We all had fun talking to each other yesterday about Jon Gosselin (a human man who used to live in front of television cameras) and his recently acquired vasectomy. “How weird,” we though, “that we are even reading the name Jon Gosselin. I’m glad we’re doing it, because it’s entertaining in the moment and we’re having a really great time, but I’m glad that it is an anomaly and that tomorrow our lives will be back to what we’ve come to expect. It is 2014.” But then today we open our computers and there is a new interview from television THIS MORNING that features Kate Gosselin and her two teenage daughters?!? Which in itself would not be particularly noteworthy, but is noteworthy because of how the daughters, brought on television to defend their parents and the crippling way in which they were and continue to be raised, refuse to answer questions posed directly to them? And you can FEEL Kate’s growing desperation, both for her daughters to say the lines that they practiced and for the television cameras to be in front of her face again, and anger?! IN 2014?!?! Holy moly. Sometimes you wake up and you don’t know where you are, but usually that’s because you’re in a hotel room or on a friend’s couch. I don’t know WHAT this is.

Love how the only time they smile and seem animated is when the idea of another television series is mentioned. Seems like they grew up fine after all? Let’s not rethink anything that we’re doing, everything is perfect! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. What the hell kind of hostage video was this? The woman didn’t even make any demands!

  2. “[The twins] want to set the record straight”. Nope. Looks like they both want to do the exact opposite, although admittedly I had to turn this off after about 60 seconds because I started to feel gross by even clicking on the link. Those poor kids.

    • I’M SO UNCOMFORTABLE. At first the girls looked like they were making a stand and not being their mom’s puppets but then at the end. Oh my god. Twin1 kept prompting Twin2 to say her lines. And Twin2 wouldn’t do it. Oh my god. Also those classic reality show lies about “My wonderful children that i love often say mommy why do they lie so frequently about us? And it has taught them much about the media. And we would very much enjoy being on television so that I can teach my precious little moneybags more about the media.”

      What i REALLy wanna see is when some of the Duggar kids start breaking out of the family clan. That’s gonna be a wild ride.

  3. Maybe they can get a new reality show that follows the kids’ attempt to get emancipated.

  4. (Publicly) bad parenting is a resolution we broke before Blue Monday.

  5. I can’t even watch this. I just want to adopt all these kids and take them away to live in peace on the heart-shaped island I bought for Brad Pitt.

  6. Clearly, someone told them about Jon’s New Yorker profile before they went on air.

  7. I saw this on tv this morning while I was getting ready. It was painful. Those poor, poor kids.

    • I saw this today while I was folding laundry and getting ready for work. I thought, “I should find this online, and send it as a tip to videogum,” but I figured the internet would probably be all over it, and I was also kind of sad from watching it.

      We were just talking about adopting a teenager – looks like these kids might be interested in a new home. We don’t have any tv shows to offer them though.

  8. She was on the cover of people this week ( my parents still get people)

    • I saw that when I went to buy a muffin this morning, and I was like, they need to restock their magazines because this one’s from 2007!!! ZING. Really this is terrible, though.

      • we got the new one today its a 10 year follow up to a bachlorette star and her husband still together. I bet its great for sales when you look at the cover and go who the f curse are these people.

  9. Well I’m exercising my right NOT to talk about the Gosselins. I would like to talk about any of the following things instead:

    That kitty video where the mom cat hugs the baby kitty while they’re both sleeping
    Buttermilk the goat
    Jurassic Park
    How great Amy Poehler is both on tv and in real life
    Things that taste good on pizza
    Things that are tasty after being dipped into mustard
    Places in Burlington, Iowa where I can acquire 40 or so delicious and moderately priced yellow cupcakes
    Justified (including the most recent episode)
    New shows we’re all looking forward to

    • When I was at the Celtics game last night the jumbrotron cameras focused for half a second on a lady wearing a Jurassic Park shirt. I don’t know how many people noticed, but I noticed and I admired her.

      • Once I was at Target considering purchasing a Jurassic Park tshirt when I realized I was currently wearing a Jurassic Park sweatshirt so I laughed hysterically and decided not to purchase it. This was like two weeks ago.

        • But how are you going to show your Jurassic Park allegiance when sweatshirt season is over?

          • Good question, but all I know is I won’t have Jeff Goldblum yelling, “You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should own both a Jurassic Park tshirt and hoodie!”

    • Spicy brown mustard on grilled hotdogs.

    • Jurassic Park! I had a dream last night that was basically Jurassic Park 2, and in the middle of it, dream me was like, “Wait, this is totally Jurassic Park 2,” and then continued to run away because dream me has a strange aversion to being eaten by dinosaurs. Dreams are the best.

    • The Lifetime Flowers In The Attic remake is airing this Saturday! Which is maybe not the best thing to bring up on a post about exploited children, but I am going to watch the hell out of it.

      Also Jurassic Park is probably my favorite movie ever. It has everything! Dinosaurs! Hacking! Lawyers on toilets (but not for long)! Also, the raptor who attacked the T-rex for killing its mate? Most romantic movie moment of all time.

      • I think I will probably watch Flowers in the Attic…but I am also a little worried I may have to turn it off in the middle. Although I do love Kiernan Shipka!

        LOL at “not for long!”

    • Amy Poehler is the best! All the Golden Globes made me think about is that I wish 30Rock was on so that they could do a crossover episode with Parks & Rec. Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope sharing storylines would be AMAZING!

      • Yes we’ll have to settle for their real life friendship and Baby Mama. Also remember when for charity they donated the chance to be new best friends with them for a couple hours and they took those wacky pictures with the lady who won? I wish I could have been that lady!

    • honey mustard in grilled cheese. Mustard in mac and cheese. Mustard with any kind of cheese.

    • i think we should be worried about boyd and his decisions lately. does not look good
      i’m with ava – question everything, luvd her “was anybody talking to you?” good stuff!
      raylan with loretta was great, but he needs to go visit his baby already

      even tho the show creeps me out, i’m kinda interested in hannibal coming back

      • LOVED seeing loretta again! Boyd’s story is getting great but you know he’ll pull through somehow…the question is about whether ava will be there throughout.

  10. I miss that hair cut

  11. I love my mom because the first thing she says to me when I get nervous on television is, “Spit it out.”

  12. I’m forever flummoxed by how having twins didn’t dissuade Jon and Kate from having even more children, let alone multiples.

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