• The Great Showdowns: Magnolia. -GreatShowdowns
  • It’s been a little while since we’ve gotten any news on the Entourage movie, and believe me, we HAVE been looking for it, but the streak is over! Billy Bob Thornton is going to be in it! Oh! -THR
  • Edgar Wright talked to David Chen over at /Film about the art of close-ups. Are you ready for your art of close-ups, Mr. or Ms. You? Ahaha. Ahhh. Watch it if you are! -/Film
  • Ugh, finally they released what Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween costumes are going to look like. Take it easy on the suspense next time! -FilmDrunk
  • How many times have the Oscars gotten best picture wrong in the last 20 years? I don’t know, you tell me! Oh, they do! -Pajiba
  • I know this isn’t really our territory, but I think we can made an exception: the Red Hot Chili Peppers released a new song today and it is really something special! (Note: Not sure why some are saying it is a parody? That seems very rude!)  -RHCP
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  1. ive seen countless people on the internet today think that RHCP parody is a real song, which is sad for RHCP, RHCP fans and humanity haha

    • To be fair, most of us were taken in by how plausible it is that they’d make that song. Because they are terrible, you see.

      • Whatevs, RHCP’s old stuff is still fantastic, and Flea will never not be the best. You damn kids with your Sufjan Stevens and whatnot, you don’t even know what real music is.

  2. Somebody needs to alert Wertrew…Pajiba thinks Amelia should have won an Oscar….

    • Artdork, I was just about to say this. THANK GOD I HIT REFRESH OR I MIGHT HAVE DARKOED.

      Also, that list of shoulda-wons is seriously trolling the Oscars. Galaxy Quest, Monsoon Wedding, and (500) Days of Summer all should have got Best Picture? Neat!

      • AHHH!!! Get out of my brain!!!

      • Who at Pajiba is related to Mira Nair? She directed both Amelia and Monsoon Wedding and I never saw Amelia but I trust and believe it was horrible, and Monsoon Wedding was not a good movie!

        • To be fair, I think the writer meant Amelie, not Amelia. The writer also seems to be under the impression that he has good taste in movies. An editor should have caught both these things.

    • “It’s hard to make an argument against Argo…” WHAT.

      • She forgot to include “…without using the word ‘argoment,’ and I think we’re all better than that, so let’s just move on.”

  3. My old roommate and I have a really fun inside joke where one of us says, “Crash!” like we’re announcing it winning. And then the other one of us claps our hands weakly and rolls our eyes, because that is just what Jake Gyllenhaal did at the Oscars.
    (I’m just going to include the following gif because I decided to search for “Jakey G,” as I like I call him, and this came up and was adorable.)

  4. 18-year-old theatre major me was really happy Shakespeare in Love won at the time…33-year-old me does not agree, favoring instead Fight Club (of course) or The Thin Red Line. What a fun trip down memory lane to remember all those movies, though!

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