It’s a snowy wonderland outside in many areas of the country, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you can get up on a mountain, snowboard, and impress your friends. You can’t! YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT! Stay inside. Read a magazine. #BeSafe (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. The current temp here is 0, -19 with windchill (but hey, the high’s going to be 7!). So, yes. Winter: not to be trusted or trifled with.

    • Ha! It’s already 7 degrees here! I wore shorts to work this morning.*

      *this comment was written by the ghost of R2D2, Esq.

      • One of my coworkers is seriously wearing just a T shirt (uh, and pants and shoes, of course). I’ve never seen him wear a jacket, ever. He’s literally the largest person I’ve ever seen, in both height and heft, so I guess he just doesn’t get cold.

        • Ah, he’s one of Those Guys. Those Guys are under the impression (1) that we’re all very impressed, and (2) that their skin is not susceptible to frostbite.

          • Nah, this isn’t a guy who has many fucks to give about impressing people (when you’re 6’9″ and around 400 lbs, that’s not really an issue, I assume, but also he’s a pretty chill dude, no pun intended). You’re probably right about #2, though.

          • On my walk to work, I was waiting to cross at a light and a woman said to me “Okay, so it may be a bit chilly out, but your beard looks fantastic, sir.” I looked in the next window I passed and my beard was all white with frost. That normally requires a much longer exposure time than my walk to work.

  2. My place of work has a delayed opening until 11, but my boss made it seem like she expects me to come in early to get stuff ready for a big meeting we have tomorrow. And I WANT to go in and get stuff done? So I’m leaving to go to work now? Uggg, I’m so disappointed in myself.

  3. I went out and shoveled this morning (we had a telework option yesterday and today at work) and I am worried the Sun is conspiring against me. It is shining down on every other person’s sidewalk in our neighborhood except ours … so we look like those jerks that refuse to treat our sidewalks. I have also not left my house since Monday morning, so this might also be contributing to my paranoia.

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