them here and I will add them to the list.

  19. Kate  |   Posted on Jan 29th +7

    I just got back from seeing “Nebraska”. It was really good! Will Forte and Bruce Dern were a very convincing and heartbreaking father and son team.

  20. Everyone at work is kind of on edge, because it’s the first day of sweeps, and also because some big so-and-so from the network is here and will be watching all of our shows today, and we already messed up one of the teases and just showed 20 secs. of a blank screen so that was fun for everyone. #localnewstalk

    In other news, I’m LOVING my new place and living by myself. It’s just the best. Walking around without clothes on, being in complete control of the thermostat and remote control, recording something on the DVR and knowing that it won’t get deleted or canceled to make room for someone else’s dumb show, not having to jockey for frig/cabinet/counter space, la vita e belle!

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