I get that the video is cute and whatever, but, uh, hah, where did the kittens go? Like I know that the cat doesn’t know and stuff, but are we supposed to know? Are they under the desk? Or…? Haha, idk, just wondering I guess. (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. This is why I love cats. They think they’re so smart and so much better than you, but you can pull this kind of trick on them and it’s like, “You’re not so smart! You don’t even understand how a monitor works!!” And then you feel a little bit better about yourself. And then they bite you. Hahah, what a bunch of adorable jerks, cats are.

  2. Nooo, this makes me sad! “Tiny friends, WHERE ARE YOU??”

  3. I didn’t think he would keep looking fur so long.

  4. Last night I asked mr truck if he remembers that cat video where the mommy cat hugs the baby kitten while they’re both sleeping and he said “no” and so I reached for my phone and he’s instantly like “yes! I remember it! I remember it!!!”

  5. This reminds me that I should watch some Planet Earth with my goddog. Last time I watched it with him, he was super, super interested, but didn’t want to ge tup from where he was laying down, so he was craning his neck around the corner of the tv so he could see it. Eventually, he did get up to investigate the back of the tv, got bored, and got back on the couch to watch more without overthinking it.

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