“Hah, it’s cute,” said the college girlfriend. “You don’t think it’s funny?? Oh my god, we watched this video all the time and just, like, laughed and laugh–” “No, no, it’s funny! Really, it’s cute and funny.” “Maybe– okay, let me just show you this one part again–” “IT’S FUNNY.” (Via Digg.)

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  1. I liked the part where it was over.

  2. They look like a bunch of boring magicians.

  3. Webster’s defines the phrase fake and gay as “not real and attracted to a member of the same sex” but I propose that this, this is fake and gay.

  4. I hat enough after 23 seconds.

  5. I watched the whole thing and enjoyed myself because I work on a college campus and this is the standard of humor I am used to. Help.

  6. Oh great, now I have to spend the rest of the day reading about the Ukrainian prime minister. Well, see you tomorrow, guys.

  7. The fact that I could watch this and remain heterosexual seems like conclusive proof that no one “chooses” their sexuality.

  8. I remember when I had my first fedora

  9. I was expecting them to use “Butterfly” by Crazy Town as their soundtrack.

  10. Kids, you’re coming with me. I’m saving you from a vida of doing fedora acrobatics on youtube punto com. You’re Batman’s wards now.

  11. Whenever I see a parkour video it reminds me of freestyle walking and the fact that freestyle walking was, according to Wikipedia, born in my high school’s cafeteria and then I feel so glad that I don’t live in the suburbs anymore so this video has actually boosted my spirits. Thanks Kelly!

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