Obviously it is both every man and woman’s dream to be proposed to by his or her significant other while the significant other is dressed as Predator and surrounded by, inexplicably, a Stormtrooper, a Starcraft medic, a Protoss High Templar, WHATEVER THAT EVEN IS, and Bumblebee from Transformers, but that dream scenario has already been taken by Zhao Ming and his girlfriend. “Oh, why don’t you just do that scenario twice?” UH, AND HOPE IT GOES VIRAL TWICE? Ah-hah. Yeah, okay. So it’s time to get back to the drawing board: what monster do you want to propose to you? This is what I’m thinking: I’m at a book store and there is a baby crying in a crib, not unlike the viral prank from yesterday. I look at it and think, “Is this a prank, or should I check on that baby?” I mull it over for a few minutes while the baby continues to cry. I check on the baby, knowing full well that it could be a prank, because I am a hero. A demon pops out of the crib, and it’s the baby from Rosemary’s Baby! (I mean, I just know it is. Relax.) IS IT A PRANK AFTER ALL?! “He has his father’s eyes,” says an old man behind me. I turn around. The old man motions to the crib. I look at the crib and, wait a second, that’s no demon, that’s my significant other! We post the video directly to YouTube, I say yes, and we live happily ever after. THE END. Was that your’s too, or do you have a different one?

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  1. That’s Ming on the staircase.

  2. I didn’t exactly dress up as a monster when I proposed to my wife, but I DID have a Saw puppet and force her to cut the ring out of her own spleen.

  3. Definitely a sarlacc because of my vagina dentata fetish.

  4. Mel Gibson

    • This is fine and all, and we all know I won’t say no, but seriously Benedict. Just show up in whatever. I’m good to go.

    • I just saw Smaug the other day, and I’m even more perplexed why that was even necessary. Nothing about the facial animation seemed to need a human component.

      • Yeah, I’m sticking to my theory that it was just an elaborate prank they played on Benedict, because there’s no way the animators–especially those at WETA, who have had tons of experience by now–actually needed that.

  5. I’m just gonna recite the Monster Mash no need for costumes

  6. Jon Gosselin, obv

  7. i guess the flip side of that marriage proposal looks like this http://imgur.com/gallery/dGapG ?
    where the girls mom sewed up some bonnets & gowns and everyone dressed up and the whole family read out chapters of P&P and and then the boyfriend proposed. which is still just as horrifying? and also cute i guess?

  8. My now-husband was naked and had dreads at the time, so he was actually already pretty much Predator. But if I had another shot at it, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

  9. The Beastie Boys.

  10. I would have chosen predator

  11. “If it bleeds, we can marry it.”

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