• Here’s the first image from Dumb and Dumber To, which continues to be a movie that will one day exist in real life. -FilmDrunk
  • Jonah Hill SNL promos, you guys. -NBC
  • Quentin Tarantino has indefinitely delayed his next film, The Hateful Eight, after someone leaked the script. He now has plans to publish it as a book. -/Film
  • It looks like Aaron Paul is being seriously consider for the role of Eddie Dean in Ron Howard’s upcoming adaptation of The Dark Tower. He’s also being considered for, hmmm, it looks like…the Prettiest Boy Award?! -IGN
  • And finally, Rashida Jones has joined the cast of Steve Carell’s upcoming single-camera comedy for TBS, Tribeca. -Deadline
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  1. Am i the only one around here that hasn’t seen any dumb and dumber movie?

    • the original is probably one of my favorite movies ever. If you go back and watch it, it might not seem as funny to you and for that I am very sorry. But it’s seriously the best movie ever and so funny and so great. Maybe watch it once a week for the next 3-4 years and then you’ll love it so much.

      • I’m glad to hear that. My brother and I don’t have a lot in common, but Dumb and Dumber is one thing that we really bonded over when it first came out. We watched it all the time on video, and I haven’t watched it in ages because I was afraid it hadn’t aged well and I didn’t want to lose that thing I had with my brother. Maybe I should just have a real conversation with him instead of communicating only in quotes from a very old Jim Carrey movie, and that would help our relationship grow. But whatever.

    • I haven’t either. We are Smart and Smarter, I think.

  2. TBS original programming (Men at Work, Ground Floor, Sullivan and Sons) makes me want to cry. It is so so so awful.

    • The commercials for men at work make me want to hang myself. I also will never see that nerd kid in any other role then the psycho on Buffy.

      • TBS commercials are the absolute worst. That channel is my go-to background noise channel for Friends and Seinfeld, but they play the same terrible commercials for Cougar Town, King of the Nerds, and their sitcoms over and over and over again.

        I like their reruns and Conan, and was even entertained by King of the Nerds and some prank show they aired over the summer, but TBS Very Funny usually just means TBS Very Annoying.

        I am only part way through season 2 of Buffy, so I haven’t seen the nerd from Men at Work yet.

  3. How nervous did Drake make Jonah you think?

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