How did Nick manage to have everyone show up early at the movie theater before Jess got there, when she left who knows how long before he even knew that she was gone? Does Nick have a time machine?! I deserve an explanation and the right to be unreasonably upset with this otherwise enjoyable episode of television until I get one! Aside from that, New Girl‘s “Birthday” showed that the show can maintain its freshness while displaying the same honest, friendly humor that we’ve come to expect from it. Coach and Winston’s relationship is blossoming, Nick and Jess’s relationship continues to feel honest and surprising, and Cece and Schmidt are beginning to reconcile in a way that seems natural. I said basically the same thing last week, but it’s difficult to keep coming up with new ways to say “this show is good and keeps being good.” It’s good! You should definitely watch it! Speaking of shows you should definitely watch: Broad City premiered this week! The Comedy Central show, created by and starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson — executive produced by Amy Poehler — follows absurd versions of Ilana and Abbi in NYC, and features a bunch of familiar faces (Fred Armisen and Chris Gethard appear in the first episode, and later in the season we’ll see Jason Mantzoukas, Amy Poehler, Amy Sedaris, and others). If you thought that you didn’t need another show documenting broke twenty-somethings in New York you were right, but also you were wrong because this one is very funny. Watch it! The end. Speaking of New York: The Mindy Project had its mid-season finale, and boy oh boy did they make sure to have a big mid-season finale! (More after the jump:)

Mindy and Danny’s HOT HOT KISS seemed to come largely to ensure a satisfying end for fans of the show, should this be the show’s last season. The last few episodes put Mindy and Danny’s will they/won’t they relationship in fast-forward, but in a light enough way that this moment didn’t seem TOO rushed or too out of nowhere. If the show does get another season, it will be interesting to see where they take this. The Danny tension was a big part of what made this season interesting, and I’m not sure a Danny/Mindy relationship can be sustained in the way that, say, the Nick/Jess relationship is. But. We’ll see! NEXT: Troy is gone! This might be an unpopular opinion, but I was not particularly moved by this episode. I could tell that the episode, which focused on Abed’s inability to deal with Troy’s departure, thought that I SHOULD be moved by it, and it generally doesn’t take a lot for me to be moved by things that want me to be moved. But. I thought that it took too many liberties with its characters. It didn’t seem particularly honest that Britta would be the only voice of reason, or that Troy would be the only one competing who understood what was going on. I know that they were all trying to distract themselves from the inevitable sadness, but they are all human beings, correct? (Both ways.) It had a few good laughs, and I’m glad that they were able to reconcile Troy’s break from Abed, but it just didn’t do it for me, overall. That’s enough talking on my end for today, I think! (The rest of the shows were good. Kroll Show‘s characters weren’t my absolute favorite this week, but that’s just because they did all of my absolute favorite characters last week. Leslie was incredibly inappropriate on Parks and Recreation. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was very good.) WHAT DID YOU THINK?

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  1. Geordi Laforge!!!!!

  2. I don’t like that Leslie is so unlikable for what seems like the first 2/3 of every episode this season. Stop having her be terrible! Andy singing to the kids was great though.

    • Yeah, I’m not liking this season’s Leslie, but to be fair she could be that way because her dreams sorta fell apart and she got a real taste of how terrible government is.

  3. I also did not think it was a great send-off for Troy. I heard Donald Glover was really suffering with depression at that time so I guess that’s probably why.

    Also, this kinda bugged me. Jeff said he never left Colorado, but in the pilot or somewhere in the first season he said he got his degree from Colombia (the country, not the Ivy). So was that an online course? That really is bothering me for some strange reason.

  4. Aw, no second seasons of Hello Ladies or Family Tree.

    • :(

      Silver Lining: time slots now available for (more) Lena Dunham vanity projects.

