Kroll Show! Kroll Show! Kroll Shoooooooow! Kroll Show is back and genuinely better than ever! Since the first season, the show seems to have figured out the oddly sweet, weird tone it wants to hit, and in the first episode of the second season they hit that tone #HARD. Did you watch it? Everything was funny on it. The end. Jenny Slate is so good. There were babies? All of the babies were cute. If you didn’t watch it I don’t want to ruin a joke, but I AM going to because C Czar calling other people “C Czar” was so funny and I am laughing now just thinking about it. Just the best. Very enjoyable. A+. (The last few lines of the Kroll Show review also go for this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, which followed Tina as first a magician’s assistant, and then a magician herself. So great, that show. TV is so great.) Community was also good. The ability to pull off having a group of characters trade funny, dark, and emotional jokes under an absurd (outside of the show — inside, this time at least, it’s fitting) conceit is part of what was always so good about Community. It was nice to see that back. And it will be sad to see Troy go. Also: Walton Goggins! THAT LAST SCENE? Come on. Yes. NEXT: New Girl always surprises me with how the consistent character gags — Schmidt being Schmidt, Nick being absurdly incorrect — remain consistently amusing. Schmidt saying “New compared to what, the moon?” in the way he would, after being introduced to his new-old colleague, was so funny, as was Nick not wanting to take sexy pictures digitally because he doesn’t want to end up on “wikiweaks.” The show is at a point where it has established quirks to dash in while advancing some of the characters plot lines — at this point, it’s (hopefully) Winston’s — (and hopefully Winston’s detective dream isn’t just another way to distract Winston away from having a genuine plot line) — and it is very enjoyable to watch. Okay. UGH THERE ARE SO MANY SHOWS. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was very funny (“Why are you sequestered over here by this old cell phone?), but I am worried about advancing the Peralta/Santiago relationship too quickly. (Though I wouldn’t guess that they’re going to jump right into it.) The Mindy Project said goodbye to Cliff in a way that I really liked. Parks and Recreation mostly set up the futures of a few characters, more of a transition episode than anything else. AND WE’RE DONE! What did you think?

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  1. I loved Parks & Rec this week because I always love it but Leslie annoyed me a little bit (don’t worry, that happens sooner or later with best friends!) in her need to control Tom’s thing but she figured it out by the end! Ben trying to prank was classic…he was so sweaty! Hilarious.
    Community was really funny and I like how they’re setting up Troy’s being gone (if that’s what they’re doing).

    Also. Archer, guys. Archer. Seriously.

  2. New Girl was my favorite this week! I am going to need to find GIFs of Nick in his sexy Bulls outfit because it was the best.

    I liked Brooklyn Nine-Nine a lot too EXCEPT that my least favorite thing about that show has always been Boyle in general and the Boyle/Rosa thing specifically and I thought it was so gross that he said the thing like “When you do agree to go out with me, AND YOU WILL, it will be because blah blah blah” and people seem to think that that was super romantic or something? I am so sick of these plotlines about kickass ladies having to date annoying weirdos because the annoying weirdos love them SO MUCH and would be SO NICE to them (speaking of which Cougar Town was pretty good this week mainly because Laurie and Travis were off in separate stories).

    • YESSS. I’m fine with Rosa coming to respect Boyle more as a friend, but I am SO SICK of the whole “I’ll wear her down!” thing. It’s creepy and annoying and so overdone. And if it was a annoying weirdo lady constantly hitting on and mooning after a kickass dude, it would be seen as pathetic instead of endearing.

      • Yeah, for real! Also these people work together and have presumably worked together for some time. IF SHE WANTED TO GET ON IT SHE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN ON IT ALREADY AND NOW YOU ARE JUST SEXUALLY HARASSING HER!

        • I would just really, really, really love a scene in a show or movie where the woman in this situation says “No, I will never go out with you, because I’m not attracted to you and have no romantic feelings for you and never will, which I have made very clear, and the fact that you refuse to accept this makes me like you EVEN LESS, because you obviously only care about getting what you want and feel you deserve for meeting the baseline human decency requirements, not my feelings or wishes, so leave me alone forever before I report you to HR.”

          • Let’s write and produce this movie please.

          • “You are clearly unable or unwilling to pick up on social cues like how much I don’t want to date you which tells me you’re either a sociopath or just a general dickhead, so I am SERIOUSLY less attracted to you.”

          • Aw, but he’s just awkward, truck! You need to overlook the fact that a grown-ass adult somehow still doesn’t know how to function in the world and give him a chaaaance!

            (This…may be something I’ve had to deal with in real life, several times, and has therefore become a major peeve. Possibly. Ahem.

            Hollywood, please stop trying to teach men that they just need to be “persistent.”)

          • Yeah, No means No, Hollywood!!!

  3. This isn’t about Kroll show per se, but did you guys know that Nick Kroll’s dad is literally a billionaire? With a “b”?

    I also found out that Roger Bennett of Men In Blazers fame is married to Nick Kroll’s sister. This second fact is very #sportsgum and may only be of interest to me, but learning that was how I found out about the billionaire thing.

  4. I love kroll show “My niece Denise” was really funny to me. Jenny Slate is a princess! Also Will Forte heyyy i love you, take my picture. I’m catching up on everything else right now.

  5. A+ on all of the shows this week. The “old cell phone” line was great. I heard Brooklyn’s ratings did not improve even after the golden globes. They need to move it away from that bad “Dads” show.

  6. Archer!! So amazingly funny. I can’t wait to see what they do this season, especially with Cherlene…

  7. I don’t know why I find it so amazing, exactly? But my favorite running thread from last season in Liz and Liz is that when Liz wants to be passive aggressive to Liz Kroll casually throws in references to Jenny Slate’s Liz letting guys cum on her stomach. Maybe because it’s so filthy to say out loud and it’s just slipped in so casually into these backhanded compliments? But uncontrollable laughter every time.

  8. Does anyone here like Modern Family? This week’s episode was great. Every once in a while, they’ll have a more serious or emotional storyline, and they handled Alex’s so well.

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