• Oops, this isn’t your cafe, this is your cafe: Sherlock cafe. -BuzzFeed
  • Quentin Tarantino is suing Gawker over their leaking of his Hateful Eight script. -Pajiba
  • Visual effects artist Richard Trammell has digitally removed Delbert Grady from the bathroom scene in the Shining, making the use of the mirror more apparent. Have you watched that movie lately? You should! It’s so good! -LaughingSquid
  • A first look at Peter Capaldi’s costume for Doctor Who. (Spoiler: It’s a chicken suit? Very weird direction!) -/Film
  • An aspiring actor joined the Church of Scientology four years ago and made a documentary about his experience, which you can watch on-line. I haven’t watched it yet, but I almost certainly will. (PS: Read Going Clear.) -FilmDrunk
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  1. Hey artdork, how’s China?

    • China’s lovely, and I can apparently import Jim Beam at a decent rate. Hey….wait a minute…who snuck that Big Bang Theory crap in there!!! This isn’t my personal Sherlock cafe at all!

  2. Can we try an experiment and see what would happen if the Gawker network shut down for 6 months?

  3. Kate  |   Posted on Jan 27th +8

    Capaldi’s Dr. Who suit looks disappointingly normal. Where’s the funny hat? the strange tie?

    • I can’t figure out if he’s wearing a cardigan under his fancy coat. I hope he is! But I’m slightly alarmed that he’s doing the Sylar head-slicing motion with his hand (cool topical reference).

    • His pants are kind of unnervingly high. I hope that’s not going to be a thing.

  4. The sad lonely picture of RDJ in the Sherlock cafe made me literally LOL.



      I walk past L. Ron Hubbard’s DC house on my way to work everyday. My friend and I are going to tour the scientology church soon, although we have to give them our names and that give me pause.

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