Listen, we all know Vin Diesel loves music. Just about one year ago he sang Rihanna’s “Stay” in front of a projected screen showing the video for Rihanna’s “Stay.” Would a man upload a video of himself singing “Stay” if that man did not love music? We also know that Vin Diesel loves vlogging, for just about the same reason, and we for sure know that Vin Diesel loves sharing incredible things on Facebook. So it only makes sense, based on the knowledge that we’ve gathered, that Vin Diesel, after receiving a call from Universal informing him that Riddick was number one on the DVD charts, which we have to assume is a real thing, would record a vlog of himself thanking his fans by dancing and lip-synching to Katy Perry and Beyonce for nearly eight minutes. UH-DUH-DOY! He is the best. Get on board. You’re either with Vin Diesel or you are against him and by all accounts you should be VERY WITH HIM.

Thank you, Vin! Thank you, Riddick! Number one on the charts!

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  1. I was about to hit play but I couldn’t get past the thumbnail. I’ll save this for when I can’t get fired for watching it.

  2. I say! Vinbook, instead of Facebook! Ha HA! How delightfully droll.

  3. He really needs to work on his camera work

  4. Between this, and the fact that I learned Vin Diesel has written extensively about Dungeons and Dragons makes me feel very confused about ol’ Vin. But good for him. You do you, Vin. You do you.

  5. This is unbelievable. Like, there are DVD CHARTS?!

  6. Hmmm, where have I seen Vin’s dance moves before??

  7. Vin Diesel is a cutie. A dope, but also a cutie.

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