      • I had a dream last night that Jessa moved in with a authentic Brooklyn family to learn to get away from her life and they were somewhere between Saturday Night Fever and Goodfellas and just spoke in shitty Italian American stereotypes “ehhh oh! Ohhhh ayyyy! Pasta fagolie!” The whole time and then we learned blonde John Travolta (looking a lot like Matt Damon in Behind the Candelabra) was Jessa’s real dad and Victoria Grayson received the documents but the Williams girl paid for them. Then they all went cliff diving and fell on a boulder with a loud and satisfying splat.

        I woke up thinking I saw the first enjoyable Girls episode ever.

    • Family Tree needed a second season. It was great. I feel like a lot of people watched a few episodes hoping for the typical Christopher Guest thing and were disappointed. If only they had stuck around till the U.S. episodes…

  5. Ahh, I’ve been neglecting all my comedies! I did watch the second episode of True Detective, thought, which…is the opposite of a comedy. But very, very good! I also want to watch the new BBC Musketeers series. Lately I’ve been seeking out shows I know will have a limited number of episodes, because man, I am terrible at keeping up with TV for someone who watches TV all the time.

  6. I really enjoyed Ron’s excitement for his rectangle.

    Also, while I agree the end of New Girl reallllly stretched my suspension of disbelief, I really loved the episode because I am exactly like Jess on my birthday and I thought I was the only one.

  7. I’ve watch all the New Girl episodes (not bragging), but this week’s made me think does every episode end with Schmidt riffing on some idea that he doesn’t like or doesn’t know anything about?

    • Also the part of New Girl when Jess eats that little girl’s birthday cupcake was The Office level cringe comedy, which I thought was great! But enough about New GIrl, how are you?

  8. I missed Community and Parks but the other shows were good! The Mindy Project pretty much pulled a New Girl with the kiss thing but I was ok with it. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was funny. New Girl was sweet. Cougar Town managed to be good even though it was pretty much all about how creepy Tom is and I still think they go way over the top with him but his scale model of the cul-de-sac was funny and worked well, especially with Ellie’s figurines (I couldn’t find a GIF of the dragon one which is a travesty but this one was good too):

    My one complaint is that they had a whole storyline about Bobby and puppies but Bobby never really played with the puppies and that would have been the cutest thing ever.

  9. Isn’t anyone else a little miffed that Ann Perkins is preggers which constitutes 90% of her scenes, but there’s hardly any mention that Ron is a gonna be a dad soon? Like why isn’t he nicer to Ann when his own wife is in the same boat, and probably farther along in her pregnancy?

  10. I really enjoyed Archer this week. I laughed SO much.

    New Girl was good but I was also bothered by logistics. I am glad Mindy & Danny kissed but I felt sad for Cliff.

    I LOVED Community Lava war game thing. I thought it was like all the great old episodes like the blanket fort and similar. Just really fun.

    I agree with Emu up there about how Leslie Knope is annoying for the first 2/3 of the episode. But I did love Andy’s story and Ron’s listening to Willie Nelson during the complaints. Whine & Cheese made me want cheese (already had wine).

  11. Does anyone have Ilana Glazer’s number? I just need to ask her something real quick.

  12. Suburgatory was great and Amy Heckerling directed up.

  13. The fact that there are two major male black characters in a tv show not made specifically for a black audience makes me so happy. New girl is acing the black dude version of the Bechdel test.

  14. Is anyone watching @Midnight? I watch it @8:30 am while getting ready for work. It’s a really enjoyable way to start the day.

  15. this is probably a late pass, but i just watched the “bye troy” episode of community. and they missed the perfect opportunity to reference the end of terminator 2.


  16. Mindy + Danny was awesome! I think there is hope that they can keep it going throughout the show. Those two are so completely opposite that it would be like the odd couple. And they are different not in the ‘he’s a slob’ and ‘she’s quirky’ way that Nick and Jess are. Mindy and Danny are both adults with careers who have both been in serious relationships before and will have a much different adventure attempting to mingle their lives. I forsee the second half of the season being an unwillingness to discuss what happened and then another grand romcom moment as the closer for the end of the season.

    Seriously though, they better not cancel another show I love…I am beginning to take it personally. RIP Happy Endings!

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