• Here is your first look at the fourth season of Portlandia, which is going to be so good. -EW
  • Did you think that The Wolf of Wall Street was pretty good, but your one complaint was that you wished it were at least one full hour longer? You could be in luck! -/Film
  • There is going to be a True Romance festival in Burbank this year, to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary. -FilmDrunk
  • Here is a list of US theaters that will be showing the Veronica Mars movie. I hope you aren’t disappointed! Don’t shoot the messenger! And if you do, remember that Pajiba is the messenger! -Pajiba
  • And finally, Whit Stillman is working on a Jane Austen-inspired novel. -Vulture
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  1. UGH. There is one AMC theater near me, but the last time I went there I left with some sort of bugs all over me. And I would still go there, but they’re not showing it!

    • A really nice theater sort of near me that has decent food and better beer is playing it. So either that or watch the DVD that is supposed to come in the mail the same day and stay in my actual living room and drink even better beer with my friends and our dogs.

      The donation to get the DVD is probably less than having to decontaminate your house for bedbugs…

      • I wouldn’t count on the delivery being on time. I heard that the infrastructure in Portland has really slowed down since you banned all vehicles that aren’t solar powered fixed-gear bicycles.

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