Oh my goodness. Well. Let’s just get into it. The Bravermans continue to refuse to acknowledge or properly mourn the apparent death of their oldest child, Haddie, which I find very odd. At least contact her ghost with an Ouija board and see if she likes Heaven! Camille has come back from Italy and is fucking impossible, talking about wine and prosciutto like she just invented them, painting landscape upon landscape, planning out an entire European life without Zeek, which I understand is largely because she spent her whole life having to more or less follow Zeek’s lead on most of the decisions in her life, but nonetheless seems oddly cold and distant and straight up annoying. Kristina Braverman, after the realization that Max will not properly be able to fit into any of the schools in their district, GOOGLED “HOW TO START A SCHOOL” BECAUE SHE IS GOING TO START A SCHOOL NOW, justifying it by listing the other ridiculous things that she and Adam have done as of late (“Well I ran for mayor moments after I was declared in remission, and you started a record label, and we aren’t even sad about Haddie”). Dax Shepard would rather have his family WITH A NEW BABY spend two months in a motel than stay in his parent’s beautiful and spacious guest house for literally no given reason. Why? What? Why? Why is he so resistant to live there now? Didn’t he bring every load of laundry to Camille for her to do up until, like, a month ago? Sarah is an expert photographer now, a topic on which I’m sure she will write her Pulitzer Prize-winning play in the building of which she is the superintendent. Amber is worried that she will end up like her father because she broke up with her emotionally distant fiance with whom she had nothing in common and who clearly had a lot of anger issues that for some reason she didn’t want him to medicate? What? And finally: JOEL REFUSES TO EVEN TALK TO JULIA ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THEIR MARRIAGE BECAUSE SHE KISSED ANOTHER MAN, WHEN ANOTHER WOMAN KISSED JOEL MERE SEASONS AGO?! (PS: Parenthood loves extramarital kissing.) Why is this show writing Joel to be so insanely difficult this season?! And even if Julia is the most patient and repentant woman on Earth, there is no way she would not at least once point out that she had to forgive Joel for the same thing two years ago, or whenever. Also: Joel was willing to see a counselor about breaking the separation news to his children, but not about maybe saving the marriage and life he built with his wife and those same children? AND THAT BEAUTIFUL HUGE HOUSE THEY HAVE? THINK OF THE HOUSE!!!! Parenthood, you have gotten difficult to love this season. But I will continue to love you because, unlike New Joel, I understand that what we have is worth working on. #foreveryoung

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  1. I haven’t seen this newest one yet, but at least the mayoral race is over!

    Also my friend is catching up and is on season 3 now. Yesterday he got to the part where Rachel (the assistant at the recording studio) kisses Adam, and my friend’s only thought was: “She kissed ADAM? What debased sexual things would she have done if JOEL was her boss???”

  2. But this season we get Hank without having to deal with Sarah! Three thumbs up!

  3. I’ve never watched this show so tell me how bad it’s gotten on a scale of Gilmore Girls Season 4 to Gilmore Girls Season 7 please.

    • I just want to take this opportunity to vent about how I started rewatching Gilmore Girls 6 months ago and have been stuck on season 7 for about 4 of those months. Carry on.

  4. Everything Kelly said in this post: YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES, YES!

  5. Seriously Drew’s storyline is the only one that is even REMOTELY enjoyable/realistic this season. The interaction between Amy and his college side piece was so good omg.

    I still love this dumb fucking show though.

    • Yes! I forgot about Drew’s college story-line because they’ve been treating it as a B-story all along (more time for mayoral races! :-/) but it is GREAT.

  6. Wait who kissed Joel? I don’t remember that happening?

  7. Also, now that Cece is a bartender on New Girl I think they should just have her follow in Sarah’s footsteps and write a play, become a super, and then become a photographer. She’ll be terrible at all of those jobs but she’s really attractive so it’ll work out and Schmidt (or Winston or Coach because they don’t usually have things to do) can just follow her around to help.

  8. I dunno, I have really been enjoying Camille’s arc as a college student just back from a semester abroad (I kid, I kid).

  9. “Villa Camille.”

  10. To address the elephant in the room, we should talk about the intense Hotness Disparity between Julia’s extramarital kissing partner and all the guys’ extramarital kissing partners.

    Guys: Minka Kelly, Alexandria Daddario, Erinn Hayes

    Julia: Roy from the warehouse

    This is unconscionable.

    • Double Darko in a single post. I’ll see you guys next week.

    • They are running short of male actors as almost all of them are used up in Sarah’s love life. Seriously, what do all of these guys see in her? Especially this awesome doctor that is in to her now. She is annoying and flaky, she broke his toilet due to incompetence, and is constantly judging him for bringing home younger women even though she was dating a 20 year old just last season.

  11. Last year at some point I wrote a comment that Joel was the best person in the whole family. I never thought for a second I would sympathize with Julia over him. I just don’t understand why they’re trying to make me hate him.

    Also, Kristina needs to take a break.

  12. is this the post where i say what i ate for lunch

  13. Do you think the writers of Parenthood are stealing the storyline from Alias when Francie was killed and then her doppelganger took over her life and ruined everything? IS THAT WHAT’S HAPPENING TO JOEL?

  14. #joelia

  15. My theory about Joel is that they’re making him act like a jerk because he’s been having a secret affair with Pete!!!! (Sidenote! WHO NAMES A FEMALE CHARACTER PETE!?!?) So, Joel is trying to blame the break-up/divorce on the fact that Roy kissed Julia. They’ll get divorced and Julia will think it’s all her fault, which makes room for Joel and Pete to have their trailer affair on the job site without feeling guilty or having to come clean about the affair! BUUUUUUT we know the Bravermans and one of them will somehow find out what’s going on and it will all blow up in Joel’s face! I picture Big Bro Adam walking into the trailer with the intent on trying to talk some sense into Joel and it’s at this point where he walks in on Joel and Pete doing it. PLOT TWIST: MAYBE he walks in on Joel doing it with a MAN NAMED PETE and it turns out that he’s gay and he was scared to tell Julia about his love of man.

    I love and hate this show so much.

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