This devil baby prank has been making the rounds today and is somehow gaining a pass from those who are usually more discerning about advertisement pranks. (Not to say that advertisement pranks are any worse than pranks that only serve to advertise themselves — they are equally bad!) And of course, why wouldn’t it? It contains all of the classic elements of a crowd-pleasing prank: a baby that looks like it might be in danger, a baby that looks like it might be sick, and concerned human beings who are just trying to manage the pain life has dealt each of them and get through their day. PERFECT PRANK. JK. JUST SAY NO TO PRANKS! ALL PRANKS!

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  1. I hate this. It’s not funny and it’s a covert ad. Erase it from the annals of internet.

  2. COME ON, everyone that fell for this. even on video that is CLEARLY a recording of a generic baby crying and not an actual baby crying. this is dumb and the movie it is promoting is dumb. everything is dumb. (this comment is an except from my high school livejournal.)

  3. I’m just sad that Gabe’s not around to see this. Oh, how he loved pranks. #RIPgabe

  4. When I lived in a party house we had this neighbor who was sort of like our guardian angel (he was closer to middle-age, and he would do things like take care of drunk puking people at our parties and bring several gallons of homemade sangria over on a whim) and at some point he stopped coming around for a while and nobody really knew what was up with him. Then one day a couple of my roommates were hanging out on the front porch and he came to say hi and they started catching up and he told them that he and his girlfriend had had a baby and that’s why he hadn’t been around much, and everybody was like “Oh noooooo” because his girlfriend was a few saucers short of a teaset if you know what I mean, so anyway, the next time he came over he brought his baby to meet everybody but when he pulled back the baby blanket it was actually a Chucky doll.

  5. My mom laughed until she cried when she watched this

  6. I have the same reaction when I see a regular non-devil baby. They’re just so small and delicate and I should not be trusted to take care of important things.

  7. I won’t lie – I LOL’d hard. I’m not a Mom but I could be a DILF if I had kids…but I don’t. So no reason why I should like it. I just like it. Prank exception!

  8. If you guys are against this prank, then all I can tell you is get on the horn, write your congressperson, and start supporting the healthy development of the F/X Industry, because without work, these skilled-but-bored imagineers are going to take to the streets with their unholy, fantastical creations, pranking people with flash mobs of gyrating goblins and Dobbys driving cars, coning ectoplasm ice cream from McDonald’s drive-thrus. It’s only going to get worse unless we do something now.

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