[Note: Viewers of "Deer Fart" are contractually required spend a minimum of (15) minutes reading about the resignation of Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.] (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. I spent 30 minutes talking to my Ukrainian coworker about this, does this mean I have to watch the video twice or Google a different deer fart video?

  2. If a deer farts in the forest and the internet is not there to see it, did it really failz?

  3. If I had a tail I could flip up when I farted…let’s just say I’d fart a lot, ok?

  4. Do we have to read it at a place like CCN.com or can we spend the 15 minutes at 22 Hilarious Reaction Gifs To The Ukrainian Prime Minister Resigning?

  5. starma  |   Posted on Jan 28th +13

    That was just delightful!

  6. Truly, one of nature’s most graceful animals.

  7. sota  |   Posted on Jan 28th +9

    In other fart news:

    “Cow Farts cause Barn to Explode in Germany”


  8. Олень пукає веселі.

  9. I didn’t know deer farted. I just thought they looked super cute and spread lyme disease.

  10. If a deer farts in the woods, and there’s a video camera in the woods, does it make a sound? We finally have an answer, and it’s hilarious.

  11. Das Toot

  12. This was everything I hope for and MORE!

  13. Maybe there is at TL:DR on reddit about the prime minister.

  14. I heard everything in that deer fart. I heard whole histories, the slow growth and swift decay of entire cultures. I heard timelines not taken, possibilities evaded, the infinite caprices of a mutable, shifting universe.

  15. Wow, that was an intense, full-body fart. Lay off the Taco Bell, deer!

  16. oh god, I laughed so hard I am crying. Thank you so much.

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