• Bryan Singer will tweet a new X-Men: Days Of Future Past picture every hour today, each an Empire Magazine cover. “BEST. MONDAY. EVER.” – You. -GammaSquad
  • HBO debuted a preview for their upcoming special,  ”Game of Thrones Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing,” which will air on February 9. Want to watch it? You can! -ComingSoon
  • This is just a good video of St. Vincent teaching you how to do a rainbow kick. -Stereogum
  • Margaret Cho is going to co-star in the upcoming Tina Fey comedy, set at a women’s college, coming to Fox. -THR
  • Starz has green-lit a dark ballet drama from one of Breaking Bad‘s executive producers and it sounds so great. -TheWrap
  • Here are 23 little things you may have missed in Sherlock‘s “The Sign of Three,” which I haven’t watched yet so NO SPOILERS. -Pajiba
  • And finally: more very, very good NFL Bad Lip Reading. -BadLipReading
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  1. So they’re still making X-Men movies, huh?

  2. “Hey, these characters you’ve already seen many times still look the way they look!” –Bryan Singer

    • Also, while I’m totally here for a dark ballet drama in theory:

      A beautiful, soulful and deeply emotionally wounded young woman who possesses an innate innocence and fragility while at the same time harboring self-destructive tendencies and a vaulting ambition

      Translation: Yeah, we’re not even going to try to go anywhere original with this.

  3. Is it time for “How Was Your Day Today?” yet? Because this week is looking like it’s going to be an ass-kicker.

  4. Speaking of Game of Thrones, George RR Martin owns a little indie movie theater where I live, and he’s been screening Episodes of GOT every Monday night, with special guests (last week Aria and one of the wolves were there!). I really want to go, but people are crazy and line up for days to get in (it’s a really small theater). It’s a weird thing being so close to this amazing weekly event while knowing I don’t have the time to participate in it.

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