Ever since we first got news of the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie, one question has been on everyone’s lips: “Do we really need this so fast after the last Batman trilogy ended? WHAT WILL THE BATSUIT LOOK LIKE?” After Superman lost his little undies for Man of Steel, the costuming possibilities seem endless! And according to Jennifer Garner, we might be in for a shock. From /Film:

Entertainment Tonight caught up with the actress on the SAG Awards red carpet. ”I’ve seen the suit,” said the former Elektra star. “The suit is unbelievably cool. It’s a total reinvention. It looks great.”

Unfortunately, Garner didn’t get into details on how, exactly, Affleck’s Batsuit would differ from earlier ones. But so far, pretty much everything we’ve heard indicates that the Batman vs. Superman costumers are trying to move away from Christian Bale’s look in the Christopher Nolan movies.

Uh-oh. What could that mean?! Rather than sit around waiting for Jennifer Garner to spill the god damn beans, I think we should take this into our own hands. WHAT WILL HIS SUIT LOOK LIKE? I will take my guesses first, and then you may go:


FEATURES: “Who is this guy? I’ve heard of Batman before, but he’s never been yellow, so we better leave this guy alone. He’s not Batman.” BOOM. This stunning yellow design is sure to throw off criminals and snooping policemen alike, while an array of “B”s along the sweatshirt and tiny little bat ears will convince those who need convincing that, yes, you are the true Batman. The belt holds up your yellow sweatpants, while the beautiful, collapsable wings allow you to fly. And the button nose? Well, that’s just a cute little add-on.


FEATURES: This is a much fancier and bolder option for the Batman who doesn’t feel like he needs to do a lot of hiding. The bandana covers the mouth, to keep his secret from being revealed, while his cat ear headband dares those around him to ask — “Is that Batman? Could it be?” In the event that he needs to fly, he may activate his wings which display not only his name but the anarchy symbol — his chosen political philosophy. The wings are mirrored in his bowtie, which is surrounded by an array of fake bullet holes. “It’s Batman, but surely he’s almost dead — look at the bullet holes,” an enemy might say. In his pocked you’ll find his trusty slingshot and on his hands, of course, a pair of boxing gloves. Oh and his eyes have laser contacts.

Hmmm, definitely possible that I have guessed the suit specifications correctly already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a chance! Here is the Ben Affleck template we’re working from:

Happy suiting!

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  1. Three nipples.

  2. If they want to be super classy they could just go with Givenchy couture.

    • The mustard stain should distract his foes just long enough for Batman to get the drop on them, the bat basket is just a nice functional offshoot of his utility belt and the bat hoop says, “hey, it’s okay to have a little fun out there.” Loving these and other designer touches.

    • You forgot bat beard!

  3. I just bought a WiiU and I’ve been playing some Arkham City. Good game, ★★★★. Anywayz, last night I had a dream that I was Batman and the bad peeps were anthropomorphic dogs. I would sneak behind them and, instead of knocking them out, I would tickle them until they got on their bellies and became disabled from ticklishness. If anyone knows Batman’s people, have them call me so we can make some $$$.

    About a month ago, I stayed in bed until 11 because I was dreaming that I was petting a greyhound.

    In conclusion: I am stupid.

  4. I don’t know why but, in Spanish, sometimes they put an i (pronounced ee) in the middle of some, but not all of the bat-stuff. Like, the Batmobile is still the batmobile but the batcave is thebaticave. The weirdest one is Batgirl, though. Her name is Batichica, which sounds like batty chick-a.

  5. oh man, i hope it’s this one, so this movie can look as dumb as it sounds.

  6. This is almost not related, but did you catch the newest Simpsons with comic book Guy? I thought it was a pretty good episode, with the Studio Ghibli stuff and the humanization of CBG in a way that made the hateable cartoon nerd kind of endearing. IDK, I liked it and I was ready to give up on The Simpsons when they announced the Family Guy crossover. I guess if I didn’t give up on it 8 or so years ago, I never will.

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